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  3. Airplane stuff Destroying the evidence. Interesting. The official "probable cause" was an explosion cause by fuel pump wiring. Eye witness(es) claimed to see a streak similar to a missile trail preceding the aircraft explosion. (About 700 eyewitness, 258 saw a "streak of light" pg 232 of report found on pdf pg 250) I'm not against the official cause. But, I have seen melted/burned fuel pump wiring in a Chevy truck gas tank. If the tank is fuel of gas fumes, it's too rich to burn. I'm on the conspiracy fence on this one. Destroying evidence is not helping me believe the report.
  4. Random thought thread

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  7. Random thought thread

    A guy named Tim Elliott hauls cars. At least a year and a half ago he did. He was hauling two brand new Ford trucks to Mississippi when he lost a U joint at my house. He had a good trailer and the trucks were secured well. The U-joint came out because the yoke was damaged, he said it had just be replaced in Nashville. He was based in Morton's Gap or somewhere sorta local to your needs.
  8. Random thought thread

    Deep thoughts for Tuesday: Groundhog day is a goofy novelty, but in hindsight those MANY flocks of Snow Geese headed south a week and a half ago were telling me something. They were probably telling me the opposite of what the northbound Snow Geese are telling me today.
  9. Random thought thread

    I heard a local plow hit a manhole cover and tore about 3' of blade off. He got on the interstate to get back to the shop and the driveshaft flew out tearing out a wiring harness. It sounded really un fun.
  10. Random thought thread

    They've had almost zero water or food for days so they're drinking the melt on the road. When one gets hit, the rest turn cannibal. They cycle grows. It's ugly. But they're pests, so nail 'em. Our water coupled heat pump normally dumps water into the pond, but since I wanted consistent ice thickness I diverted it into the field and put an elbow turning the water up 6" off the ground to make noise. Tons of birds drink there and down streams. The boys have been picking off Starlings and Grackles there. Before I could eat my breakfast a boy saw the hungry cat, loaded his BB gun, and had a dead Starling to the cat in total of about 1 minute.
  11. Random thought thread

    Radar shows heavy snow headed Nashville's way. You might get trackless photos yet...
  12. Manual trans failures

    ^ You must be one of the "others" I mentioned above! lol
  13. Educational: "American Heritage Magazine"

    I'm gonna have to dig that book outta storage soon...the weather's right.
  14. We've got a handful of the "American Heritage" books from the early '60s. They are hard back books, yet it's a magazine. They contain great articles on various subjects. Some interesting articles are about: Billy Mitchell (the founder of the Air Force) clearing land and installing the telegraph... ACROSS ALASKA during WINTER, the whaling industry (did you know about the Panorama of a Whaling Voyage Round the World, it's a painting 8.5' tall by 1275' long), and the beginnings of the army Jeep. What's neat, most all of the articles are available online. Here's Billy Mitchell, pick a paragraph and see what you think.
  15. Manual trans failures

    What if an input shaft twists off? Is that a failure of the automatic? 455 with 2.41 gears will do that...
  16. Random thought thread

    Do you know a good HVAC guy? This cold has shown me the limits of Mom's house. Definitely needs a tune up on several things.
  17. Manual trans failures

    Well, I think the clutch falls somewhere in the middle. Clutches are like brake pads, a wear item that some drivers can milk for decades and others tear up annually. I can't call it a trans failure when the clutch breaks. I only replace the clutch at that point, not the trans also. You got any access to OEM stats on build data vs warranty claims? Top secret?
  18. Random thought thread

    My conclusion after looking at the national weather map: I think Biden's already got global warming turned around. I'm impressed.
  19. Dirt roads in Middle TN

    Water puddles? How odd looking! We haven't had those in a week or so. (And I'm about to put the kids on the pond.) \ I think you need to head NW to find solid ground and snow to play in.
  20. Random thought thread

    John, here's something else you can get for your garage.
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  22. Manual trans failures

    That makes as much sense as a clutch failure = trans failure.
  23. Beach bend 2021

    My wife's husband says you should take your car to the track on that date.
  24. Manual trans failures

    Then I'm counting transmission filters too! 2.3 million fails just jumped to 50+ million! LOL