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  1. Camaro SS Dragstrip Logs

    Yes I will post a new tune for you Wednesday
  2. Camaro SS Dragstrip Logs

    I’m looking it over now
  3. Random thought thread

    Get me a 3rd gear log 1,000-redline, nothing else.
  4. Random thought thread

    Logs/tune in your other thread also. I was really hoping to get to mess with it up at the track.
  5. Random thought thread

    Video isn’t working
  6. Random thought thread

    He dodged a bullet for sure. What did he run at the track?
  7. Random thought thread

    Bringing your laptop?
  8. Random thought thread

    What time are you leaving? I’m still waiting for my battery to charge.
  9. Random thought thread

    I think I’m going to try and go
  10. Random thought thread

    Finally back from playing army. I’m guessing all the tracks are closed for the season?
  11. Random thought thread

    It will be September before I can go again. I’d like to see what your truck gained, if any.
  12. Random thought thread

    Going to the track tonight?
  13. Random thought thread

    I’m still good for today.
  14. Try this, open in your graphs. LTFT + STFT vve.Table.xml
  15. Read post below. My phone is retarded That should get you going. 6310 is your fuel trim cell which will filter the Deceleration fuel cut off from the logs. 50090.156 is throttle position, filtering by position greater than 25%, less than a 5% movement over 200 millisecond, 50010.242 is Engine coolant greater than 170 to filter warmup fuel adders, and 50118.238 is your commanded eq ratio, filtering pe data. You will notice that you won’t get any data, your commanded eq ratio never goes higher than .987 so you will need to fix that. Your car never goes into closed loop.
  16. Garbage in=garbage out. Use filters, you don’t need transient fueling, dfco, or pe giving you false data.
  17. Yes you have to calculate coefficients every time you make a change. Make sure you are making changes to the correct map, manifold switch closed.
  18. I haven’t watched the video. What I’m telling you to do will fail it however. Your car will run terrible, expect it to. And make sure the channel units in the graph are the same unit, ie mg and mg or gram and gram. Vve will be in mg.
  19. Random thought thread

    Gotta get past me first sucka! I see reduced power mode in your future lol.
  20. I’m in class right now
  21. It’s going to run like absolute crap until you get it dialed in, that’s to be expected. If it only logged the “10” cell then you are missing a input in your channels. Bear in mind that ve tuning is very very time consuming and requires you to be able to interpret the data and predict trends. Filters in your graph will be your best friend or you will end up chasing your tail.
  22. Under engine diagnostics, airflow
  23. That just disabled your ltft’s. Nothing to do with speed density. Set maf fail hertz to 1, and set dtc p101, 102 and 103 to report error on first error with check engine light enabled. Reenable ltft and use stft+ltft as your math parameter.
  24. Engine diagnostic under airflow