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  1. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    ^ Shoot, he's got a one car garage and a beer fridge. He just drinks until it's spacious. lol
  2. Random thought thread

    I think he interprets the stall warning buzzer as "you're turning just right" buzzer.
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  6. Tuning LS3 for E85

    ^ Ouch and double ouch!
  7. Random thought thread

    While I'm kidding with John, past federal support of ethanol is a fact. Farmers who row crop love it. Farmers who have livestock hate it.
  8. Random thought thread

    So, now you like illegal government subsidies? lol And the more you burn the higher priced your steaks become... :O
  9. Little Miss Raceall

    Fixed! lol
  10. What's in YOUR toolbox?

    ^ Wow, the memory of that guy! lol
  11. What's in YOUR toolbox?

    Locally Sears has closed it's doors. I read where "Sears holdings" sold Craftsman to Stanley Black and Decker. I wonder what the future holds for the hand tools that (partially) fill my Craftsman tool boxes. What tools to you guys use? Probably 1/2 of my daily sockets and 3/4 of my wrenches are Craftsman, the rest SnapOn or super cheap stuff.
  12. Random thought thread

    The 11 and almost 8 yo boys wanted to deer hunt, so we put up a little "blind" in a grown up corner of a wooded area, sat in our chairs till dark when a doe walked out. It walked downwind of us and looked right at us. It was a gimme shot, but I didn't take it cause of the road being in the background, and the legal shooting time is 30 minutes after sunset. Time was almost out, but due to 100% cloud cover it was getting dark. I sure didn't wanna try to find a deer after dark. That's my excuse...boys still loved it.
  13. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Impressive! Keep up the good work. (Well, it is a MUSTANG, but at least you're trying. )
  14. Tuning LS3 for E85

    John, I know I'd benefit from fundamental training on EFI tuning. Where'd you start?
  15. Random thought thread

    John, I like your data correction. Don't forget the main point: some people want to take away our Constitutional right to arms due to deaths of innocents, but they support killing innocents that are yet to be born.
  16. Tuning LS3 for E85

    Why is 5600 rpm so different from it's neighbors?
  17. What's in YOUR toolbox?

    I recently put a 24" 1/2" ratchet in my box, it's wonderful for LS head bolts.
  18. Little Miss Raceall

    Or worse, a running shebby!
  19. So, if a GM MAF is bad and causing surging, and simply disconnecting it makes the truck run fine, what is the benefit of having the MAF functional?
  20. GM MAF "delete" (disconnect)

    It's that 2001 5.7 3500 van. It's always low octane. I'll try cleaning it. I'm sure mpg have decreased because with the MAF I had lean surge.
  21. GM MAF "delete" (disconnect)

    Many MAF vehicles will disregard the MAF if it's signal is illogical/missing. It runs using other parameters, I just don't know what that "hurts" other than having a CEL on. It's difficult to get a good aftermarket MAF, and I don't want to invest the money into a GM MAF.
  22. Little Miss Raceall

    Congrats some more! Magnolia gRACE Gibson...I see what you did there. Sneaky.
  23. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    ^ Stuff like that is what makes a good build take 50x longer than it seems like it should.
  24. Fabrication Pictures

    Mike is now pro demoted to head carpenter at the Ashley P compound. Hey, that pic reminds me of using my truck as a sawhorse whilst cutting a bunch of lumber at night. I saw a spark and figured I'd touched the bedside. Yup, cut about 2" into it! Beater truck FTW.