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  1. 2015 Coyote 5.0 E85 Tune

    it burns a lot more gas thats why when you switch to e85 you usually have to get bigger injectors. I can get by with 80lb injectors with pump gas and meth for my setup, but if i want to run e85 i have to buy huge injectors like billet atomizer or injector dynamics, etc. The 80s cost about $350 and I'm done, where the big injectors were about $1500 - $2000 and if you go with low impedance on the factory ecu you also need an injector driver which is like another $350.
  2. 2015 Coyote 5.0 E85 Tune

    without a flex fuel sensor to adjust fuel trims i don't feel comfortable either. plus race gas smells better anyways
  3. Slow Car and Slow Build

    if you can weld then you could easily fab up your own front bumper support and remove that whole stock bumper support and the foam. I've always ran a top/bottom flow intercooler with the stock support and foam in place and never had any issues though
  4. Autometer digital wideband o2 sensor gauge (SOLD!)

    na i sold it to a guy on Facebook way out in virginia. said he was an electrician and could fix the wiring no problem. same thing i was gonna do but with this new boost controller i just don't even need it. one man's junk is another man's treasure.
  5. Autometer digital wideband o2 sensor gauge (SOLD!)

    hooked it up to a battery.....
  6. i like that piece of piping you made from the turbo to the intercooler. keeps cold piping short as possible. i heard you can set that controller to only cut boost from a lean condition after a certain boost level. like they said you can safely run 13.0:1 up to around 5psi to spool bigger turbos then richen it up past that point. if your still lean past the point you set it to then it'll cut boost after that. kind of hard to explain. this video i watched on youtube explained it a lot better. but it sounds nice to be able to run it a little leaner before you really start pushing boost in order to spool up quicker
  7. Autometer digital wideband o2 sensor gauge (SOLD!)

    yea well if you can't beat em then join em lol, except when it comes to LS power plants
  8. SOLD! Ive got this autometer digital wideband o2 sensor. Its the c2 version and is in perfect shape. ONLY includes the gauge itself. I have the wiring and sensor but its burnt up because the wiring got loose at one point and came into contact with my exhaust. $100 takes it. You can buy new wiring and sensor through jegs or summit racing. I was going to replace it all myself and reuse this gauge but I just got the new innovate boost controller so I don't need this anymore. Lights up in a nice blue color. I used it for about a year and paid nearly $300 for it new.
  9. Ford Coyote Engine Swap Guide

    Theres tons of explorers out there with the aluminum WAP blocks and 2v heads. But the real finds are in the Lincoln Mark 8 cars. Theres a handful of those out there as well which contain DOHC 4.6 engines with the aluminum teksid blocks. If I had a place to store them id have them all. Just the teksid blocks themselves go for $300 easy. Thats what kind of block is in my GT right now, handles over 1000whp no problem. Actually I've heard they are good to 1500hp. No coyotes though unfortunately
  10. Ford Coyote Engine Swap Guide

    if anybody is looking for an aluminum block 2v engine theres at least ten of them at the local pull a part here in knoxville for like $180 complete from oil pan to throttle body

    The GTR's might be quick but for $100k i think I could have this GT350R with a turbo on it and hurt some feelings. That thing is badass. Not a Cobra R, but its the next best thing imo. GTR girlfriends end up leaving them for GT350R owners...