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  1. well just want to up date this. ended up needing new rings and bearings and then when mike line honed the cylinders one had a questionable spot in the cylinder wall so he is starting over with another block. but crazy enough the crank, rods, and pistons were good i should have the shortblock back the end of next week if all goes well and i may have a lead on a set of good heads to put on it but we will see
  2. GMPP CNC or Trick Flow GenX 255's? give him a call and tell him i sent ya. dude is a genius
  3. GMPP CNC or Trick Flow GenX 255's?

    call lil john and do whatever he suggests. dude is a combo guru
  4. i broke it already. i was having some boost issues the weekend before last and replumbed the wastegates to bypass the solinoids and accidently plumbed the to the top port instead of the bottom. turns out stock heads dont like 50+lbs from twin billet 78mm turbos. broke the crap out of one head. i am dropping the shortblock off to be checked out tomorrow but by some miracle it seems ok so far. it probably saw 1600whp have only gotten one decent pass with a really soft launch and half track tune up but boost was high on the big end. went 5.67 at 132 carnage pics
  5. Back again

    welcome back man
  6. thanks man. she did ok last weekend. set the dyno record on one of the biggest heartbreaker dynos in the country. made 1270whp and 1423 corrected to brand x numbers
  7. Nova build and questions

    i have a 40 dollar ebay switch panel. if i was gonna spend good money it would be a arc panel
  8. thanks man. it made 1423 corrected to brandx like most people go by but i now own the dyno record at shorts heartbreaker dyno
  9. kinda lol. had to pull the trans this morning do to the valve body messing up. hope the new one comes quick cause it has to be on the trailer fri afternoon to head to scott clarks tuning class.
  10. Nova build and questions

    TAKES 2 SEC TO FORWARD YOU MY TUNE EMAIL I HAVE SENT TO LIKE 50 PEOPLE. and yeah just make sure tdc mark is correct lol
  11. Nova build and questions

  12. Nova build and questions

    what your email fool.
  13. Nova build and questions

    i would much rather help friends out any day. you are never bugging me bro
  14. Nova build and questions

    sorry i havent been on here much. ms3 pro had some harness's that got color coded wrong by the wire company. easy fix with the right color code list. cody is a slacker and should have just sent me a message. i got my homie
  15. Nova build and questions

    run the ms3pro boost control for sure. i run with no co2 and made 24lbs with 12lb springs. i run one 3 port like i believe it was the first wg pic posted
  16. well it has been forever since this was updated. still waiting on the motor to be finished but i have spent a ton of money since the last post. bought a high ram with a 417 2000hp a2w intercooler, bought a badass set of rc components beadlock wheels and got the rad and turbo setup just about done. here are some pics of progress
  17. Home Theater: Projector

    just saw this sorry. i just install them, i dont get caught up in whats better plus the **** i deal with not too many people want to pay for cause we have car hobbys. most of the stuff i deal with are like 5000 and up