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  1. Random thought thread

    Of all those common leaks, how many folks were concerned with knock/detonation/preigniton/octane? I'd want to be sure that those were non issues before studding.
  2. Random thought thread

    Lifting head gaskets under boost is fairly common?
  3. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I repaired a large diff in a C50 dump truck. It's a larger version of a 9" Ford. The pinion was so loose that it rode on the outer portion of the ring gear teeth. Every tooth had a hairline crack at that end. I'd want to see damage similar to that and loose bearings to conclude that bearings caused it.
  4. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I've seen lots of broken teeth over the years, and the looks of yours are of a random tooth failure. But the whining for "hours" is the only thing that makes me begin to question if there could be a cause other than a weak tooth. I wonder about your bearings....if they were worn or something allowing the gears to ride farther apart than they should have been. If the bearings are not sloppy, I'd say a random tooth fractured and a part of it broke off. That caused a whine, and eventual failure of the rest of that tooth. And THAT lead to near instant carnage!
  5. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    If the input can turn the the cluster without slipping on those broken teeth, I'd shift into the desired gear and turn the input X times until the output makes 10 revolutions. If Disney is right, your input would make 29.5 turns.
  6. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    The broken teeth are every gear except 4th. Call that gear the input shaft. They take a beating, too bad the cluster gear is chipped up too. What does an input and a cluster cost? Better check bearings for metal too.
  7. Random thought thread

    Even IF the engine had catastrophic failure, why would the dashboard show ----F degrees? I'd lean toward a totally false temp reading, see also my prior questions...
  8. Random thought thread

    I'm puzzled at how your dash gave ---F, yet scanner said 198F. When you say "A/C off because of supposed overheating.." what gave you that idea of overheat?
  9. Clutch won't release, 2001 "z06"

    Customer wants me to replace the clutch. GM service info says that anytime the clutch is replaced, the "flywheel must be replaced". I guess they are match balanced?\ Customer just bought this car. Paperwork says it's got a Trextralia clutch. This engine is not stock, the cam "hits" hard at 1100 rpm, doesn't clear out till closer to 3k. On a free rev it sounded schweet at about 4k. The car is claimed to have 501 whp. With that limited info, what clutch should it get? (Loaded question!)
  10. Clutch won't release, 2001 "z06"

    Well, it's wasn't the master to see if he wants to go for a clutch/slave replacement. Man, that's about a 9 hour job.
  11. The virus

    There are stupid people, then these.
  12. Random thought thread

    Remember that a late model TB also includes the "fly by wire" motor and sensors.
  13. The virus

    I wanted 12 cans of foam and 4 2x4s from Lowes. If I walked in I'd have to walk 1/2 way across the store, spent 15 minutes in there, see one cashier, and swipe a card. I figured I'd put in my order online to limit my time and exposure. Well, after the pickup dept sent me to the other end of the store, and that end didn't know what to do to let me have the cart with my stuff sitting RIGHT THERE, I ended up spending 15 minutes, seeing 3 employees, and having to sign a paper. That's a small example of why I think 'merica is gonna have bigger problems in a month.
  14. A highly modified 2001 corvette claiming to be a z06. Customer stated clutch doesn't work, clutch fluid is dirty. I told him if the fluid level is good (not leaking) the problem is likely the clutch master cylinder. He brings in the car, the clutch will not release, but the pedal feels normal. Normal meaning there is a firmness to the travel as if it's pushing pretty hard against something. I've never seen a clutch master bypass it's fluid AND still have a firm pedal. The fluid IS very dirty black like most failed master cylinders that I see. Googling around I found a post about a non releasing C5 clutch that was not fixed by a master replacement, and he had several recommendations for a slave replacement, the claim being that the slave can get "bound up" or something. Anybody got any dealings with something similar?
  15. The virus

    John, we've cut our food purchases. My wife and kids are in "town" on a certain day, and she uses Walmart pickup to zip in and out. Well, Walmart isn't keeping up with demand, and instead of getting 10 gallons of milk and 4 loaves of bread, we're getting 1/2 that. We've depleted our small reserves, but all we have to do is go INTO a store and shop. She won't go into a store, so I'm probably gonna have to do some shopping soon. And I'm right there with Kevin on his assessments.