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  1. Random thought thread

    Anyone else watch the super Chevy "Big Bang" 6.0 yesterday? 1482 hp before it broke a rod. Pretty impressive for a gen 3 bottom end.
  2. LS7 Lifters, lifter trays and misc. gaskets

    I'll just pay you in person. Let me know when you can come by.
  3. LS7 Lifters, lifter trays and misc. gaskets

    If John doesn't buy the lifters, trays, and gaskets, I will.
  4. stoichiometric ratio will change based on the additives.
  5. Project #whitetrash

    6.2 mod motor with twins.
  6. LSx Exh manifold bolt repair gadget

    I've had two of those unicorns, all the others have been broken.
  7. Project #whitetrash

    Best sounding car period.
  8. That is really rich for pump gas. Look at the commanded vs actual shift times. Power wise your at the point to put some hurt into that 6l80. I know you still have torque management enabled, I don't remember if your shift times, pressure or oncoming pressure were messed with. Also did James tune your eoit?
  9. Random thought thread

    Saw Cody's car up there and got to meet him finally. Saw mike over at the shore tuning area but he looked busy. Had a great time up there.
  10. What was your afr during that run? Had a nice haze to the exhaust from the video. Also what were your trans temps?
  11. Random thought thread

    I'm going tomorrow.
  12. Express Success

    Hardened pushrods are a cheap upgrade, stock ones are pathetic.
  13. Express Success

    You have hp tuners, a tune does make a noticeable difference.
  14. Express Success

    Depends on the part number on the cam, but most of the non lq9 motors had the same as the 5.3. They are both small cams so you're just splitting hairs at this point. Pick the one that's in the best shape and brace yourself for the disappointment.
  15. Express Success

    Don't think you will gain anything with a 6.0 cam in a 5.3, it's the same cam.