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  1. Random thought thread

    none. I didn't even stop into a dispensary i was so busy drinking beer and driving through the rockies. not at the same time. 2010 Sportster 48. 4.5 gallon tank, mini apes, baffles removed from stock pipes. Nothing special. Going to get a 2 up seat and some pipes and probably keep it that way until the fall. I did move the mirrors back down low and pushed the apes out a few more inches so my elbows weren't bending as much. sadly, the only one i have on photobucket currently. I'm sure i'll be taking plenty more in the coming weeks, so i'll update then.
  2. Random thought thread

    4 days in denver was awesome. and i got this 2 days before i left, so that was something to look forward to coming home to.
  3. Random thought thread

    2010 sporty 48.
  4. Random thought thread

    picking up my harley wednesday.
  5. Random thought thread

    TNT wheel.
  6. Random thought thread

    yea but it sucks that it's still low 40's at 4am.
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  8. Call outs! Place your bets now!

    john c, is that you that keeps posting in the tennspeed fb group? lol.
  9. cigar smokers?

    didn't we all. i don't think i could ever use a high quality cigar for just a "wrapper". if my fiance hated smoke, she'd have to hit the road. lol. i don't think i've had anything macanudo. i've seen some of the "fresh pak" type **** in the gas stations within the last year or so, but haven't tried them. cohiba is hit or miss. the non cuban cohiba are **** cigars to me. i can get legit cubans to my door for incredibly cheap. i always thought cubans were so expensive. wrong.
  10. cigar smokers?

    just seeing if anyone else was into the hobby/habit. i've been smoking and collecting cigars for around 5 years or so. i smoke when i get the chance, typically 1-2 a week if it's hectic, and quite a few more if i have the free time. so, anyone else? what brands do you smoke? where do you smoke? any interest in a local herf? pairings? etc. thanks in advance. i hope i can gauge some interest and meet some other folks that enjoy the leaf.
  11. Random thought thread

    skidplates are ridiculous. i used to hate removing them for oil changes on higher end cars. spend more time unscrewing the **** things than it took to change the oil.
  12. Some Cool Military Pics

    those are badass.
  13. Project Mighty Mouse 74 Nova

    this car makes me go from six to midnight. beautiful work.
  14. 2015 StreetnTrack Decals

    comic sans all day.
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