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  1. Funny of the day.

  2. Random thought thread

    @ Disney The 3.5 will come out the top of a 2010 MKX. Just pull the balancer, bumper cover, and 6 bumper bolts and slide the whole assembly forward about 5". Book says drop it out the bottom. Keep that in mind when you LS one.
  3. Random thought thread

    It's not that facebook steals your soul, it's that your soul is stuck on facebook and an EMP could wipe it ALL as quick as Kim Loon Soon III can plode a nuke.
  4. Random thought thread

    No. Link?
  5. Random thought thread

    I love the mission of this band. As a Weird Al fan, I love their parody skills. Some songs are just for fun, some are dead serious/on target.
  6. LS7 Lifters, lifter trays and misc. gaskets

    I think John's busy shining his exhaust tips.
  7. Random thought thread

    Right on. Past the the head, exhaust is just pipe.
  8. Random thought thread

    Wow. I'm too cheap to read any further in this topic.
  9. World War I letter

    I'm sorry for her declining health. VERY neat item indeed. Great that you are the caretaker.
  10. Ls fest 2017

    Hey, that combo just posted this, so what's your point? I do admit that a delete key is faster (and less awkward) than turning my screen over and shaking it, but EMPs can't.....
  11. Ls fest 2017

    LS racers enjoy the text. Pontiac racers still want smoke signals.
  12. Random thought thread

    ^ Ahhhhh, grasshopper, you are only channeling your inner engineer. You must dream of violating the laws of physics and and sell such devices to those who operate in the alternate universe known to us as...."the left". Personally, I'd just build a little perpetual motion engine to power the compressor to force air into another perpetual motion engine. In only a few weeks days hours it would generate more power than our sun. We could use that to power the air conditioner that will cool our runaway greenhouse temps.
  13. Random thought thread

    Someone's trying to develop an electric powered centrifugal supercharger; they're calling it "an electric turbocharger". Whatever it's name, I predict it will become vastly popular on some future Ford turbo diesel in their attempt to over-complicate/render the engine trouble prone. (Like an electric motor can put out the power for YEARS that an exhaust impeller can...what's next, the rubber band powered "turbo"?) (Hmmmm...better watch Mike's supercharger pics, he might be sneaking an electric motor in it.)
  14. It's like shifting a manual with the intent to spin tires versus blipping the throttle to cushion the shift; the driveline hates violence. It lives much longer with smoothness.
  15. Ls fest 2017

    Seems like "LS staff" need to get a memo from you guys. Keep tire kickers outta pits (or at least a vast section of pits), get announcements to the racers via _____, and what else?
  16. Neat! Also, waiting to see if you "accidentally" port through then upgrade the blower. If you do, my van needs your old blower.
  17. 2010 Camaro SS

    Is that the "push the rods out" kit? lol
  18. Care to educate me on why there is a difference between rich pump gas and rich race gas?
  19. Don't you claim to have ridden motorcycles? Catching up is only $$$$.
  20. Any (animal) hunters here? lol The odds of turkeys being on my place during season are low. Seems like every farm withing eyesight has corn this year, and now it's raining (which is good, we need it) and the creeks will all be a watering trough. WAY less draw to my place.
  21. Any (animal) hunters here?

    My son thinks he wants to hunt, and youth turkey season is this weekend. Since we've seen turkeys on our property in the past month (for the first time ever) we might try it Saturday. $50 at wally world got us a camo cloth, shells, and a cheap set of calls with a how-to vid. Turkey for Easter dinner?
  22. Any (animal) hunters here?

    Fall turkey season is soon. We've seen a group of turkeys 3 times in the last couple months. That's by far the most activity we've ever noticed here. Our farm and the surrounding farms are all corn this year, and the weather very dry. The path to our pond provides a dust bath and the pond provides water. We've put a sprinkle of corn down, they love it. And on a test drive today there was a flattened turkey in the road and I thought about a practice dressing session. lol
  23. Project #whitetrash

    I vote Pontiac 455, 4 speed, 9". (Is that the chocolate milk buzz talking?)
  24. LSx Exh manifold bolt repair gadget

    What's funny: The guy with DoD is laughing at a cheap way to fix an exhaust leak. If he could see the carnage I've seen....