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  1. 99 Ford Lightning "The Fridge"

    Yes he does.
  2. 99 Ford Lightning "The Fridge"

    That would be my friend Keith Repass..
  3. 99 Ford Lightning "The Fridge"

    Thanks!! Going to put on a smaller upper pulley on next time out.
  4. 99 Ford Lightning "The Fridge"

    19lbs boost 11 deg. timing
  5. Finally getting the truck how I want it. Over the winter added a 4.5 tube, ic tank, bigger maf and new street/race tune from new tuner. Will be heading to Beech Bend this Saturday to see what the race tune does and make changes if needed. Can't wait, didn't race at all last year!
  6. Track Meet-ups 2017

    Hopefully March 4th at Beech Bend I will be testing out my new tune with the tuner.
  7. new 1/4 mile times from the brick wooooooo

  8. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    I sell the Lokar linkange/bracket if you need it. I am a little cheaper then Summit.
  9. First 100 miles in my 2016 GT350R

    Awesome Brodie!!
  10. Just wanted to share some good prices. I'm the owner of Because Racecar which sells performance parts. The website is Only a few parts on the website at the moment. However I have attached my line cards to show all of the different brands I carry. Also carry products from You can pm me or email. Thanks, Tony 841157____20151020204229.pdf
  11. Looking for Flowmasters or Spintech Mufflers

    $360 plus shipping for SGG50R
  12. Looking for Flowmasters or Spintech Mufflers

    $85 shipped $75 shipped
  13. Looking for Flowmasters or Spintech Mufflers

    I have some manifold downpipes. Do you have any part #'s for what you are needing?
  14. Looking for Flowmasters or Spintech Mufflers

    I sale that system has well John for $349 shipped