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  1. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Turbo kit is here Billet oil pump gears installed in OEM pump And king fully flanged upper and lower thrust bearing Shackletts should be done with my block soon and I will be assembling the short block!
  2. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    I gotta get serious to even try and hang with the cars running around these days haha
  3. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Shackletts called and my block had to go .020 over so I pulled the trigger on these wiseco -13cc dish pistons. Then took them and my rods to shackletts to have the assy balanced ect. Also sold of my blower and have an on3 turbo kit ordered with a 76mm ballbearing turbo.
  4. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    yeah heads are the same im just not sure about the front cover bolt holes where the bracket mounts. if it does you would have to get creative with the piping to throttle body on a f-150
  5. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    What's it in? I think the front cover bolts where the braket goes may be different
  6. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Yeah if I get a turbo I will focus on low 6s first lol. With a turbo the car would make the power to get there but then I would have to get the suspension right
  7. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Thanks hopfully I can flip this blower and get me a turbo so I can keep up with these ls cars
  8. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Cool. Teksid was still based out of Italy right? At least what I have read
  9. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    I'm pretty excited to get it checked ang hopefully don't have to bore it.
  10. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Its the aluminum block from the Lincoln mark vIII and early cobras. Made at the teksid plant in Italy. Its supposed to be the strongest aluminum block ford has.
  11. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Yep they seemed really knowledgeable over the phone
  12. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Teksid block made it. Off to the machine shop when I get home.
  13. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Mine is turning into a nightmare. The thing is this trust bearing is custom from mmr to fit coyote crank so even more different and the aluminum block is different from all of them. Evidently its a horrible design in these engines. I will be doing this with my new engine. http://www.modularfords.com/threads/177594-Thrust-bearing-Pivot-stud-mod#/forumsite/21186/topics/177594
  14. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    Mike this (spacer?) I'm assuming for the thrust bearing was just laying in the bottom of my pan.