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  1. How to Wire a Relay for Trans Brake???

    Yeah, it's a C4. I ended up wiring an in-line 10A fuse as a temp fix, and so far, no issues.
  2. How to Wire a Relay for Trans Brake???

    Awesome! Thanks for the reply's! It fried two of the Hurst ball's that have the button on top, so I figure it's throwing more than 5A..... or it could be that the Hurst units are junk!
  3. Can anyone here advise how to wire up a relay between my trans brake and trans brake button? Using a 4 prong 30A relay, how would it be wired? There are 2 wires coming from the trans brake button and 2 wires coming from the trans brake, but I don't know what would go where. Sorry for the stupid question... I'm electrically retarded.
  4. 61 f100/04 crown vic driver project

    Soooo is this thing done yet???
  5. I just realized I never posted a finished pic.... tada!
  6. Music City Raceway Street Night

    Also, holy moly shut down is short at that track
  7. 55 F100 "Pandora" Restro Mod Build

    I just wish I knew how to weld Nice progress!
  8. Music City Raceway Street Night

    YES! A NT/PT night would be amazing. I commented on the hill's fb page a while back, asking if they have any heads up racing, and they messaged me asking if I had any suggestions. I just shook my head. If a track has to ask a random person for suggestions on heads up racing, they've got major problems.
  9. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Lots of bugs to work out, but it's done ok so far!
  10. Music City Raceway Street Night

    As many times as I've been there, I've never seen them drag or spray the track. Being known for terrible prep is going to keep any fast cars away and will continue to keep car count down. When I ran there the Friday before last, I asked if I could run N/T and they looked at me like I had three heads. "uhhhh we don't do that... I dunno if the guy in the tower will even know what N/T means if I write that on your car..."
  11. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Bad ass DD!
  12. If I can make it, I'll also go next Tuesday. So far, the weather is looking pretty good for tonight!
  13. Oh, so it's just bracket racing... jeez. If I wanted to bracket race, I'd work on cutting a light and bring our little beater Nissan Versa out there. I'll just go and do some TNT. My car on it's little 245/45's will be anything but consistent.
  14. Well Friday got rained out. Does anyone know what the rules are for their Tuesday night Street class? I've looked all over their website and can't see what the rules are for any of their classes.