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  1. Random thought thread

    I am definitely ok with going that fast. @JohnC you getting the moto bug huh?
  2. Random thought thread

    @gammey4 that was also going to be a question I was going to ask him since it was sounding like it wasn't getting coolant on the return hose.
  3. Random thought thread

    @JohnC I can donate a side of my garage too, close to Gammey's work since i am right here by Columbia. Also man why did you use stock bolts with boost? Almost as bad as Barry and his chinese studs (not the guys he likes, but the head studs for the ol blazer haha). Also I am going to go ahead with getting some more work done on the Camaro before it goes up for sale. I'll be getting the RSM tubular front kit for it so it has a solid start for someone. Also gotta get this damned Accord sold. I took on a timing belt, but the person tried starting the car with the belt off and the motor was hosed. He said to go ahead and try getting up and running, but it is hosed and he ended up giving me the car. May just sell it as is if anyone wants to buy an 05 Accord EX-L with a bad motor lol. I am going to get some paint on it, and clean it up a bit so that cosmetically it is solid. I thought about getting a JDM dropout motor, but I do not want to spend any time on it.
  4. Random thought thread

    All good here, the wee little daughter is now 13 months old and walking and just a funny kid. Nothing new done to the Camaro, and actually I really thought about it, and I really want my daughter and wife to join in the car fun. SO i am thinking of either selling the Camaro with the 5.3 block, and all the parts, then buying some old possibly 60's Buick to go to cruise-ins as a family. Or maybe a third gen camaro or foxbody to go have some fun with as a family. Really sucks as I was really looking forward to getting some of the progress done on the car, but I know that they won't get as much anjoyment out of going racing as I do, and it ain't about me anymore lol.
  5. Random thought thread

    Hey y'all! How's it going? I know I have been a ghost for quite a few months.
  6. Random thought thread

    So I figured I would share this in case any of you want in on it.
  7. Random thought thread

    The typical recruit is 18, and they gave the 3 of us who were a few years old a lot of **** in basic because we were old men, and why did we wait so long to enlist....
  8. Random thought thread

    If I would have gone reserves I would only have ab out 7 years to go, but I enlisted when I was 21 almost 22 so I was a little older than most of the guys already.
  9. Random thought thread

    Hahaha nope ain't gonna happen, I am a recovering Californian, I don't want TN to go changing.
  10. Random thought thread

    Hahaha, that's not bad as I have been contemplating going Air Nat. Guard. Go in and stay to get my 20 years completed.
  11. Random thought thread

    Gammey, you're still Active Duty right?
  12. Random thought thread

    Oh I know right? I mean I must need re-education... Hey wait no, I am not going back out to that failed Western state. Hasn't it just fallen off the map yet?
  13. Random thought thread

    As far as the shop goes, I have also had great luck with Harbor Freight. Are you looking at a specific budget, or just building up over time?
  14. Random thought thread

    Yeah well actually serving in the military isn't the same as living in CA I can agree with that, it is a good thing then that I was active duty military then right? I was stationed outside of CA too, I didn't live in the same state my whole life. Also, yes I too believe in personal property rights, however you volunteered your earnings into that system. You could easily have refused to pay taxes, and refused to pay anything. Did you? If not then it isn't theft, it was voluntary. Hell I added up what I paid into Social Security since I started working at 14 ( well rough average), and I would have a MUCH better retirement account if I was allowed to invest that into my own retirement fund, or even invest it into a long term mutual fund.
  15. Random thought thread

    So what you're saying is that you believe you are entitled to it because you paid into the system? SO you're saying you have a sense of entitlement? Like a millennial? I don't know about what a millennial knows, but since one of us has served in the military that person might know a bit more than the average bear. LOL, Ashley you add a ton of fun to the argument, this is too much fun haha.