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  1. Funny of the day.

    Y'alls sense of humor is savage on many levels. Sent from the Matrix...
  2. Random thought thread

    Nahhhhhh Sent from the Matrix...
  3. Random thought thread

    man, I love this car. I want it.......
  4. Random thought thread

    It's been 1.67 ~1.60 per gallon for 87 oct. In H-ville. BP has it for 1.67 and another gas station on Sanders Ferry has it for 1.60.
  5. Random thought thread

    These gas prices keep dropping....
  6. Random thought thread

    wow that show was not too good. The whole "swapping parts into the fastest car" thing was lol........nah. Pretty sure this is to tide over until Street Outlaws is done filming :X Or maybe not.
  7. Random thought thread

    Yeah,. I had to drill the screws out too, never put them back in. Don't really need them.....[emoji51] [emoji51] Sent from the Matrix...
  8. Random thought thread

    So i was bored and changed the front brakes today... And wtf....i hate cheap *** tools.... Sent from the Matrix...
  9. Im looking to step up to a 4L80E. They have gotten more affordable since i last looked at them. Sent from the Matrix...
  10. Well, you can't beat "free". Hows the rest of thebody?
  11. Random thought thread

    Tryin to find some 19s for my daily....might go with Vossen rims... Sent from the Matrix...
  12. Random thought thread

    yeah I am going to see it Saturday....
  13. Get your Decals Here!

    I like the old one better..... Sent from the Matrix...
  14. Get your Decals Here!

    Lolol Sent from the Matrix...