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  1. Music city raceway Street night

    I found the in car vid of your pass. I can tell you are still learning how to grab gears but are having a BLAST doing it. (You are at the 2:26 mark.)
  2. Random thought thread

    Then get a job, slacker!
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  5. Random thought thread

    I need a 12 step program. I just put trailer wiring on a minivan (that I own)
  6. I haven't wrapped my head around how that can work. I know normal (narrow band) 02s read differently upstream vs downstream. I guess I'll stick to "replacing factory components for dummies".
  7. I'm under a v6 car and the trans looks easy to pull...great access to the bell housing bolts, only a simple crossmember to pull, exhaust can stay. Converter bolts would be the hardest thing. If you want to spend $800 to install a converter: bring car, converter, lots of guns and ammo to my house. You stay and shoot, I go and swap converters.
  8. GMPP CNC or Trick Flow GenX 255's?

    For a street car, buy NOTHING based only on "peak" power. Any car needs higher average power to be quicker, and a street car especially needs a broad torque curve. Read all about Jim Hand's wagon to prove that.
  9. Random thought thread

    For the minivan = plugs to factory harness.
  10. Drag about 300'? Dirt, sand, ect?

    A recent Hemi Hunter video. Close to 30 years ago I watched it barrel roll attempting to stop. Now it's across the pond.
  11. Has anyone got any experience with dirt/sand drags? There is a dirt track here in W KY that runs 300' and use a spot system based on drivetrain, weight, and tire mods. The rules generally result in competitive racing between very different vehicles. Ages ago (decades) the quickest "car" there was rear engined rail, blown alky BBC, probably in the 2000 hp ballpark. He'd run I THINK about a 2.5 second 300'. If you don't think dirt can be quick, see this... >
  12. Random thought thread

    Thanks guys. Light adapter is $60. Looks like it'll be cheaper to drop registration.
  13. Random thought thread

    What are TN trailer light laws? I'm tempted to pull a 5x8 trailer behind the minivan. It won't obscure the van lights. In KY that's no problem.
  14. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    No, with a clutch and 2.41 gears it ran a 8.004. Clutch dump at 5500, SPIN HARD for a couple tire revs, then bog hard. Cleaned ALL the rubber from the left starting line in two spots about 2 feet long. lol It wasn't as fun as Matt's Mustang because I didn't trust my driveshaft or rear axle enough to drive it to the track.
  15. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    <- For the fun you're having! You remind me of myself when I first put a 455 and 4 speed manual together = giddy schoolboy! lol
  16. Random thought thread

    Hey, old enough and your eyes aren't good enough to trouble your heart.
  17. Gonna put headers on too? Looks like you could pull the engine at that point to install converter.
  18. Music city raceway Street night

    How's Daddyhood? It's funny when some folks find out the Dad is watching the kids, they say "oh, your babysitting"....Uh, no, it's called "parenting"
  19. 61 f100/04 crown vic driver project

    But will the 50 shoot through it??
  20. Random thought thread

    I saw Rat Fink yesterday. I looked up at a semi crossing the intersection and the driver was reaching up above his line of sight to hold the shifter.
  21. My POS S10

    Huh? Part it out 'cause it runs bad when warm?
  22. Head gasket looks like only the end of the head was broken. What was bolted to the front of that head? Could that component have "twisted" so to speak as boost spiked?
  23. Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm impressed at every other part that held long enough. Gasket. Rods. Pistons. Block. I know you don't know for sure how the bottom end is yet, but even so, that there are not rods hanging out the side is impressive. Hey, if it broke at 50, can you get away with 48??
  24. Random thought thread

    Is this Bo Duke?