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  1. Random thought thread

    And speaking of crashes, it's been nearly 10 years since Scott Kalitta was killed. I just stumbled on the accident report. Wonder how much ESPN was to blame?
  2. Random thought thread

    Man! She's gonna need multiple Russian road cameras at this rate! lol And since she's gonna have to learn how to pick on folks much better than her, here's a primer for her...
  3. Auto trans...adapt values

    Update: after trying a disconnected MAF, a "used/known good" MAF, checking for AC voltage, disconnecting alternator to make SURE there was no voltage "spike", and swapping a "used/known good" TCM, I put in another Jasper trans. I kept it a day to "learn" the adapts. The 1-2 shift was a little sketchy, but the 2-3 was much better. 2.5 weeks later and the customer says it STILL shifting GOOD. He's happy. I'm happy he's happy. Especially considering....well, PM if you wanna know "the rest of his story".
  4. Random thought thread

    It is sad that a life was lost, and scary that so many times inattention is the largest cause of the accident. I think no radios, no cruise control, no GPS, no automatics, and no A/C would make people pay attention. Or stay home. That's a win either way. I'm serious that cars are so "easy" to drive that very little attention is required for large portions of travel time. And I think roadways are being designed without any "dead man's curves" which would catch many of the drunk/clueless drivers long ago. And surely WWII, Korea, and VietNam weeded out many of the clueless folks too....well, maybe my seriousness waned on that last sentence. Oh, Adam, if I were in a semi I'd google earth too. Shoot, I'm so cautious I google earth before taking a Corolla to pick up a camshaft! lol
  5. Random thought thread

    Want another example? Semi illegally turning around on the interstate, struck in the rear by another semi, head-on'd into another.
  6. Airplane stuff

    Lots of guns/bullets. Torque gauges caught my eye near the 4:00 mark....gotta get one for the Poncho.
  7. Any gardeners?

    Well, the pic isn't very appetizing! lol ....But I'll try one if I get a chance.
  8. Any gardeners?

    Well, what's so special 'bout them Cherokee Purples?
  9. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    You know how valve stem seals have little guards to keep the valve keeper grooves from damaging them on install? Well, I needed to remove the valves from brand new assembled heads and didn't want to damage the seals...I found that when the seals were about 30 degrees they were so stiff that a valve could be jerked out before the seal could grab it.
  10. Any gardeners?

    I have three soil types: raised bed that's 90% new compost, garden area that's 50/50 compost/plowed ground, and an area only plowed ground. Raised bed tomatoes are Rutgers and look like bushes, very thick with leaf growth. The "only plowed ground" Rutgers tomatoes look like sticks, stunted and sickly. The compost stuff kicks butt.
  11. Random thought thread

    Glad she's OK. Have you kidded her about not getting a licence number or making a citizens arrest? Did you see the vid I posted a few days ago? The wrecker driver had to lift a loaded semi trailer off a small, 1 lane bridge. The trucker was WAY off the path, had NO business on that road or attempting to cross that bridge, and when asked what was in the trailer he had NO idea and English was a struggle. I see truckers rutting up yards around here as they turn from one narrow road to another. First I thought it was farmers, but later I heard it was truckers taking a GPS "shortest" route, nevermind they were in a 53' truck not a moped.
  12. LS3 advice.

    There's the "fine line" that some people can learn. I liked a manual trans, I thought I had "more feel". No, nothing super powerful, but often "under-tired".
  13. Random thought thread

    Adam, is your wife OK?
  14. LS3 advice.

    Everyone 'round here does it already...
  15. Random thought thread

    Did you know some youtube vids can be moved frame by frame? After pausing press the period or comma to move forward or reverse.