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  1. Screw the Focus RS...I want THIS

    Just seen the new RS.. That thing is cool. I want one
  2. New guy.

    Sorry just a few weeks behind lol. Welcome and Welcome back to Clarksvegas..
  3. Turby Coupe Build

    You do good work Disney.. I did notice the dildo poking out of the engine LOL that was funny.
  4. Garage Sale

    I know a lot of super fast Dinosaurs... 8^) ... Cool thanks
  5. Garage Sale

    Have any fuel fittings to fit in a Holey carb? I also would like to get that y fuel fitting. What ya want for those?
  6. Post your best slips and video!

    Nice pass Mighty Mouse
  7. LS1KILR is here

    Welcome .. Sorry for your loss man. Keep us posted... looks like a nice build
  8. King of the Street 2013

    So who won all of that? LOL
  9. Bunch of parts for sale

    Just some 1 5/8 headers
  10. Bunch of parts for sale

    Trans is Sold..
  11. Tennessee Real Street!

  12. Cadillac CTSV Dragstrip Crash

    try explaining that to the insurance company. That stinks, glad he was ok
  13. Bunch of parts for sale

    best offer on the transmission. Found out it is a 4cyl T-5 .. The shifter is worth 100 bucks so lets say 150.00 for it all or anyone with a C-4?
  14. Clarksville mustang guy

    Never would of guess Rory. Hahahaha
  15. If he don't poop himself first hahaha.