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  1. Random thought thread

    'Merica??? I dunno...
  2. Random thought thread

    Has anyone used Cosmoline (or the like) to protect metal in storage? I've got a couple blocks that need protection.
  3. Random thought thread

    ^ Not on my "lawn"! Can you say "basal skull fracture" above about 10 mph? lol
  4. Random thought thread

    You can call JohnC, but his phone's off the hook....
  5. When your kid "gets it"

    I've never done anything but T&T nights. I wanted to actually try a bracket "race", but back then I had quiet exhaust and no tach, not the recipe for consistency with a 4 speed. lol
  6. When your kid "gets it"

    So my oldest son (Ross, 11) was asking 20 questions about drag racing. It started as a "who would win" involving some Hot Wheels cars and my old cars. I pointed out how that "new" Mustang with tires and headers (nod to Matt) would beat my fastest (TransAm) car. He asked what kind of cars raced at the local 1/8 mile, and I immediately thought bracket do I explain that. So I talked about field day (he likes to foot race) and asked why they were divided into age and gender...I explained how if all 300 students ran together there'd probably be a boy 17 or 18 that won, and a few of his class to place, much further down the list they're be some girls, and if you raced again 30 minutes later they outcome would be very, very similar. And, very few of the losers would want to race after the first time. I said racing started out like everybody racing, but then classing grouped cars. Then the most money bought the best parts, and so big money won races and most people couldn't compete. So, "bracket" racing was started. I explained the starting/timing "beams" and how the start bulbs are 1/2 second, and since the driver writes his time on the window the starter can give the exact head start to the slower car, so if the starter gave a 1.5 second head start to my 9.0 second GTO when racing my (rounded down) 7.5 second Trans am...they'd tie at the finish line IF both drivers had a perfect RT. He understood and thought that was a great way to do things...then I added "and if you go faster than you said (lower time), then you're disqualified. You might get to the finish line first, but you'd lose, 'cause it would be like you lied about your time." His jaw dropped and he was speechless, but his look of THAT'S THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD! told me he's gonna be all right.
  7. Funny of the day.
  8. Any gardeners?

    According to my signature I should not be surprised. My corn has been eaten by deer/coons. The sweet corn, that is. The field corn expressly FOR deer didn't even sprout.
  9. 2010 Camaro SS

    John, do you know burning oil can/will cause "knock"? See
  10. John, your tuning is WAY outta my league, but I wanna point out some things about octane and "knock". While your statements above are probably correct, I want to point out that figuring octane is not as simple as throwing X additive into Y octane and getting Z. I'll point out that just a little diesel added to 87 octane will make a gas engine knock like crazy. Perhaps your fuel is "contaminated" with the oil that your "burning". There is a good read about "knock" here
  11. Random thought thread

    Give a soccer ball to some drunk rednecks and they'll fix it....
  12. Random thought thread

    Soccer: It's like NASCAR; boring until the wreck, only it's the stadium fight/stampede that most tune in for...right? lol Soccer combined with the running of the bulls would be cool.
  13. Random thought thread

    Brazil Who won, BTW?
  14. Random thought thread

    I may not know the game, but if you can promise me it'll only take 2 minutes I'll try to watch it all.