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  1. Random thought thread

    @Tino Mexico did way better than expected, man they held up quite well to Germany to start with. I wish the US would take the sport more seriously, but that'll never happen when you have pro-bass fisherman, and bowling is a pro-sport lol.
  2. Random thought thread

    Exactly, what Disney said.
  3. I'm going to be a 49.....

    Congrats? The good news is you're still young so you have a bit more energy?
  4. Random thought thread

    Crap? You mean the only worldwide sport that is one of the most difficult to play? So he restores an old inefficient technology? I should start restoring 286 computers then, that would be a perfectly fun waste of time.
  5. Random thought thread

    @JohnC Does a gopro pick it up or set aside to a different directory if there is an accident?
  6. Random thought thread

    @Ashley P Yeah we are definitely looking at dash cams now. Sad that we have to worry about something like that, but hey they will come in handy,. Heck I could have used one the other day, I was coming down the right lane and slowing down because the left lane was blocked and people were moving into the middle lane. I was speeding prior to traffic and was slowing to cautiously drive past in the right lane. Well some girl in a new Sentra was not paying attention and I was going about 60mph and she was at a dead stop then decided to dart out in front of me. I managed to brake and get the car around her to the right on the shoulder just barely staying on the road. As I passed her she put her arm up as if to wave and say "Ohh sorry". As much as I want to get a newer truck, I am not sure I want to accomplish this via traffic accident.
  7. Random thought thread

    So ironically enough, today wife was almost hit by a semi on her drive home. He tried to use a merge lane to pass on the right in traffic, and cut back in and she luckily was able to move to the left lane. She rolled down her window and yelled at him, she's getting the info from the truck as in what company and what license plate number. I will call the company and file a complaint.
  8. Random thought thread

    @Ashley P that is just sad, a life was lost and it could have been avoided with proper driving and if people were actually paying attention. Disney, that is absolutely ridiculous. Why would they drive around? I mean after all their livelihood depends on them getting there quickly....Oh wait if you just kept driving around it would be quicker than attempting a u-turn.
  9. Random thought thread

    @Ashley P Yeah this guy should have been paying A LOT more attention. Honestly I would be looking at a google earth of the area before picking up a load especially in an area that you haven't been to previously. Something that really bugs me about this is he doesn't know what he is hauling! Also the weight is off. How do you not know the manifest? Is that not a rule that truck drivers live by anymore? I was always told that piss poor truckers don't know what they're hauling.
  10. Random thought thread

    Yeah we are long ways away from the days when truckers knew their routes and took their craft seriously. It seems like they just completely disregard other drivers. I am very glad she is ok. Just took the car over to the dealership by us to get a quote and so far it's about $2300 worth of damages. We have taken her car to Park's motor sales, a GMC dealership nearby, and they have been amazing. I have never had such an awesome experience with a dealership. We drop the car off next week and they will have it for 5 days to fix her up.
  11. Random thought thread

    Yeah she is ok, he was pulling out to turn left from an off ramp, and she sped up so the rig wouldn't hit her driver side door, instead he just pegged the back driver side. I told her that she shoulda let him hit her door, he would have had to stop! lol. The only bad part too is if the truck pushed her just a little there is a decent drop off there too that would not be good. It was at the i65 and Bear Creek exit, the on ramp to get back on i65 South is right there so if you're coming off the interstate you can kinda drive straight across and get right back on, which is what the truck driver did.
  12. Random thought thread

    Yeah I really do have respect for truckers, but around here and driving i65 every day. I do not respect them along that corridor. So many times I have gone onto the shoulder because they put their signal on and move right over. Now don't get me started on the lazy drivers too, a turn signal is a requirement, otherwise it's an unsafe lane change without signalling properly. Or at least in CA it is technically an unsafe lane change. Also the drivers typically with Alabama plates that play lane nazi, or lane police in the left lane and are not passing. Instead they are just going on a Sunday cruise in the left lane.
  13. Random thought thread

    Well I am losing more respect for big rig drivers around here. They have the least amount of regard for safety. A big rig hit my wifes car yesterday morning, and the ass hat took off. Pretty much the police said that since no one chased him down or got a license plate there is nothing that can be done. Every day I drive to work I just about void an accident because truckers don't look before changing lanes. AZ, CO, CA, MD, and TX are states I have been in and driven around and never have a I seen truckers drive this reckless. Drivers around here are not that much worse either, yeah there are some idiots, but not nearly that bad. We now get to have our insurance cover it because that douche nozzle took off.