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  1. Screw the Focus RS...I want THIS

    Just seen the new RS.. That thing is cool. I want one
  2. New guy.

    Sorry just a few weeks behind lol. Welcome and Welcome back to Clarksvegas..
  3. Turby Coupe Build

    You do good work Disney.. I did notice the dildo poking out of the engine LOL that was funny.
  4. Garage Sale

    I know a lot of super fast Dinosaurs... 8^) ... Cool thanks
  5. Garage Sale

    Have any fuel fittings to fit in a Holey carb? I also would like to get that y fuel fitting. What ya want for those?
  6. Post your best slips and video!

    Nice pass Mighty Mouse
  7. LS1KILR is here

    Welcome .. Sorry for your loss man. Keep us posted... looks like a nice build
  8. King of the Street 2013

    So who won all of that? LOL
  9. Bunch of parts for sale

    Just some 1 5/8 headers
  10. Bunch of parts for sale

    T-5 transmission with hurst shifter "used" 250.00 bucks. comes with clutch and fly wheel Long tube header for a 302, in good shape. No idea what brand. Could be Kooks? $150.00 Holley Strip Dominator for a 351C very rare and in great shape. Almost New! PM for price 2 1/2 Inch LX Tips ..Not polished but look decent still. 100 bucks GT40 Intake of a exploder 125.00 comes with a 60mm TB
  11. Bunch of parts for sale

    Trans is Sold..
  12. Tennessee Real Street!

  13. What is the average guy running out at these tracks? Might go beat up some cars this spring in these areas! I have heard rumors a certain Maro and couple stangs that are pretty quick. How about Bikes?
  14. Cadillac CTSV Dragstrip Crash

    try explaining that to the insurance company. That stinks, glad he was ok
  15. Bunch of parts for sale

    best offer on the transmission. Found out it is a 4cyl T-5 .. The shifter is worth 100 bucks so lets say 150.00 for it all or anyone with a C-4?
  16. Clarksville mustang guy

    Never would of guess Rory. Hahahaha
  17. If he don't poop himself first hahaha.
  18. New guy from Clarksville

    Welcome man. Nice sounding 4.6s.. Hope to see you out at Clarksville drag strip.
  19. No kidding? I never said you all already knew!
  20. Sorry Been out all day..Man I can not wait until spring!! I am actually excited.. I guess my question will be for all of you is..Who will be the fastest LS car out of the group? Rory combo is will be the silent killer IMO.. He has not rushed at all and is very humble dude. My buddy's ford mustang will be really fast too. Should be an interesting this spring
  21. oh i wasnt mad.. I was worried that what was supposed to be some fun towards Barry was looking like i was a Liar. And honestly it was looking funny.. Poor Cody LOL. Sorry for the confusion.
  22. Now that is a secret for now. I wont give it all away. I havent even put it on TNR
  23. JohnC will you please confirm as true what i just typed. I do not want WES to think I am Liar
  24. Heck I didnt even know who was on this site when I made my name. Been telling the wife the 14 needs a name. ANd we named it Dragin.. So FYI most sites will not allow you to use names like NUTS or NUTZ becaue they are blocked. So when JohnC invited me I used Dragin..! When I finally got over here I noticed Barry was Here and asked JohnC not to give me away because i was going to stir some stuff up and mess around. If you do not believe me ask JohnC. Never expected a whole bunch of new names to come out of the wood works to defend the LS brand name. I knew Barry would LOL. I really have 3 mustangs.. I wouldnt worry about the red one. I figured out who Jesse is. His nitrous feed E85 car is fast.. Nice to meet you Wes.. I know its hard to believe but its all true.
  25. You type like Barry.. Are you Barry?