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  1. '97 vette getting supercharged

    I haven't made any progress on this yet, other than getting all the parts together. I got sidetracked on house hunting, and found a log cabin on five acres near the fairgrounds in Lebanon. Closing on Sep 8 and getting the keys on Sep 22. So that's had me distracted for a while. Will be getting going on this project again after settling in after the move. The new place has heat and air in the garage, with an attached workshop. :-)
  2. Touchscan

    I got this app ($3.99) on my tablet a couple of days ago and a cheap bluetooth obd2 dongle. Similar to the Torque app if you've seen that. It's actually pretty useful. Not as thorough as a scanner like from HPtuners, but still pretty cool for what it is. You can set up multiple dashboards that you can swipe through on the fly. Customize the gauges to be radial or digital, resize and move them, change the scale, etc. Displays on the fly, and saves logs too. Ties into your gps on the tablet, and shows you on a map. I've played with it for about five minutes so far. I don't know if it ties into tablet/phone accelerometers yet. Also has a "HUD" mode where it will flip the display if you want to lay it on your dash. Haven't tried it during the day, would probably need some window film on the windshield over it, to use during the day, or to avoid double images (just like any other hud app or aftermarket device). Anybody else used this, or Torque?
  3. Where do you live?

    Live and work in Lebanon.
  4. '97 vette getting supercharged

    The car is 18 years old with almost 80k miles on it. And I'm keeping the stock engine in it. And stock trans. For now. So I'll have to "baby" it a little to make sure it holds up as long as it can. Small-ish cam. Street tires. Keep some torque management turned on in the tune. Stock stall speed on the torque converter. Conservative tune. Maybe as much as 10psi boost though...
  5. I bought the car a little over 2 1/2 years ago. Had some title problems, took almost a year to get that worked out. By then I started having several bugs with the car (heat and a/c quit working, I had swapped out the electronic shocks for Z06 parts and an 80mph speed limiter kicked in, all four 02 heaters died at the same time etc.) Now that I've gotten the bugs worked out, I'm ready to really go at it now. Phases 1-3 are all planned for this summer. Parts are all on order. Phase 1: - LG street headers, LS6 intake, 60 lb injectors while the rail is off anyway (they go with the s/c kit), - Convert the injectors/rail to vac/boost referenced. (just connect the existing stock fpr to a vacuum source) - DTE diff/trans brace while the exhaust is off, and trans cooler. - Modify the tune for the injectors right off the bat, and some minor tuning for the headers and intake. - Install the pillar gauge pod and the two new gauges (fuel pressure and boost). Phase 2: - A&A stage 1 blower cam, BTR dual springs and Ti retainers, hardened pushrods, rocker arm trunion upgrade, oil pump, water pump, timing chain, timing chain dampener, Powerbond sfi balancer, pin the crank, Dewitts shortened radiator 2-row vs stock 1-row, with optional engine oil cooler, KB boost-a-pump, 2-bar map sensor, delete maf sensor. Will go ahead with the 2-bar speed density HPtuners custom o/s at this point and really start filling in the NA tuning now that the intake, exhaust, cam, and injectors are all on, and the cutover to speed density has been done. Phase 3: - A&A V3 SI centrifugal. 6-rib, 3.4" pulley (smallest pulley they offer) - Includes intercooler, bov, ductwork and piping. - Tuning the boost regions. Phase 4: TBD. (may not happen, or not for a while...) Considering 317 heads, Circle D torque converter, trans upgrade, big brake upgrade, diff cooler, seats, 6-pt roll bar or harness bar (nearly the same price - corvette tax I guess). General goals for the car: - Decent times in the 1/4 mile (low 11's, high 10's) - Track the car at NCM in Bowling Green. (yeah I know it's an automatic, but you work with what you got...) - Cruises, around town, etc with a/c and stereo working, no overheating, minimal drone, no bucking, etc. - Mid to high 500's for rwhp.
  6. Hi from Lebanon - new but old

    Thanks for the welcome(s)! I'm so glad to have the car back on the road again. It sat in the garage for a long time. Neutered (80mph speed limiter) when I took the electronic shocks off. Heat and a/c didn't work. Drivers window didn't work. Was definitely not much fun to drive in that condition. Lately I've fixed up the audio (had aftermarket hu, but still through the bose system, didn't sound very good at all). I completely bypassed the bose system. Took the 8" inverted bose speakers out of the doors and put in some 8" three-ways (Lanzar). Took the 6.5" speakers out of the back and put in 6.5 three-ways (Rockford Fosgate). And a mini sub (Kenwood) in the back. Won't win any competitions but sounds great, especially compared to what it did sound like... Bought a "knock-off" Tech-2 and took off the F45 option (magna-ride suspension) which got rid of the 80mph limiter. Put in a NRG hub, NRG quick release, plus a 3" spacer, to get the steering wheel closer to me. I hate driving with my arms extended out all the way, but have to put the seat all the way back so my knees aren't in the dash. I like the steering so much better now. Finally installed the rear-view camera I bought two years ago. Just lots of little things fixed up on it. Like fixing the bad contacts in the ignition switch that caused the climate control and the 02 heaters to quit working. Now I have heat and a/c again. The drivers window even started working again. If it goes out again, I'll have to get relays desoldered and replaced in the door control module. Getting the 80mph limiter off was the first thing. That broke the logjam.
  7. Hi from Lebanon - new but old

    Oh yeah, about that,.. I still need to take those z06 badges off sometime. It has the wheels and the suspension and the catback, the stick-on rear brake vent screens, and the badges, but it's a hatchback. They were on there when I got the car.
  8. I was on the old site (but didn't post a whole lot). Had a white '98 Camaro back then. Had swapped out the original v6 and put in a v8, then put a rear mount turbo on it. It did 130 in the 1/4 at Beech Bend. While the v6 was still in it, I sprayed it for a while, and then later ran a Powerdyne supercharger on it. Traded it for a stock '97 black 'vette. That was 2 1/2 years ago. Swore I'd keep it all stock. Well I made it 2 1/2 years... Soon it's getting some upgrades: LS6 intake, LG headers, baby cam, diff brace, bigger radiator. Oh yeah, and an A&A supercharger.