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  1. I never thought GM would be funded by the taxpayer, or that Chrysler would be AGAIN. Camaro and SRT can go straight to commie hell, preferably loaded with late model politicians. You are wrong; bad times. End rant. Have a great weekend! lol!
  2. I've blasted some steel wheels and have a couple that are pitted in parts of the bead sealing area. The pits are deep enough to possibly cause some air leakage so I'm looking for a way to smooth them out. I've got a recommendation of Devcon that brushes on and flows to a smooth finish. Googling gives me a Devcon Plastic Steel Liquid 10210. Just wondering if anybody has a better way, or experience with this product in a similar application.
  3. repairing pitted steel (wheels), suggestions?

    Well, I kind of disagree with how much the bead is going to flex...I usually inflate my tires! Really, I don't think the amount of flex there would wear the material, you know, paint holds up well there.
  4. -1 Ferrari F40

    Well, I guess I'll forget using an F40 in a demo derby...Dart it is!
  5. CTS-V Issues

    At the shrader would be fine. I like a clean, clear glass jar/bottle and taking about a pint sample. Compare that to known good gas. When I doubt it's volatility I pour a few tablespoons on the concrete AWAY from the shop and I toss a match into it.
  6. CTS-V Issues

    Pull a fuel sample first. When first started, the O2 sensors are ignored by the computer. O2 sensors SHOULD NOT cause your engine to fail to start and run smoothly for a few minutes if the engine is "room temp".
  7. CTS-V Issues

    Tell us the "long story". BTW, I'd call that a starts and immediately dies, or starts/runs horribly/dies. It needs compression, correct fuel mix, and correct spark timing. The Youtube vid tells me it's getting enough of all to attempt to run, which immediately makes me think it's trying to burn contaminated fuel. What's fuel sample look/smell/and burn like?
  8. Random thought thread

    I was thinking yesterday about the 1999 (I think) buick nationals in BG where some 70s? (Apollo) spun around at about 1000' and backed OVER the gaurdrail and rolled a few times. Also a GN went the 1/4 with his line lock engaged, gradually smoked the front tire(s) as he moved out from the line. What shoulda been a low nine was in the 10s, if memory serves (and I don't remember yesterday). Be wary around these things that make power.
  9. Random thought thread

    They've got concrete block guardrails and very heavily loaded trucks storing kinetic energy for several seconds...what could possibly go wrong?
  10. Bills and "debt collection"

    Since I've NEVER been late on a payment of any sort I have no experience with "bill collectors". Now, my saga with bills from VanderBills hospital continues with another notice from the collection agency claiming that I've ignored them and if I don't pay they'll (can't remember exact wording) take actions to collect. What "actions" can a collection agency "take"? I've applied with Vanderbilt's assistance program and was told I "prequalified" for a X, Y, or Z% discount and that I would receive letter within 30-35 business days telling me what discount I got. That was MONTHS ago, and to make a long, long story fit here, they turned me into collections while at the same time VERBALLY telling me repeatedly that I had a Z% discount. I have explained this situation probably 10 times to 9 different people at Vanderbilling and one at the collection agency. I feel like I'm not getting through to them that "I've never been told how much to pay, so I haven't payed". But anyway, worst case, they come for money/assets. What can they do/take??
  11. Bills and "debt collection"

    What about a KY resident and a TN bill? And the bills are only 6 months old and will continue (LORD willing) for the next 3 years. How would a negative credit report hurt?
  12. Bills and "debt collection"

    "file a claim against credit"...what does that mean?
  13. Reconnected

    Your 20 year reunion? MAN! Aren't DOH! You + your dream car = cool. Congrats. Best automotive wishes. Me + your wife's deam car = ultimate Nova buzz kill!
  14. 1967? Mustang vs. School bus

    There can be no puddle at that pont in the road, it's a banked turn at a "Y" intersection, and the Mustang was taking off from a stop. Hmmmm.... Thanks for the picture pages tutorial Mr. Cosby.
  15. 1967? Mustang vs. School bus

    If I were a bettin' man I'd put $20 saying the Mustang broke traction on the 3rd gear shift but the "wet road" gets the blame.
  16. body men and alcohol

    Guys who do body work are either alcoholics or are practicing to be. True, False, or Im two dwunk to snad thisss filler.
  17. dyno results

    I'm interested in your next numbers, at the track that is. And then I'll wanna know it's weight 'cause I'm nosey like that.
  18. 5.0 Coyote Stock Class

    That exhaust tone makes me think of a motorcycle...something about the "metallic" or "crisp" sound. What kinda RPM are they turning?
  19. BMW goes off cliff...

    Is it known if he lived through it? Oh, I see a complilation vid made afterward, so I assume he did?
  20. Project Mighty Mouse 74 Nova

    DIs-turb-ing. I wonder if you've told that to "the man you found on the internet"? On second thought, I DO NOT wonder about what you tell your internet man!
  21. Random thought thread

    It's a shame to have injuries like that, and I wish him a good outcome. I didn't mean to belittle the injury or your uncle's condition, but rather the President. If only HE could slip and....oh well, a man can dream.
  22. Random thought thread

    Disability for that? Can he play golf and lie? If so, he is ABLE to be the president.
  23. First rear mounted turbo install??

    That's the first application I have found. I wonder if it was the first (1939)?
  24. First rear mounted turbo install??

    Getting warm,