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  1. Random thought thread

    I haven't ridden in a "new auto". John has not ridden with me shifting a Jerico manual trans. If we each rode with the other I'd bet the farm that he'd be way more impressed than I.
  2. Random thought thread

    Stockton FD is impressive.
  3. Home building 101, er, 404?

    A couple months ago my favorite carpenter's Yukon pulled a GM and about fell apart. I fixed a rusty brake line, some ball joints, hub, fluid changes, ect. Also, I moved my family into my mother's house. An empty house = easier to work on. Today my carpenter brought a buddy to the basement and we relocated a beam to fit into the concrete wall (as opposed to using a post against the wall) and frame up the staircase (to use as a closet) and a bathroom wall. I should have used a spacer to create a void in the concrete when pouring the wall, but I overlooked that at the time. It's good to make some progress, and good that the progress will (hopefully) continue through winter time. I planned on it being easier to get a carpenter into a warm/dry basement during cold/rainy season. (Of course, the heat pump went out the weekend we moved, so I've gotta jump that unexpected hurdle too.) And I think my wife said I could fix up a car after the house addition was finished. But at this point I can't remember where I parked it....
  4. The Challenger is Home

    But, it would be pretty funny to see an empty car get pulled over...there's gotta be a first time. A few million views on the 'Tube would pay for it. You da man....
  5. Airplane stuff

    I live near the extended end of a runway at Paducah's airport. I've wandered about the odds of a crash nearby. Several days ago a Paducah Dr/pilot was killed about an equal distance away from the other runway.
  6. The Challenger is Home

    But when are you gonna put all that radio control FPV stuff on the car and drive from your couch?
  7. Random thought thread

    I cheat. I've got a synchronizer-free manual. 68 lbs w/fluid. It probably gets a couple degrees hotter during a pass. Why does your automatic need a cooler for itself?? I rest my case.
  8. The Challenger is Home

    No, but I never thought the dude on the Wheaties box would think he was a woman either.
  9. Random thought thread

    ^ Torque converters have been jealous of the clutch dump for decades. Kinda interesting, might be very similar to a water brake dyno operation.
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  11. The Challenger is Home

    Ahhhh....a clutch pedal.
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  13. The Challenger is Home

    I don't know much about an iPhone, but I'm glad your car is equipped with iShift.
  14. The Challenger is Home

    Now, time to show us some WOT shifts....