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  1. Random thought thread

    Congrats Jon that's a beautiful car i bet you like it a whole lot Ls ftw!!!
  2. Random thought thread

    After I clean the heck out of it it was cover on grease n stuff
  3. Random thought thread

    After the viper being down for a few weeks due to dodge not making parts for it anymore I had to track them down(parts) alternator fan motor battery was easy car is running great had the day off today +boosted viper Watch “Boosted viper” on Vimeo:
  4. Random thought thread

    I meant i showed up at the meet they had too late n all there was for me to run was two mustang car didn't spin cause I started in 3rd
  5. Random thought thread

    I showed up at the meet late and that's all there was two stangs ^ New plate
  6. Random thought thread

    Vs a Bolton 5.0 not sure what power he was making but this was a " fun run" 55 roll I started in 3rd gear cause I knew 2nd would just blow the tires up ( 1st goes al the way to 55 mph) it was a good run car took off smoothly n I was able to pull him Viper is running on E85 now 6/7 psi 800+ mustang dyno Hp Watch “Novi2000” on Vimeo:
  7. Random thought thread

    Watch "Boosted viper" on Vimeo:
  8. Random thought thread

    This is the wheels n tires I am getting 15 inch kit from Drummond Race cars same ppl that built Sal's TT Viper
  9. Random thought thread

    Drove to finally get the Viper out of the shop! made it back yesterday around 9ish I'm really happy with the work they did!! now I need to do the 15inch convertion n get me some meaty tires because the 355's aren't cutting it anymore!!
  10. Random thought thread

    The New ACR is a freaking beast!!! I love it that's my future Viper
  11. Random thought thread

    It's a Novi2000 Viper " Zero f@cks given & and so un-freaking apologetic"
  12. Random thought thread

    E85 ftw!!!
  13. Random thought thread

    Small video of what it sounds like Watch “Idling” on Vimeo:
  14. Random thought thread

    After two months of the viper being at the shop it will finally hit the Dyno perhaps tomorrow upgraded the intercooler and all the piping and installed a flex fuel kit E85 on it