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  1. Yep if it runs good I could get hurt. Be the new Stevie fast
  2. Ah calc 2. I didn't have too much trouble with it. Then some had dang panic attacks on it. That stuff takes forever. Glad I don't have to take it again. But id rather do that than any accounting class again. My car isn't fast so ill talk college. My glory days. Freshmen twice. And I tried to live like a real life Jordan Belford on minimum wage hahahahaga
  3. Clarksville mustang guy

    Yup. I was gonna put the microsquirt on sooner than later but I seem to have some issues resolved so I can take my time now and get niceer stuff injection wise. I need to remember to contact mike btw to maybe do some welding on my intake when that time comes.
  4. Clarksville mustang guy

    Nice. I'd like to class race some of the osca stuff but they say its gotta be 3300. ****. That's alotta weight for a class filler
  5. Clarksville mustang guy

    First drive to the end of my road and back. Almost made it hahahahahahaha.
  6. Clarksville mustang guy

    It was upper 2900's with jesse in it last time (I bought his old chassis). I had a hatch but it was gonna take alot more work. So factor in the lighter vfn dash. Holoconb steering shaft and chromoly bumpers. Vfn hood and seats. No more nitrous and exhaust. I hope the heavier me and light parts offset that difference and the turbo well. The front end is tubed now from in front of the front towers to bumper. But it didn't cut any weight that I could tell. . More of convenience. Factor
  7. Clarksville mustang guy

    Bout all I have since I changed phones
  8. Clarksville mustang guy

    New bracket I need to weld up and paint. I finished trimming it earlier. Kinda shitty looking but on point.
  9. Clarksville mustang guy

    I like how you can post attachments here. Lemme find some pics
  10. Clarksville mustang guy

    Possibly. They all look the same. I need to get more gas and finish welding my fpr bracket. Diff fuel line setup
  11. Clarksville mustang guy

    Got the suspension at a good starting point to test I believe and it pulls well. I had a small issue in boost but turns out my fuel pressure gauge was lying. Good now
  12. Clarksville mustang guy

    Yep e85. I live within a mile of one station and bout another mile for another and yes I been driving it. Pos gave me the run around on a signal wire. Messed up pin. Went over a ton of stuff and such for months. Continuity was there. Wasn't connecting. dumb me.
  13. My name is Rory. I live in Clarksville and have a pretty basic mustang.i look frward to making passes this spring.