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  1. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    ^ I dunno, I've never used a device like those. Only Venture vans had a "special tool" for that purpose, but I don't remember using it. Consider applying a layer of foam at the edge of the lift to cushion the car doors when they're opened. Saves paint.
  2. Funny of the day.

    When you are a good mechanic you can walk any place, any time! lol
  3. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    On most unibody cars, pinch welds are fine. But that Camaro has subrame sections you can reach, so that's what I'd grab.
  4. Random thought thread

    Jaguar? We try a to avoid working on "European cars", but Jags used to be very Ford-ish. Seemed like very expensive Fords to me. I'd almost rather have Covid than a Jaguar. Buy at your own risk.
  5. Funny of the day.

    Biden will never get my guns............. .....I keep them upstairs. (That's stolen from a buddy of mine. And "President" Biden's stair episode is not as funny to me as it is sad. Sad for him, sad for our country.)
  6. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    I see those rubber pads on the lift. Be warned, a rubber pad on an undercoated frame rail can slide like it's on grease.
  7. RC Toys

    Kevin, 1:45 in
  8. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    Now for the transmission jack, muffler stands, telescoping drain pan, ect!
  9. Exam gloves

    How about the run on guns ammo rifle scopes? When does that end??
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  12. Random thought thread

    The FedEx air terminal is in Memphis. will show their planes lined up this time of night.
  13. Exam gloves

    What is demand and inflation due to "free money"? I'll take "Covid junk" for $1000 Alex.
  14. Exam gloves

    At work we use/sell Raven 7 mil gloves, I can work for a little while before they tear.
  15. Random thought thread

    I'm calculation a smart aleck reply...I'll make it multiple choice. A) All of them. B) I spent all of my "stimulus" check on them. C) I bought one for each of you folks that runs an autotragic (the back of those shirts says "j/k, I'm gay" D) All of the above. E) One. Mostly because I'm cheap automatics myself every day. (Does split shifting a 2 ton truck a year ago count for much??)
  16. Random thought thread

  17. Funny of the day.

    Have you read any Winne the Pooh lately? Here's a grown man turning into Eeyore at the 38 second mark.
  18. The virus

    Father in law has antibodies yet my mother in law doesn't. Neighbors that hang out with us, the wife got it and the kids got it, the husband didn't. My buddy was sick with all the symptoms, but didn't get tested. His wife and two kids didn't get sick. Co-worker's wife got it, he didn't. How's it so contagious that masks and 6' of distance is "mandated", yet SPOUSES don't pass it around??
  19. The virus

    Did you know that the Moderna vaccine isn't a vaccine? That's what muh nurse neighbor said, so I read this: CDC how vaccines work. Moderna doesn't work like those choices. So what's with calling it a vaccine? This link shows that Moderna is not tested like normal, and not approved. FDA Moderna
  20. Funny of the day.

    A man in Alberta wakes up one morning to find a bear on his roof. So he looks in the yellow pages and sure enough..there's an ad for "Alberta Bear Removers." He calls the number and the man says he'll be over in 30 minutes. The bear remover arrives and gets out of his van. He's got a ladder, a baseball bat, 12-gauge shotgun, and a mean heavily scarred old pit bull. "What are you going to do?" the homeowner asks. "I'm going to put this ladder up against the roof, then I'm going to go up there and I’ll knock the bear off the roof with this baseball bat. When the bear falls off the roof, the pit bull is trained to grab his testicles and not let go. The bear will then be subdued enough for me to put him in the cage in the back of the van." He then hands the shotgun to the homeowner. "What's the shotgun for?" asks the homeowner. "If the bear knocks me off the roof, shoot the dog."
  21. Random thought thread

    I scrolled through their sold cars, the 69 Chevelle with paint falling off, cheap tires, and 68 GTO seats went for $20K! Sellers market, or inflation?
  22. Funny of the day.

    Millennials: clueless in every country.
  23. Airplane stuff

    I just thought he was a common war pilot, but shoot, he was neck deep in lots of stuff.
  24. Airplane stuff

    Maybe this can be less than random.