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  1. Happy Birthday To...

    Happy Birthday Cody, you old fart. You old MIA fart. What's your 20?
  2. Snow reports

    ^ I think they will with chains. But that's low on the priority list for a low on the list truck. And replacing the winch cable = who cares if the tires pull? (Winch is PTO powered and controlled by pedals at the front of the driver seat. Very boot friendly.
  3. Snow reports

    What did your area get? I bet W TN got hammered, Cody? Others? W KY got lots of sleet/snow which melted then froze to the roadways. The following 6"? of snow is blowing in this strong N wind. Semis are off the road everywhere. My road (one of two main roads) is "shut down". I put ice chains on my beater S10 and got home, was able to drive through our fields with no problem, yet then ran off the road due to following a rut in a drift. I wish my deuce was more than "summer field ready" so I could pull some folks out. (Wreckers are over 2 hours behind, the road dept. isn't even plowing after dark.)
  4. Snow reports

    At 1:28 you'll see the tanker that was spilling some sorta acid and required a Haz Mat response from St Louis and "closed" my road for a day or so. I just drove my deuce around the field to refresh my memory about snow traction. It's got very little, those non-directional tires just tend to float on top. I tried climbing the pond levee at a slight angle and almost slid sideways .
  5. Random thought thread

    I guess they wanted to slow it down for beginners??
  6. Random thought thread

    Oh, yup, but that junky stuff was only fast 'cause it was in a Pontiac Firebird body.
  7. Random thought thread

    We left off the trans brake, no delay or throttle stops HP I dunno, but it was an aluminum headed BBC, powerglide, fiberglass chassis car that ran 9.30s @ 147 if I recall. 6.0x at 1/2 track. That was 2000, they may have switched to VTEC'd Hondas by now. What was cool (other than winning the class) was that after the class the students who'd earned their license put their names in a helmet and Beckman pulled name to race him. It was me. After 6 passes with NO concern for RT I needed to actually cut a light. I improved a LOT, but I think he went .488 and had a 1/2 car on me, but my car was a little faster and I beat him by a little. Students cheered me and some asked for my autograph. LOL And "Fast" Jack Beckman autographed my winning slip. He was in the process of earning top alcohol (or something) license with the desire to drive TF some day. And we see who's autograph the students should have been getting. lol
  8. Random thought thread

    I enjoyed my class at FH. I'd recommend it for someone who is interested in being better than the average "bracket racer". Hawley gave lots of info about the physiology and psychology of a good driver (relaxed muscles are quicker than tense muscles, eyesight of young vs. old, ect) and Beckman followed that with instruction on staging and controlling the car. What he SHOULD have said was USE YOUR VISOR. A fiberglass body car making about a dozen 1/8 mile passes that then goes full 1/4 has a LOT of fiberglass blowing around. I was the "leader" and made the first 1/4 pass with a chunk of something stuck in my closed left eye after about 1000'.
  9. Random thought thread

    ^ Very true.
  10. Random thought thread

    But the easiest is to simply drive a car to it's potential with witnesses who are licensed. NHRA form.
  11. Random thought thread

    I went from nothing to S/G. I could have gone S/C just the same, but preferred to stick with a car since I'd have more chances to drive a car than a rail. I won a contest and the prize was a trip to a Frank Hawley driving school. His method was to teach you the "mental" side of racing and the "process" to make a pass from starting the engine to shutting t off. Students got to make 6 passes. All were WOT launches. First pass was to end at 200', 2nd = 400", 3rd = 660", last 3 full 1/4. If all were completed correctly, you got your license. That's an expensive way to do it (if you have to pay). Why are you interested in a license?
  12. Random thought thread

    I've had one. There are different licenses. Back then I think you needed to have two witnesses with that license to attest that you drove a car like that "to it's potential" or something. My witnesses were some guys named J.Beckman and F. Hawley. (And I did hand that license to a Trooper at a road block.)
  13. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    Mike, are you gonna make actual aluminum wheels for it? Edit: I know you would if you had a miniature wheel/tire balancer.
  14. Snow reports

    This morning the forecaster said 1-2" of snow. It's still snowing and we've had more like 4-6". I got some gas and charged the deuce battery...maybe it'll snow all night and I can drive it.
  15. Snow reports

    Nice! Now, throw the garden sprinkler on that overnight for warp speed tomorrow! Mike, my oldest two boys got on a sledding hood tied behind my s10. I said "this probably won't work too good"...and I pulled them out to about where we shot pistols. I was busy changing course because of snow drifts...I was judging depth by corn stalks and not paying attention to the boys. I went across a ditch pretty violently and looked back, they were covered in snow! Turns out my chains were throwing rooster tails right on them. Oops. lol
  16. Snow reports

    I just saw a semi wrecker BACKING down my road. The nearest place for him to come from is 1 mile up the road. Very
  17. Random thought thread

    In 2009 W KY suffered through an ice storm, so this has made folks buy groceries and pump gas all day. I got so serious that I bought a new driver side wiper. Edit: Since we have no driveway that's not under large trees, I've moved the tractor to an open field and the Car and Family truckster to my mother's treeless house down the road. 5 gallons of kerosene, 2 stoke oil for the saw, tire chains are ready for the S10, and the minivan and Deuce are under cover, just in case. I suppose there's much to be said for "city livin' ".
  18. Random thought thread

    Before or after going to the trouble to move it and put a basement under it? lol
  19. Random thought thread

    Or the crane operator, or boat owner, or house owner, or
  20. Random thought thread

    When dozens of hard hat wearing experts have never been in a john boat they attempt this: mess
  21. Random thought thread

    A bad O2 can cause all cylinders on that bank to go rich or lean. Factory programming is all I know: O2s only mod fuel trims in closed loop. Look for much different injector PW from one back to the other if an O2 is the cause.
  22. Random thought thread

    I guess they strapped a Cummins diesel to the foundation and let it idle for a few minutes?