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  1. Hello from Tazewell Tennessee

    The Monte weighs 3040 whe way it sits but when I put the glass doors on it it should weigh around 2800 I hope
  2. Hello from Tazewell Tennessee

    sorry fellas its a 93 z28 with hell I dont believe they made a 2003 camaro .. The last year was 02 roght?
  3. Hello from Tazewell Tennessee

  4. Some LS part for sale.

    still have the trans tunnel mount for the bottle?
  5. Just wanted stop in and say hi! Name is Lee Miracle from Tazewell Tennessee. Originally from Pontiac Michigan! Here is a couple of our rides.. I have a 72 Monte Carlo with a 427" sbc all stock type suspension with bmr fab anti roll bar ect.... My 03 lt1 z28 street car with a lil nitrous and all the bolt ons.. My pops 98 Z28 Ls1 car with Heads cam intake headers and bunch of other mods.. Thanks for lookin..