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  1. 2003 Mustang Build/History

    worse case you will need a new bracket but they do sell them
  2. he has no time to name this truck. he is racing it to much. i'm gonna call it *** dragger. don't believe the name then line up beside it when he drags that ***
  3. Bent rim

    we have had my 03 cobra wheels on her car and it looked ok. so i know these will suck in some but the 98 has bullets on it now that are 18s they just look like crap so if these look better on it then we will just put them on that car. other wise we will sell them
  4. Bent rim

  5. Bent rim

    not sure if we are going to sell them or see what they look like on the 98 gt we have
  6. Bent rim

    and the wheels look great on the car. only thing i don't like about them is they weight vs the old wheels.
  7. Bent rim

  8. Bent rim

    now its sitting on a set of 20inch saleen wheels. makes wife happy so it makes me happy
  9. Bent rim

    address is goodletsville but yes springfield pretty much lol
  10. Bent rim

    before had american racing deep dish bullets 18x9 up front and 18x10s in the back
  11. Bent rim

    well took it to rods and he fixed the wheel same day. pretty impressed with how fast he did it and his service was great.
  12. Bent rim

    yeah and call me crazy but i'd like to keep the set original. the damage is on the inside of the wheel. can't even tell its damaged by looking at the front.
  13. Bent rim

    does anyone have any experience with either of them? we have a 20inch factory saleen wheel and don't want to buy aftermarket if we don't have to.
  14. SN95 Mustang GT Suspension Build Thread

    also John mine has upr solid lowers and upr double adjustable uppers. 60ft dropped .15 on street tires