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  2. Random thought thread

    Or you need a different water pump pulley?? I'm not a old shebby small block guru, but I can't recall any alternator shims.
  3. I read about qualifying, so do you have any elimination results by now?
  4. Dude! Walk on your hands! Your feet will shade you! (And hundreds of others.)
  5. Random thought thread

    ^ It dawned on me later that the 4l80e was installed behind the 6.5 turbo. A slug of an engine, but quite torquey compared to a sbc. Trannys held up fine in those trucks.
  6. Random thought thread

    I wish I new more anything about the fuel mods necessary for that. And if the front suspension would tolerate that much engine, I'd look at that the 12v option. I wonder what a 4l80e would think about that torque/vibration? I've love to fix the KDP issue, install the engine, close the hood, and not have to think about the engine ever again.
  7. Random thought thread

    lol at it all! I'm tempted to put a 12v Cummins in it just to eliminate this confusion...'s worse when the drunk teacher schools ya...
  8. Random thought thread

    5.7 as in 350 as in "small block chevy". As in sheetmetal oil pan, distributor, plug wires, ect . I think I hear the bell. Class dismissed.
  9. And sunny. So it's a good time to set fire to your freckles.
  10. Random thought thread

    I've seen so many rear mains leak (actually it's almost always the housing gasket) that almost every one gets replaced when I R&R the trans. Interesting on the rewire of the trans connector. I've seen enough lifters/lobes to almost be nervous. Thanks for info.
  11. Taking it back a few years....

    lol Disney
  12. Random thought thread

    Thanks for the link. About what $$$ in the swap? Congrats if you didn't have to put the LS AC compressor back down there...worst part of an LS IMO (other than failed lifters). I looked at a 2001 3500 van, I think 5.7 w/4l80e, it's got almost 350k! I'll offer low enough to cover an LS swap in the near future. Stupid Qs my potential swap: would a 6.0 flywheel for a 4l80e fit a 5.3? Would I need the PCM from an LS equipped with a 4l80e? What engine mods do you prefer on a junkyard engine: new main seal, new O ring on pickup tube, new lifters? Maybe valvesprings?
  13. Taking it back a few years....

    If anyone has vids of that day I'd like to see that ragged 78 TransAm pop those miniature wheelies...
  14. Random thought thread

    Is that the one you asked about posi unit stuff? What did you do there? I'm in the market for a large van, tonight I'm looking at one with a 5.7. In case I need to swap I'd love to hear more details about the swap (particularly ECU stuff).