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  1. Track Meet-ups 2017

    Anyone going that would want to grudge race?
  2. Turbonetics Ball bearing turbo

    I have a fresh just back from turbonetics completely rebuilt from warrantee turbo. I bought it last year for a heads up class in OSCA. Had about 5 races on it before it decided to eat itself. To my surprise turbonetics covered everything including the shipping. Over the winter the class changed the rules and turbo specs so I can use it anymore. It is a cast wheel 75-105 compressor with an 88-96 exhaust wheel in a t6 housing. It is full ball bearing. Cost over 3 grand will sell for $2K. Has a 5" v band exhaust and made 30lbs on my sbf that was 331" can text pictures if want. best pass was 5.29 at 131 on a 8.5 tire. kurt 615-202-5494
  3. SBF turbo headers and cross over. Forward facing

    250if you buy this week and without vband to mount to turbo
  4. hello all

    I have all the suspension parts you need for you 65 mustang.
  5. SBF turbo headers and cross over. Forward facing

    That flange is for a promod 88 turbo. There are not many turbos that will fit that flange. I think I have another t4 flange that I could replace with if that is what you want. No problem. The flange for the wastegate is for a precision 66mm. Have one of your friends come look at them if you want. I can drop them off at your moms if you want and decide to buy them. I must live very close to her fro your description.
  6. SBF turbo headers and cross over. Forward facing

    Paypal is fine with me. I will not ship. I live in Coopertown which is only 30min from Clarksville. If he wants he can have one of his buddies come look at them or pick them up,
  7. SBF turbo headers and cross over. Forward facing

    Headers are headman. I welded the v-bands on the headers and made the crossover. They were on a 65 mustang.I have pictures but the engine bay is so tight you cant see the headers. Just building a bigger new set from stainless to try to go faster.
  8. New Guy, 67 Mustanf & 66 F100

    I have some turbo headers you need for the mustang.
  9. Blewhair

    First weekend in Oct
  10. Blewhair

    Are any of you guys going to the grudge race they are having in Bg during the NMRA event? I have a buddy that supposedly called out boosted GT
  11. Blewhair

    Can you post a video for me?
  12. Blewhair

    John can i email you a video to post?
  13. Promod 88mm turbo

    Well the turbo is on sale if that counts for anything. I would sell it for less than half price new.