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  1. Random thought thread

    Deep thoughts: Why will Youtube show me hundreds of videos of people being killed, but put a restriction on the vid showing how to shoot a cow in the forehead with a 22lr and the butchering that follows?? Edit: Why is the vid not restricted when linked here??
  2. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Are you looking at house first, job second?
  3. LSx Nova Build

    Leaned cylinders caused cracks between cylinder and block? But no piston damage? I've not heard of that yet....
  4. Any gardeners?

    We've had rain so often that only yesterday did I get some planting done. The wife went to the store for seeds/transplants...I mentioned that some "purple" variety was supposed to be good. She got one Cherokee to try.
  5. Random thought thread

    I'm glad Youtube has many of his words recorded. He was good at “helping the thinker believe and the believer think.”
  6. Ragland Boys Race and Repair Shop Truck

    With the LS being superior, it's difficult to find a good answer. How about it doesn't have a cheap rubber O-ring sealing the oil pickup tube? Why do LS engines starve for oil pressure when an oil filter is neglected, is the bypass on a SBC better than no bypass on an LS? I agree that the LS is better from a modern standpoint. But no joke, I'd rather have an engine that's controlled mechanically if I wanted to depend on it for survival. New stuff is too computerized....I found a "Human Vehicle Interface Module" on a chevy truck the other day. I had/have no idea what that's for. And Mike, you forgot the SBC is better for powering a horse drawn hay cutter on my Amish farm.
  7. Ragland Boys Race and Repair Shop Truck

    What "LS" is left on the truck? If all LS is gone, you probably should look for a wrecked LS truck/car to sway engine/trans/harness/computer all in one package. Disney cracks me up that an LS is better "in every single way". Wait till the EMP and try to get that LS to run. I'll be makin' a killin' selling my stash of points distributors for small blocks
  8. Ragland Boys Race and Repair Shop Truck

    Whaaa?? NOVA is JILTED!
  9. Any gardeners?

    Smokin'! lol A western KY classified section containing some Kubotas
  10. Any gardeners?

    Priorities, I get it. What kinda tractor/implements are you wanting?
  11. Any gardeners?

    Hey, it's 2020 and COVID threatens to kill us all, so who's gardening like their life depends on it?? lol I hope nobody, but largely because of the food supply issues of late, and to teach the kids how it's done, we're attempting a large garden this year. I've hauled lots of compost to liven up the soil. We hope to have lots of corn, beans, and tomatoes to can/freeze. Maybe some sunflowers and pumpkins will keep the kids interested. Now if the weather will get much warmer and drier.
  12. Random thought thread

    Fast cars can be an adrenaline rush. So can a very slow, fully loaded, C50 dump truck if someone in a Ford truck first attempts to cross the road S L O W L Y, then abruptly changes their mind and turns to travel with you and you get to swerve your 5' high center of gravity truck and pass his butt while he's still on the yellow line.
  13. The virus

    Yahoo has an article very critical of the "documentary" "Plandemic". Whether either is right or wrong, I don't know. But after watching Plandemic a few days ago, and reading the Yahoo article, I know that the article doesn't help it's cause by committing logical fallacies in a clear attempt to discredit the video. I know it's suspect that Youtube and FB pulled the vid. Again it's a struggle for truth.
  14. The virus

    Hey, I'm NOT claiming to be an expert. Nor do I claim to have superior info. I'm looking for the truth. Our neighbor is a nurse who supposedly has a COVID patient. The nurse is tired of social distancing and wants things more normal. BUT, is that anecdotal evidence? Cherry picking data? Neither, both? I know traffic has picked up a LOT in the last week. I'd guess my road was down to 5% of normal 2 to 3 weeks ago, now it's more like 85%.
  15. 2010 Camaro SS

    Gentleman and Camaro are rarely, if ever, mentioned together. Now, GTO on the other hand... lol