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  1. Manual trans failures

    Disney, could you point me in the direction of information so I can learn about forces of clutch dumps? An engine might have potential for 500 lb ft of toque at clutch dump RPM/time, but how is flywheel (all inertia) factored into figuring torque output?
  2. Manual trans failures

    I mentioned that as a professional (26 years) I've seen many more failures of automatics than manuals. Diz correctly pointed out that there are many times more automatics produced. I got to thinking about every manual failure I can recall that I've worked on/been a part of. At work: 1998 S10: 2nd gear synchro and shifter under warranty. Fox body T5, leaked fluid and seized. Put in a used one. 7.3 powestroke 6 speed, customer scheduled a clutch replacement and I did so. As I reinstalled the trans, I checked the fluid. There was none. I found roller bearings in the bottom of the case from the input to mainshaft bearing. 5.9 Cummins, nv4500, tightened 5th gear nut. 5.9 Cummins NVG5600, 6th gear bad, co worker replaced it, I got the core to rebuild and...haven't got around to it yet. lol Thought it would be great in the 2 ton... At home: LUV truck 5 speed, broken cluster due to bearing failure. Muncie 4 speed, my brother's Chevelle, got in 2 forward gears at once, so much pressure on the gears that I could not pull it out of gear. Ruined cluster. Muncie 4, my dad's GTO. Third time he let me drive it unsupervised it threw a U joint at 5000ish RPM/100ish MPH. Bent the mainshaft destroying the bellhousing, tailhousing, tossing reverse into couldn'tfinditland. Thankfully it was a LeMans trans, the original is reinstalled. Edit to add: My youngest brother broke a couple T5 in his Fox. Then he broke the case of a Toploader in the same car. 35 years ago, at Holiday family get togethers at my "granny's", I'd play in the pile of broken Muncie parts in her shed (from my uncles' dirt dragsters, no lift shifts at 8000+ rpm with large paddle tires shelled many cluster teeth.)
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  4. 2012 Dodge, 6.7 Cummins, no start

    Thank you. Trying to laugh to keep from.....
  5. 6.7 Cummins, cranks fine, will not start. No codes. Will run for a second on a small shot of ether, so intake and exhaust is clear and compression is fine. Computer data shows actual fuel pressure equals desired. Most engine data is logical, with 6 exceptions. Distance since oil changed: 0.0028374 miles ago Fuel level %: 6..38581036 on scanner, yet gauge shows 7/8 tank Maint. light reset: 0.0846137 miles ago Truck odometer: 0.0844943, yet dash shows 84k VGT inlet psi: -1024549111. 0 (That's a negative number.) Estimated CAC outlet F*: -24.45 I think the ECU has gone Biden, but I need to prove it using limited Cummins diagrams.
  6. Funny of the day.

    I just hurt a muscle in my ribcage
  7. Ouch

    Hey, I had a Fox mustang. From a stop it would spin as far as the GTO...if it was raining. 70 mph and it would hook. lol I agree, these new cars V6 trucks are for real.
  8. Random thought thread

    Glad you're OK. What gear do you wear? My brother laid one over at (he said) 55 mph. He was wearing a tee shirt and blue jeans. He sold his bikes right afterward.
  9. Ouch

    When were you young? Back when those cars were the fastest around, I bought a 69 GTO. Life was GOOD! lol
  10. Honda CBR1000RR

    What fuel? Blue flames makes me think high ethanol content.
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  13. Ouch

    Man, that would stink. It sure is great that the truck folks are OK. BTW, I'm glad cameras weren't invented back when I drove like an idiot.
  14. The virus

    I dunno what they're thinking. My neighbor who is a nurse was ranting about how the vaccine allows people to have Covid and by asymptomatic, thus resulting in a higher potential spread.
  15. The virus

    So how's it affecting you? KY seems to be slowly restricting workers. Our walk in work has slowed down, but my scheduled work is still there and I just wash my hands an extra couple times per car. So far, so good.
  16. The virus

    I'm nearing the "against shots" stance because of little things like using aborted baby parts, limited testing, and that the Moderna shot isn't a vaccine (see for "how vaccines work").
  17. Drag about 300'? Dirt, sand, ect?

    Photo of said car back in the day. Rear tires have grown, they look very "square" normally.
  18. Has anyone got any experience with dirt/sand drags? There is a dirt track here in W KY that runs 300' and use a spot system based on drivetrain, weight, and tire mods. The rules generally result in competitive racing between very different vehicles. Ages ago (decades) the quickest "car" there was rear engined rail, blown alky BBC, probably in the 2000 hp ballpark. He'd run I THINK about a 2.5 second 300'. If you don't think dirt can be quick, see this... >
  19. 6073a9814a543-HemiHunter.jpg

    From the album Ashley P

    Hemi Hunter. Blown alcohol BBC. Sand drag nationals winner about 1986
  20. The virus

    Island experiences a volcanic eruption. Cruise ships rush to evacuate residents only covid vaccinated residents. Gonsalves said only vaccinated residents who have been checked and identified by Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines chief medical officer, will be allowed to board the ships out of an abundance of caution.
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  24. Random thought thread

    For sure. Did I mention the motorcyclist that I saw dying in the ditch about a 1/2 mile from the truck rollover? It was about 2 years brother witnessed that. THAT was bad.