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  1. Random thought thread

    Only one I have on my phone right now. It’s a 2020 lt1
  2. Random thought thread

    That’s the same question as asking “why does your clutch slip when it gets hot?”
  3. Random thought thread

    Or people like me who knees suck after 16 years in the army. I’d still prefer a manual but I have to say that new 10 speed in my Camaro is freakin nice.
  4. The Challenger is Home

  5. 2010 Camaro SS

    That code will come on with the dsx kit. Call them and they will just tell you to turn it off.
  6. 6L90e Trans Log

    I can’t view it as I haven’t updated my hp tuners software and don’t plan on it. When are you free so I can just come take a look at it? I have drill this weekend but I’m free all next week it looks like. Maybe even longer, who knows.
  7. 6L90e Trans Log

    Post your current tune and I’ll take a look if you’d like me to.
  8. 6L90e Trans Log

    Transient would be filtering throttle opening movements like greater than a +\-5% movement in a 5ms period and your fuel cells would be just a filter on your graph. And I’m assuming your also filtering for eq =1 right? Your line off the fill cap, is it capped off or hooked to a vacuum, open air, or ?
  9. 6L90e Trans Log

    Are filtering out any of the transient fueling? Which fuel cells are you logging? And how is your catch can routed? Does it pull Vacuum after the maf?
  10. Random thought thread

    What’s wrong with your current tune?
  11. 2010 Camaro SS

    Easy answer stacking tolerances. Add the allowed tolerances together for the block mounting face, bellhousing, flywheel, crankshaft mounting flange, and both sides of the converter. Then you can see why there is a variance. And don’t forget tool wear in the machine and temperature of the material.
  12. Any Audio peeps in here?

    Are you going to run an active or passive setup?
  13. Random thought thread

    It’s not to add fuel, it helps with carbon buildup.
  14. 2010 Camaro SS

    Did the trans get hot when you got on it? Are you still running the 6l80e tune?
  15. Random thought thread

    I was 23 when I first went active.