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  4. WTB:

    Hmm think that would actually work? I am skeptical on that one.
  5. WTB:

    where would this cheap one you speak of be?
  6. WTB:

    Yes on the c-clip eliminators. And I would't doubt they are moser.
  7. WTB:

    Yes I already have 31 spline axles, But to tell you the truth no idea what they are. Think the strange one would be ok?
  8. WTB:

    Gotcha, what about the spool and the rebuild kit? Think its ok to get? And thanks everyone for the help. I would be getting a bunch of wrong things if it wasnt for yall..
  9. WTB:

    Thanks for the help. I was looking at this for the spool to get. Then gonna pick up Barrys 331's. I am not really sure what all I need for a rebuild kit.I just wanted to make sure to put new bearings in it while I was swapping this out. So would this be good to get? And on the girdle bolts. I was referring to the ones that are actually on the cover that are only torqued down to like 15lbs or so. Not sure the actual correct term for them. Thanks again for the help!
  10. WTB:

    Please let me know. I know Barry has a set of 331s for sale that I could pick up. And I think he is pulling his gears out of his truck later too which are the same. My big question is if anyone has a 31 spline spool for sale or where can I get a good one that is not gonna kill my bank account. Also where is a cheap rebuild kit for an 8.8 I could buy. I have seen the standard stuff on ebay and stuff just didnt know if there was a better place to look. Lastly anyone know where to get new screws and nuts for a TA read girdle cover. One of mine is stripped and nut wont lock down. Thanks
  11. WTB:

    Throwing around the thoughts of taking my 4:10 gears out and switching to 3:31s. Anyone want to trade or looking to buy a set of 4:10's? Also looking for a spool for 8.8 with 31 spline axles? Thanks
  12. Must Wheel Studs

    Hopefully stock size so I can use the lug nuts that came with my wheels. The set I have for the rears are open ended so what length would be good to use? Thanks
  13. Must Wheel Studs

    Just wondering what axle studs people use on their mustangs? Does anyone have any for sale or some they dont need? Thanks
  14. "Inside Job" Ls turbo mustang

    Bad *** car. I talked to Kyle often about his and your cars at work. Thing is gonna be sweet! Let me know if you want to loose that free turbo for cheap and tell them to send you another haha
  15. Slow Car and Slow Build

    Havent posted in forever but the car is getting closer. It was so far away that it is still a small statement. It did fire for the first time and it looks better. I will get another snap shot later. Thanks to Disney, Mean Mike, Barry, Rory, Jesse, Cameron, and a lot of other people I have absolutely bugged the **** out of with questions. And I do mean bugged the **** out of!