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  2. 2010 Camaro SS

    No, you want him on a Tuesday night before he's got all the kinks out of the system.
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    Right after I get my basement finished out and a Goat restored.
  4. Good hardwood floor repair

    Glue. I forgot glue.
  5. Good hardwood floor repair

    I'd be concerned about the subfloor right there. Presumably a small water leak from the door got that end of that piece of flooring. I'd say to rip saw that piece until you can pull it out, cut the tongue off a replacement board and face nail it in place. ASSUMING the subfloor can take a nail... I've got several unused oak T &G pieces, I think they're old school dimensions of about 2 3/4" wide by 3/4" thick. I might travel through Nashville in two weeks. Parts and delivery free....I can check dimensions if you're interested.
  6. New Tow Pig/ Project/ Daily Driver

    Yesterday my wife tried to ban me from side work. I didn't agree, nor inform her that I had a box truck to work on next! lol How about I diagnose the case first? I need to drive/operate it, and put it on the lift at work.
  7. New Tow Pig/ Project/ Daily Driver

    Me and Dave Ramsey approve of the, down payment. Now, get $2000 in emergency repair money saved up. You'll need wheel bearings, fuel pump, water pump...
  8. 2010 Camaro SS

    What ATF is recommended? I put in my first 6L80 E at work this week and Jasper recommended the Mobil 1 part number 112201. Our parts source didn't have any, so we called the Chebby dealer. That had plenty, and said the shop used it by the drum.
  9. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    To find an electrical "ignition off draw" that runs a car battery down over night, park the vehicle in a cool place and hook a charger to it. In the morning the item "using" the power will be hot. To check to see if your non functioning window motor is getting power, use the switches while checking battery voltage (by looking at the dome light). Current flow with no motor movement will dim that light. Compare brightness to working windows. If the motor is dimming the light you know the wiring is all good.
  10. Random thought thread

    Freakin' "smart" bulbs?!?! I love my kerosene lanterns....
  11. Random thought thread

    ^ Exactly.
  12. Random thought thread

    Tennessee has a new "hands free" law, right? What would a LEO do about this guy?
  13. Funny of the day.

    True story: At Fall Creek Falls there is a night hike for kids to explore simple stuff. My wife took some of ours on the trip and reported the following. The host pointed out a tree and asked the group what kind of tree it was. There were several guesses, and someone finally got it correct, white oak I think. The host then said, "it's also a dead tree. And a dead tree is the most alive tree in all the forest because of tall the animals that live in it." To which my rambunctious 5 1/2 year old loudly replied in a point blank/matter of fact/DUH tone: "No it's not, it's DEAD." That's muh boy. lol
  14. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    That's terriblehorriblegaystupid.
  15. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Well, my next question is: how does the rev limiter work? My preference would be to go WOT, then dump the clutch before the limiter kicks in. One layer of my curiosity about your car is the fact that it's got a clutch and the same first gear ratio and rear end ratio as my Trans Am. Guessing my weight at about 3600 loaded, and trapping 90/112 I suppose it got about 380 hp @ wheel. I know mine bogged and either needed about another 100 hp or 4.10 gears to avoid. I've always figured you were gonna be in the same boat (too heavy for gearing/power to avoid a bogg if hooked hard). I'd say the potential bog solutions are: lose about 800 lbs, add most of 100 hp, add a heavier flywheel (and break more stuff), deeper rear gear. BUT, I'm a dinosaur. Back to my first question about the limiter....can the launch "confuse" the 'puter and then....who knows? Edit to ask: Where's the vid of the limiter dump??