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  1. Random thought thread

    A top ten look of bewilderment/confusion at 13:38
  2. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I've gotta 6.0 hanging on the cherry picker. Can you be here in 15 minutes??
  3. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Can you type even read LS swap 429 Boss? (Barf back deployment?)
  4. I guess I've entered (remain in) my cross-eyed state. I can't picture "suction side" of an atmospheric vent...
  5. True. How's yours vented to atmospheric?
  6. Mike, what path does his blowby take to get to atmospheric pressure? How "big" of a vent path is needed? (I'm looking at a stock 6.0, it's anemic, restricted through about a 5/16" elbow.)
  7. If I were a bettin' man, I'd say the seal is a symptom, not a cause. Those seals go bad at about 150k with NA engines. And I see no reason to ever have pressure in the crankcase whether the engine is NA or has 200 psi boost.
  8. 6th Gen 10.04 at 137 with bolt-ons!

    Stock automatic vs stock manual trans, on street tires = ??? Stock automatic vs stock manual trans on slicks = Manual. Repeat until breakage.
  9. So...shouldn't the crankcase have a very UNrestricted vent to the atmosphere? What's allowing pressure to build in the crankcase?
  10. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    So, you buy an embarrassment of a turd and spend so much time working on it that the wife makes you buy a fancy dancy hotrod. Well played, sir! (Of course, sweet car.)
  11. Matt...anything you want to share?

    You might want to edit your post to say "stock manuals". You've already modded your trans with a different converter, so it's not so stock anymore either.
  12. Random thought thread

    6958, but who's counting?
  13. EVAP systems are often different for boosted engines, consider looking into a possible need for a check valve in that too.
  14. 25 cents worth of travel...

    Sir, I agree it's a "fine line", one I hope nobody here walks. The conversation I had over 10 years ago mentally prepared me for the option the other day. I only mentioned it here so ya'll can think about it too.
  15. 25 cents worth of travel...

    I agree, easier said....I had a phone conversation with my wife and choking child. He could cry loudly, so I knew the airway was good enough. I talked to him to tell him to calm down and I'd be home soon to help. During the 5-10 minute drive home I prepped myself for the what had turned and he was blue when I got there. My carry knife is not up to snuff, but I got a little knife from Jasper engines that is unused and SHARP. Perfect mate to the ink pen... Having a clear mind is why I mentioned it. If we mentally rehearse we're much better off.