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  1. New from Dickson Tn

    Welcome and what turbo you going with 434 cubic inches to spool it?
  2. Tennessee Real Street!

    Can you enlighten me on what the 1/8th does?
  3. Tennessee Real Street!

    Winner ^^^
  4. LS1KILR is here

    Welcome man and how bout some pics of progress on build
  5. supercross 2015

    Husky is basically a KTM with some changes and you know KTM has never hurt in the HP department....imo what helped KTM the most is when they went to a linkage rear suspension....I rode the 400SXF years ago and loved the feel and smoothness it had...I raced my YZ250F as I could pound out laps on that thing for a long the woods or play riding I would pick a 250 2 smoke as my weapon on choice that's what I rode in Mid South Hare Scrambles series long time you guys race anywhere? I knew Anderson had the speed on the 450 as he laid down the fastest practice time at the MEC in he is training with Aldon baker now but I had him at 6th in my fantasy line up though.
  6. Tennessee Real Street!

    Really don't matter to me too far anyways.....I will do some of the OSCA races closer and more than likely a lot better turnout.
  7. supercross 2015

    **** that thing would cause some arm pump for sure.
  8. New guy.

    No it was Spring/Summer 2013 and checked again it was 9.87 at 135
  9. supercross 2015

    I am counting down the hours until A1....I signed up for that SX Fantasy on RacerX website.....I have followed it religiously almost 20 years now
  10. New guy.

    Carma Performance in Nashville should let you do that also.....but it is a heartbreaker....I made 450rwhp and ran 9.87 at 135 on motor.
  11. New guy.

    Welcome and don't be scared to post new setup info
  12. Post your best slips and video!

    No had more rpm do not know what you r hearing maybe the squeaking. It has a 3.50 gear in it now and last time shifted at like 6900-7000 but will take it to 7500-7700 with new Holley Hi Ram intake manifold. Another vid My car in this vid was down a cylinder....fuel cell guy left all kinds of aluminum shavings in the cell for me after he drilled out for the cap....clogged an injector that we tracked down after 2 track and lots of dyno time
  13. Rory being humble....let that fool break off some fast passes the flood gates of **** talking willopen lol