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  1. Smokers

    When I cook a loin like that I run the grill around 325-350 and remove it when the internal temp hits 150-155. I've got a Primo XL Oval ceramic grill. I put the fire on the left and meat on the right so I'm cooking it indirect. They will dry out if you take them to shredding temp.
  2. Any gardeners?

    Mine are doing good this year. I had bad luck with squash and zucchini.
  3. Any gardeners?

    The pics aren't that good but I can some tomatoes from my garden this weekend. I also made 6 pints of salsa but didn't get a pic. I also made some jalapeno poppers from some of my peppers.
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  6. Any gardeners?

    If you can find them, give them a try. I believe you will like them. A lady at our local farmer's market last year was selling them for something like $4-$5 per lb. She said she sold every one she had.
  7. Any gardeners?

    To me, they are less acidic and have a sweeter taste. Everyone I've gave some to in the past said it's the best tasting tomato they've had.
  8. Any gardeners?

    I've got five Cherokee Purples planted. They taste great. I've got one that's about ripe that will probably cover a slice of bread when it's sliced.
  9. Found Some Pics of My Old Harley

    I ran across some pics of my old Harley I had in 02 or 03. It was a 1979 FLH...hence my screen name. LOL. I wish I had never sold that bike.
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  12. Funny of the day.

    Was hanging out with John C, Mike, and Disney. We had all our Harleys out, shined up and ready to hit the road when this lady in her 60s or 70s pulls up.. She was decked out in leather, bleached hair and all and she hollers out "hey, I wanna join your bike gang." Well, we all look at each other and John C hollers back "do you ride a harley?" she replies "Hell yea! I'm riding it now".. Well then Mike asks if she has any tats, and she replies "Hell yea!!" and bends over to show off her tramp stamp.. Well then Disney asks her "have you ever been picked up by the fuzz" and she replies "Hell no!! But I've been spun around by my nipples!!"
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  14. Little Miss Raceall

  15. Happy Birthday To...

    I didn't break out the grill Monday night. My son had a football game so we had "ballgame food". LOL. I have a buddy with a birthday in a couple weeks. We are planning on a oyster shucking (raw), oyster grilling, shrimp boil and beer drinking gathering.