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  1. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    I was thinking about this today. I installed my X hundredth Chevy 6.5 diesel injection pump. "Book" and "teachers" taught me to bleed the system by cracking lines at injectors and cranking over and over until fuel leaks, then tighten and it might start/run. Today before bolting the pump down, I connected the fuel supply and all wiring, then spun the pump with a drill. The ECM thought the engine was turning so the pump started pumping fuel after several revolutions. I installed the pump and the engine fired up almost as easily as it would on a cool day. Moral: Ruts are easy to get stuck in, try to keep your mind flexible.
  2. Random thought thread

    I learned two things at Ross' birthday get together tonight: 1) that I'm a pretty good baseball player IF I play against mostly children, on a small field. First swing knocked the tennis ball over the 125 foot fence and started jogging around the bases not paying any attention that... 2) my son is a tad competitive, 'cause he climbed over the 4' fence, got the ball, and had it back into the infield as I lolly gagged around 2nd. DOH! It's sure good to have a 12 yo that's about 18 months off chemo and doin' great.
  3. A/C leak detectives give me advice

    lol My wife notices things, but the poor thing is married to a procrastinating slacker.
  4. A/C leak detectives give me advice

    You know what's better than fixing the truck? It's having a wife that noticed the hissing and didn't ignore it. Many drivers run stuff into the ground before having it towed.
  5. Random thought thread

    Forging tools.
  6. Random thought thread

    So I'm watching this vid for circular saw tips, and about 5 minutes in I notice the background ....must find more vids!
  7. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    *Ashley P waits for someone to turn that last comment around on John C.
  8. A/C leak detectives give me advice

    I think it would have to be a terrible leak to make it to the condensate drain. A leak like dumping can through it in a day. Maybe. For the last 10 years my coworker does 95% of all AC work, but I don't think he's into the rear evaps (on GMs) as much as condensers.
  9. 2012 Ford 6.7 diesel....junkI

    Dorman makes a FICM board that has worked in the handful of times I've installed them. Pretty simple to pull "degas" bottle, FICM, and swap boards. Dorman 904-229 I think
  10. A/C leak detectives give me advice

    The "wet spot" on the condenser is an oily spot, right? If there are no external sources I'd say that's ONE leak. Might as well start there. I'm hesitant on making a call on the "greenness" of the dye. I'd lean toward saying that's probably indicative of a slow leak, but I don't want to put faith in your photo and my monitor. But, if that color is only where the wetness is, surely it's dye. I'd vote to make sure you've shined a light on as much of the system as practical to verify no other obvious problems. Then it's condenser time.
  11. 2012 Ford 6.7 diesel....junkI

    Customer has come up with the money and it's on my schedule. And when it rains it pours: A Duramax for injectors and a 1994 Chevy 6.5 for an injector pump have got me behind.
  12. Airplane stuff

    Oh, I'm not going. I'm not gonna sit with kids, in 90 degree heat, during NAP TIME. What kinda tard do you think I am? (Don't answer that.) A direct flight from Pensacola to Owensboro would put them over Nashville. It's neat (IMO) to hear them go over at cruising altitude. They brought me outta the house probably 13 years ago one Saturday. They were high and LOUD.
  13. I've got a little Caddy SRX on the lift for a rear diff mount (pinion area bushing) replacement. If this one has failed with no power I wonder how yours are doing? Totally different design maybe?
  14. Had you noticed any HVH with the old mounts?