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  1. Random thought thread

    A cure for Libertarians with low blood pressure:
  2. Airplane stuff

  3. Happy Bday To....

  4. Random thought thread

    I've gotta kid that thinks he's Roy Rogers.
  5. Happy Bday To....

    Cumpleanos feliz? After hosting an Ecuadorian family for a week and having three birthdays in the same timeframe, I'm almost prepped for your song. We even had a pinata beating!
  6. LS engine oil/coolant loss

    FWIW, a woman with a high miles LS engine was loosing coolant, turned out it was the notorious LS head crack. It was not a terribly fast leak, and she had NO money to repair, so I pulled the O-ring off the "radiator cap" so it would not build pressure. That was springtime. She told us the other day "I don't know what you did, but it hasn't used any more coolant!" (She was thrilled.)
  7. The virus

    So he can rebuild a Taurus before 3 yo? That's pretty good, but how's he do with an AR platform?
  8. Random thought thread

    If you Nashvillites are near the interstate roads tonight about 6:30, be on the lookout for a blue chevy pulling a trailer full of bronze George Washington on horseback statue. He's headed for Atlanta. It's an eyecatcher. DIsney will give you a free turbo install for a pic.
  9. The virus

    I pray all goes well for your family. At a checkup for my kids the other day the Dr said kids usually have it very mild. (But I'm still gonna wipe down my computer screen after having your post on it. Ick! )
  10. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    New turbos? For a wastegate rod rattle? Did you ask if they'd put the same $$$$ and labor toward a pair of Turbonetics?
  11. Random thought thread

    Nice vid. He seemed to minimize the difference in ring end gap. That's probably 90% of a "break in". A while ago I gleaned some info from a seasoned mechanic about moly rings in a diesel. They sometimes will NOT seat. The guy had to call CAT to ask them how to get them to seat. With engine warm and running fast idle, pour a couple teaspoons of Bon Ami down the intake. He said it worked.
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  13. Random thought thread

    ^ When the "funk" turns into mold you've got the best layer possible. (I saw a 70s corvette with that layer and a roots blower street race in Memphis once. It won.)
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