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  1. Random thought thread

    It would be easier in say a 4th gen LS truck.... all you would need is the engine harness from a 2010 up 5.3 truck.... Hmmmm it would be a good swap into my truck to relieve that 4l60e of it's duties. Ah crap 4wd... disregard my ramblings. I am only leaving this in case someone else thinks of it too, and doesn't think about their truck being 4x4.
  2. Random thought thread

    @Chad is 660 some facebook group?
  3. Random thought thread

    Sideshows are stupid. I hope that kid driving that 370Z drops the soap.
  4. Random thought thread

    Anything that they can prescribe or tell you isn't anything you can't just walk into Wal-Greens and pickup medicine to get you back to the peachy side of life. I am at the point that I ain't going to the Dr. unless a limb is dangling or missing, or I have passed out.
  5. Random thought thread

    Tr6060 swap?
  6. Random thought thread

    That's not a bad deal. If you get it for like $4k and go through and DoD delete, possibly rebuild the motor, have the trans gone through, and take it in for a quick respray at Maaco after doing some quick prep work, you could have the majority of issues done for under $10k. The G8 GT with a rebuilt title and in great shape I usually see around $11k to $12k. Typically however that means they went through it and it is all ready to go with zero issues.
  7. Hot damn Mike, that looks amazing!
  8. Random thought thread

    Supposedly on the internets the people say that you can build a fast 2v cheaper than building an Ls 5.3... It's true, the internet says so. Anyone else check out Cars and Coffee yesterday? It was packed, and there were a lot of angry Mustangs there. I am glad no victims came about from their carnage.
  9. Random thought thread

    ZDDP is a zinc additive though. While running something like VR1 in a car with cats may cause issues, running oils like european blend with lower amounts that just help metal bearings and cam to bearing wear, should be just fine.
  10. Random thought thread

    @Disney well he is going with what the techs that he has talked to at Freeland say. Not saying I am an expert, but I have built a good handful of LS engines, and have had the extreme pleasure of talking and hanging out with Tony Mamo, and the few friends I know that stayed in the engine building world wouldn't ever use that oil in an LS, maybe an old SBC, but not an LS. Clearances are a lot tighter, and the oil passages in the block and the bearings do not like getting clogged on bit, thicker weight oil viscosities do not work well with them. At least that's what I have seen and been told. I am no expert, and in no way am I saying i am right and you are wrong, I just find it hard to believe that oil for a diesel engine would be remotely good for these engines. I guess maybe I could very well be wrong too on this one. Maybe i'll have to give it a try at 50k and let y'all know? Heck if I can do that within the next 2 years and the engine gives out before year 3 or 100k miles, then GM will get me a replacement? Lol.
  11. Random thought thread

    Well I know that Zinc is used in a lot of racing motor oils, like VR1 valvoline oil. A fair number of LS engine builders recommend oils with Zinc due to how tight the tolerances are and they have seen it help the aluminum LS blocks that see a ton of abuse, IE racing or just being a jerk driver. Yeah he said it was the Delo oil, I know I have some on the shelf in the garage for break-in when I get the 5.3 ready. At any rate, that sounds stupid to me, especially since there is that groove on the AFM/DoD camshafts that is used to direct the oil. All I know is after 3 years or 100k miles I am removing the AFM from that truck and either a stock cam, or a bumpstick with a little more torque for towing that doesn't need headers, or a different stall converter.
  12. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Matt, I do have a mess while I am working kinda. I have a method to it and put all the bolts with the parts as i remove them. If it is going to be any amount of time I get platic bags and label them. Once I am done for that day I clean the tools and put them away. Woodworking I cut what I need then blow out the garage. She will leave tools all over the place, and leave sawdust till the second coming of Christ if I don't say/do something about it lol.
  13. Random thought thread

    So I got the truck back. Registered it for the warranty, 3 years and 100k miles. It is so damn quiet, I don't know what to do, I now own a vehicle that runs super smooth. Interesting enough apparently the lead techs at Freeland Chevy instructed the foreman at the shop that put the new motor in, to use 20w-40 diesel motor oil on the AFM/DoD trucks when they get to 50k miles or higher. I am slightly baffled by this, the tolerances on the LS engines are super tight, I don't know if I agree that putting a really thick oil in it is a good idea. I always had the best luck running 0w-30 european blend oil in my LS engines. I believe it has a little zinc in it which is great for aluminum engines.
  14. Random thought thread

    I used to skate around. I stopped when I was about 18/19 I started when I was 3. It was fun, kept me out of some trouble, but yeah I couldn't ride now to save my life.
  15. Random thought thread

    Ya know, he is a smart man. Sees a need for good skater shoes and starts a company that sells them so he can have enough money to race. I used to buy DC shoes back when i was a skateboarding punk, and if I was good at identifying a need like that, I would be all over it.
  16. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Yeah man that's still awesome, I was thinking I would first tackle a She-shed for the wife so we can do the woodworking in there and not get sawdust all over everything especially since she sucks at cleaning up after herself...
  17. Random thought thread

    Yet people lost their heads when Trump said to back out of the whole Paris Climate Deal, and stating that "even china was still part of it". China can claim that they are all about clean air, but the facts point that being a whole heap of BS. We have given up plenty for safety, and we are pushed further to become fat, happy, and compliant to the demands of those who can't take care of themselves.
  18. Random thought thread

    That is really neat to see how they make the shipping containers. They have that process down.
  19. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I would advise you get your workshop done sooner. I made the mistake of saying it could wait, now I am not certain how/when we are going to happen. Also glad to see the mustang out and about, this is what I will be doing once we get around to it for my wife.
  20. I think you'll hit the mark next year. Maybe I will have to bring the little one out to get her used to the sounds of drag racing! Haha
  21. New Decals

    OK John do you have any left?
  22. Random thought thread

    Seriously I do not know why the heck GM went with that ugly front.
  23. Random thought thread

    The dealer was looking at the used engines. They ended up asking if it would be ok to split the cost of a brand new factory GM 0 mile engine. Also doing the water pump, tstat, hoses, new fluids (required anyways so kinda needed), radiator flush, and checking the transmission to make sure the filer looks good.Also new spark plugs (would be crappy if they re-used the old ones..) also new spark plugs wires, all GM direct parts. $3k out the door. I am quite happy with that, especially given that the owner of the dealership didn't have to do jack squat. They offered to sell the parts to me at their cost, and add no markup, plus I pay the tax and get a new engine and make sure the truck is solid and ready to go. Honestly they stepped up and went above and beyond my expectations. I will hold off a formal endorsement until I get the truck back.
  24. Random thought thread

    Hahaha @Mike well if you're going to be a kill-joy about it. How do you know that I don't know them?
  25. Random thought thread

    Also a buddy of mine and his buddy are doing Honda builds up in Clarksville, one of the cars is a K20 swapped Mr2, and they're also building my buddies Evo. Now we have an idea that might just happen, and it will most likely piss a ton of people off. K20 swap in the Camaro, so a Honda 4cylinder with a turbo, should make around 650 whp, and just make a lot of people super angry.