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  1. Random thought thread

    Customer's 2005 Tahoe = 213k miles and 1900 engine hours. ???
  2. The old Goat

    It is...deteriorating faster, fassssssstttttterrrrrrr...ect. Driving hard wears a car out, but sitting around is probably harder on them.
  3. Funny of the day.

    So my customer that totaled his hotrod Z06, he was ejected from the car, lying on his back. His brother told the story of the neighbor couple that rushed to his side, the woman aghast at the sight of him. He looks at her and says "Hello Suzy. I haven't seen you in a loonnngggg time. How are you doin?"
  4. The old Goat

    Just a couple little projects ahead of it (still). lol
  5. The old Goat

    Boy, this project is roaring right along....I put some jumper cables on it and started it last week. That's the first time it's run in a couple years I guess.
  6. Funny of the day.

    Youtube comment: I trust Mexican tap water and a mixed drink from Bill Cosby more than I do the mainstream media.
  7. Random thought thread

    Poor turbo.....I'm assuming it didn't get a good cooling off period before shut down.
  8. lolĀ  That's a funny happy face!

  9. Honda CBR1000RR

    I was either thinking about that ^'s he gonna carry that 50 on it??
  10. Random thought thread

    Regarding the complexity of a Ford engine (2003 5.4) vs a GM (2003 5.3), how many individual engine parts per HP?? 26 valve cover bolts vs 8. Dang a Ford.
  11. Random thought thread

  12. Random thought thread

    I guess I can self identify as her for a vote....or two.
  13. Random thought thread

    The local county election office mailed out a notice telling where to vote (since polling locations are changed)...... to my mother. That gives me great confidence in the system.
  14. Honda CBR1000RR

    For a man who uses logic and has a family, tell me how you came to the conclusion to get that bike?
  15. Clutch won't release, 2001 "z06"

    He's back home, very sore. Broken wrists, collarbone. The LF of the car is demolished, he was supposedly ejected.