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  1. How has everyone been ? Finally finished my latest 3 year project and I'm itching to get out and enjoy it. Colorado truck built with the zr1 attitude.
  2. It's for real ! 6.90 with drag radials and a woman driving it .
  3. GM LS engine head removal / cracks

    I think it's a combination of torque to yield bolts and not enough material or the properties of the aluminum .
  4. Hi guys ! Been a few years !

    Best offer I've got all day !
  5. Few of my buddies have old truck rat rods and have been on me about getting one . So I did .
  6. A friend suggested I buy an old truck for a rat rod.

    I have let black and red layers dry . Then let the green semi dry. Use your fingernail to make chips in the paint through the semi dry green. Then sand when completely dry.
  7. A friend suggested I buy an old truck for a rat rod.

    Semi flat black let it dry completely. Then red primer let it semi dry . Then flat hunter green. Let it semi dry . Lightly wet sand under running water Until the green balls up and shows the red primer. Then let it completely dry. After drying sand until you flatten the red and see the black where you want it.
  8. A friend suggested I buy an old truck for a rat rod.

    Built from this.
  9. RC Toys

    Thats it. I actually have a .28 cc stroker kit for mine when the motor goes out but it's still running. Yes, you do need a large areato run in.Prices have gone down since I bought mine.
  10. RC Toys

    Baja 5ts will take a beating. I rarely break anything. It's does more damage to what ever it hits . Yes it's expensive but when you factor in repairs on 1/8 and 1/10 scale trucks and hop ups, it's not bad at all.
  11. RC Toys

    I'm more into the 1/5 scale trucks. I have HPI 5t . It's a blast tearing up the yard and jumping the street from ditch to ditch .I love the 2 stroke motor. Gas it up and go for 30 minutesat a time no tuning or starting problems.
  12. Finally saw a Hellcat at the dragstrip

    Thought about a lowered hellcat nitro.
  13. Finally saw a Hellcat at the dragstrip

    Yes. It was Silver.
  14. Hi guys ! Been a few years !

    Built a long block . Bought the supecharger and all accs.It's alot cheaper that wayand I got what I neededto make it work.
  15. Hi guys ! Been a few years !

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
  16. Finally saw a Hellcat at the dragstrip

    I've actually had 3 lsx blazers , 5 lsx s10s, lsx mustang, 2 lsx colorados, 1 lsx geo tracker and a partridge in a pair tree !
  17. Finally saw a Hellcat at the dragstrip

    It's just not right to be able to buy something that fast and not put any effort into it. I thoughttracks had rules for cages and helmets ?I can see it now ! "No Hellcats Allowed !" I guess the track will be the only place I won't get picked on(haha).
  18. Hi guys ! Been a few years !

    Thanks guys. It's got Factory zr1 seats ,19x10 / 20x12 zr1 wheels , 6 piston wilwood brakes at all 4corners crossed drilled/slotted rotors,tremec t-56 , monster twin disc clutch, quicktime bell housing, 3" mandrel exhaust with factory ZR1 mufflers, 8.5" rear,3.73 gears,cal tracs, bell tec adjustable coilovers/drop springs/front and rear swaybar/urathane bushings. 1 off Gaylord custom bed coverand a ls9. All JLaudio sound system. 2 12" W6 v3 , 2 600w amps ,14 channel 400w amp,all mids and highs.
  19. Chevrolet Colorado ZR1

    Chevrolet Colorado ZR1
  20. Hi guys ! Been a few years !

    Not a blazer !