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  1. The Bootlegger

    Just Dashes wants $1400 now? I priced a GTO dash many years ago and almost fell over when they said $1000. They need some competition...
  2. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    I'm not worried about the customer. It's just been a headache.
  3. Stainless steel tube nuts for Saginaw lines?

    I just removed two pressure lines from a Duramax hydraboost system, if you have any need of stock nuts. 2 are 16mm hex, 2 are 18mm.
  4. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    Well, a new day and I latched on to it like a pitbull on a toddler and figured it out....U-joint has play side to side. At least I ASSUME that's the cause, customer to provide 1 piece shaft later.
  5. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    The bother is subsiding.
  6. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    Yes, but understand "consumer psychology"...dealing with the public. I wanted to use a little of my time to fix the underlying problem so the customer would have no complaints, logical or otherwise. Now the simple facts are: no vibration, I worked on it, vibration.
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  8. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    ^ lol Point made. I just hate A) things being worse, B) not knowing why.
  9. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    After seeing your timeslips, I KNOW you wouldn't think twice about one of these cars! lol I wonder about the increase in NVH, but still there is a source. Maybe that source is why the factory rubber mount was sloppy loose. The vibration is strongest at 40, then remains noticeable 'til 80 when it's back as strong. And it's too rough to ignore. When not bolted down, the carrier housing tends to float about 1 bolt width to the passenger side of the bolt holes. I'm not sure how to tell if that's due to the trans and/or diff aiming off course. I noticed the oil pan/bellhousing seam is not parallel with the rack and pinion. At least it LOOKS like it's not. That would point the tailhousing in the direction it's off. But engine mounts and subframe mounts look stock, car doesn't look molested in any way. Weird. (After spending too much time shimming and driving, I had a coworker hold the driveline at 40 mph while I used a muffler stand to raise/lower (and a pry bar to move left/right) , he said nothing changed the vibration. I think it need slicks and clutch dumps till it breaks. The learning curve of the independent repair shop is steep. And/or I'm 'tarded.
  10. Airplane stuff

  11. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    Customer brings me a nice, 21k mile 2005 GTO (M6!) for a carrier bearing and diff mount "stiffener". Test drive before work was good, no noticeable vibration. Test drive after install, moderate to strong vibration at 40 mph. Instructions with the carrier say shimming carrier and/or trans mounts can fix vibrations, but many (every possible?) shim attempts all result in no noticeable change. Nice. (The only other thing I did was add a "rubber" spacer to effectively solidify the rear diff mount.) I'd never even touched on of these reprobate "Goats". It drives nice and rides nice. I suppose the smooth ride deceives me into thinking the car isn't very quick. (I thought cracking the throttle would scare my Corolla DD butt.) (And FWIW, a REAL GTO has a driveshaft that's much stronger. )
  12. Random thought thread

    'Merica??? I dunno...
  13. Random thought thread

    Has anyone used Cosmoline (or the like) to protect metal in storage? I've got a couple blocks that need protection.
  14. Random thought thread

    ^ Not on my "lawn"! Can you say "basal skull fracture" above about 10 mph? lol