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  1. 2002 Mustang Issues

    Sorry guys, no update at the moment. I haven't been able to work on the car very much at all. With the holidays, work and the wife feel a bit ill and is on some pretty serious antibiotics to hopefully help things out while waiting on some test results.Been a bit of a tough few weeks. Hoping to try and get back to work and test some thing out. Last I worked on it, I know the wire from the passenger fender connector to the relay is good, and the wire from the ignition switch to that connector is good so I am gonna put everything back together and then look at the passenger fender well area. I did shoot some ether in it and jump the relay and she fired right up though.
  2. 2002 Mustang Issues

    No sorry, I have not been able to get out to the garage much at all. I have to start putting all the wire loom and stuff back together on the driver side and wheel well back in. I traced the wire to a connector underneath the intake as I followed it from inside the wheel well to over to under the intake. From there it seems to go into the passenger wheel well. So not sure if it goes to the ecu or not?
  3. 2002 Mustang Issues

    I have a small engine scanner that is not the greatest but it does not show any codes listed when I run a scan on it. The trans was pulled as I needed to swap the flywheel and clutch out to the new motor. I will try your suggestion and let you know if it works. I will try damn near anything at this point in time.
  4. 2002 Mustang Issues

    Nope, I havent been able to work on the car very much, Its just cold as hell. I took the wire loom off around where the wire come out of the fender well and coming back off the fuse box hoping they came together there in the wire loom. They both head towards the front of the car. I am getting to the point where I dont even want to go into the garage anymore. I got some starter fluid and gave the motor a shot and it fire right up and was running till it ran out of "fuel" So I am pretty confident if I were to get it to crank correctly and get the fuel pump running it would take off. But I really dont feel like pulling the radiator back out and and start pulling wire loom off for days tracing the where this wire goes. Is there a quick place to check and see if the fuel pump is getting power without dropping the tank down and checking it at the pump connection? COuld this be a CCRM problem possibly? Thanks
  5. 2002 Mustang Issues

    I guess the wire has to go to some other location. I just have to try and figure out when it goes in the harness. It ends obviously at the start relay. Im gonna get my son to key the switch to start and see if I can keep testing where I am getting power and where I am not.. If anyone has a circuit of where else this stupid wire passes through that would be amazing! I am just at the point of frustration and this thing is really getting to me. I pulled the wire loom off most of the wiring for the main harness coming through the fire wall and the 1 connector to cruise control, and the other 2 connectors in the wheel well. I guess I will just need to continue to cut the loom back and try and see where this red/blue wire goes and where it changes to white/red. I dont know where else there is another connection point where it changes from red/blue to the white/red to check where it is dropping power. FML!
  6. 2002 Mustang Issues

    I have gone back over everything i can . But I am sure it is something I missed and it is really getting to me!! I pulled the fender well out and found the connector that has white/red, check with the key turned to start and it has power. From the other side of the connector it seems the wire changes color on pin #6 to red with blue? I see a white/red that goes to what seems to the be cruise control system. Man I though it was just going to be a simple connection that I could check wire color to wire color but nope.
  7. 2002 Mustang Issues

    Well i pulled the bottom cover off the fuse box in the engine compartment and put a wire into the slot for the signal wire to the relay, then ran it to the output side of the clutch switch and now it will crank with the key just like it should. I am guessing the connection in the inner fender could be the possible issue? I also went to pull the fuel line off the rail and turn the key to start to drain the old gas from the tank and I guess the fuel pump is not coming on and priming when I turn the key to run position. Ugh more stuff to figure out. I am hoping someone can tell me that the connector that is in question in the fender also has the wire for the fuel pump signal and it narrow down my search.
  8. 2002 Mustang Issues

    Yes everything seems to be working correctly when I replaced the fuse. I now have power from the switch to the white/Red when the key is to start. I probed for power (all while key is at start position, had my son hold it there and turn it on and off to confirm my probe light when off and on), Checked at the switch, where i had to splice the wire back together, incoming and out going of fuse #6, at incoming side of clutch switch with fuse pulled, put fuse in and check back side of wire out going. All had power on and off with the switch being turned to start and run. Unless there is another connection to check it has to be loosing the signal from back of clutch switch to relay under hood correct? Thanks
  9. 2002 Mustang Issues

    I checked everything right at the wires going into the switch. I guess i need to pull the fuse on number 6 and see if I have incoming voltage then check at the switch and go from there? Thanks for helping me this far.
  10. 2002 Mustang Issues

    Yup it was blown, i replaced it and now have 12 volts when i turn the key to start. Still cant get it to crank. Sorry to ask as I am wanting to fully understand what i need to check. From the switch the white with red wire, can you tell me the path the wire travels to relay? I guess I need to check continuity from the switch to all places and see where the wire is broken. Thanks again for all the help. I guess the 40 Amp fuse blew sometime while checking all this **** and didnt know it.
  11. 2002 Mustang Issues

    With the key on the Off Position, the only wires that have power are the 3 solid yellow wires. With the key to the run position all wires have power except the white/red wire. In the start position, again only the solid yellow wires have power. I did a continuity check on the white/red wire to the clutch switch and with the fuse in it to jump the switch i had .2 Ohms on each side of the fuse. I tried to put 12 volts to the red and white wire and it wont crank still. Also I turn the key back to ACC and i dont get anything to come on in the car.
  12. 2002 Mustang Issues

    I believe you are correct to start at the switch and work my way back. Is the White with Pink wire supposed to have 12V when the key is switched to start? I am getting no volts at the start position or crank position. Would this lead someone to think the switch is bad?
  13. 2002 Mustang Issues

    I checked everything at the relay today. I have ground at terminal 86 key on and key off, which I believe is correct. I have 12v at terminal 30, which I believe is correct. I do not get anything when i turn the key to start/on/off at 85 which is the signal wire correct? I put a wire in the slot and installed the relay then bumped the wire to the positive terminal of the battery and the car started to crank. Still wont start which I am sure is another issue but wanna get it cranking first. Also there was a relay in the pack of wires that I disconnected with the aftermarket security system. Should this relay be placed somewhere back into the system somewhere? I couldn't find anything it seemed to be missing. Guys thank you for taking time out to help me on this, I really appreciate it!
  14. 2002 Mustang Issues

    So I rented a Noid Light set from autzone. I checked 2 injectors on each side of the motor and the light pulsed on and off when cranking the car. Key was to start and I used a pair of pliers to jump the starter relay with the relay pulled out. I check and I do not have any kind of ground of to the relay. I put a wire in the slot and put the relay back in and ground the wire to the battery and still no crank. I also put a fuse in the connector to the clutch safety switch to bypass it just to make sure and still nothing. Checked fuse number 6 and it is good.
  15. 2002 Mustang Issues

    I ripped out all the non factory security system already under the dash. The only wire that I saw that was cut and went through the security box was the White with red strip. I have reconnected the wire together which I believe is the signal wire color to the starter. But still no change. I think I am going to check ever wire the security system used because whoever installed it used the splice in connectors, and maybe a wire was cut using those? I will check the injector for 12V tomorrow and see if anyone around me has a noid light. It wont be the factory VATS system right? I thought in the 99-04 years the car cranks and just doesnt have spark.