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  1. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    I do a lot of fabrication but the extent of the rust is just a little on the sketchy side. I'll figure something out I rekkon
  2. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    Well I found out today the the floor is rusted between the unibody frame rail. And that the frame rail itself has a rust hole. So I guess it's time to look for a shell or a new project. From looks of it it's pretty well shot. Can't put any real hp to it without twisting the unibody.
  3. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    Started to fire up. No fuel in the tank right now. But glad to see it still wants to turn over and sounds good so far. No sticking valves or anything. Only thing left is to change all the two year old fluids out fill the tank change filters and fire it up. Can't wait to hear that cam again. Lolhttps://vimeo.com/142010798 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    The LQ engine that are in the 2000+ Chevy p/u's
  5. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    I thought about it I can get a used stock ls1 with ecu for $900 or 1200 installed and tuned. That's in stock form.
  6. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    It'll take some time. I may just work through the winter and get it back on the road again. Then start cleaning up all the cancer and just primer it. Then when I get my parts and money saved up pull motor redo it. Then start working towards the driveline.
  7. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    Mines just a base model firebird. Was gonna do the gta trans am body molding kit but I just didn't like and and the really weird look rear wing wasn't my taste either. I had the snowflake wheels on it but the lug holes was egged out and they was pretty much junk. So I got the tear drop style wheels and I'm running a 265/55 rear and a 215/55 front of I'm not mistaken. Mine does and a moon roof I'd like to get rid of. This car was just put together poorly so I have a crap load of work to do lol
  8. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    Yeah. What happened when I swapped the 305 and 700r4 out is I didn't have a crossmember and the torque arm is too short BMR makes a crossmember for about $150 but the torque arm is almost $500 and I don't wanna run a torque arm setup for $500 I can build a four link system and still have a lot of cash left over. I've got a buddy with a CNC machine and all the material at his shop. And I've got a mig, tig, arc welder, and plasma cutter at home so I can do almost anything.
  9. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    I'm saying 500-600 with the 100 shot. So all motor really looking at about 400-500. And I know it's not gonna be a cheap build but I do know that I want everything to be a hydraulic roller setup hyd roller cam, lifters, and rockers. I'm just not the best at choosing the correct setup from a head to cam setups etc etc. I can put it all together but when it comes to crunching the numbers for the lifter of the cam and push rod length etc etc I'm at a loss lol. I've tried searching builds but everyone is very secretive when it comes the their setups. I know the block is gonna get all the major work done at the machine shop. Like I'm just gonna have them install everything cam bearings crank and rods.
  10. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    This is 4link setup I'm gonna do. Everything will be CNC machined and tig welded. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    Lol it's a little lower not much but hey if it works. Lol guess it'll be trial and error.
  12. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    In this mild steel housing...http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/261150977196
  13. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    What about this? http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/161838037423
  14. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    On occasion for cruise ins and what not. But I need it setup to drag my buddies mustangs *** lmao
  15. Sbc 350 in 83 fbody

    It's gonna be a street car also. So 4.10s would do alright at 70mph in 3rd gear?