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  1. Ls fest 2017

    damn. next time tell people to get the hell out of the way that chad wants some pics. it was crazy how much of the weekend it had a crowd around it
  2. Ls fest 2017

    get any pics of the blazer chad????
  3. LS Fest 2017 who's going?

    where was that ad at?
  4. LS Fest 2017 who's going?

    i am hoping to win that mofo this year
  5. LS Fest 2017 who's going?

    you know i will be there. if i dont burn the truck to the ground first
  6. OSCR V

    ohhhhhh ****. thats awesome
  7. i am not sure what you are talking about cause i am dumb when it comes to heads cause i have always been too cheap to get a set lol. they are cnc aluminum but not billet
  8. well just want to up date this. ended up needing new rings and bearings and then when mike line honed the cylinders one had a questionable spot in the cylinder wall so he is starting over with another block. but crazy enough the crank, rods, and pistons were good i should have the shortblock back the end of next week if all goes well and i may have a lead on a set of good heads to put on it but we will see