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  1. Judge this run: Red Light or Good Run?

    frame by frame, he red lit........close, but red.
  2. Prayers for a fellow hot rodder.

    we never raced Nobody street races.
  3. Post your best slips and video!

    all motor. 6.0, cam, carb intake. Otherwise all stock. But I have the good square port heads. Milled .020.
  4. Post your best slips and video!

    pass on right is legit best. But you can tell the pass on the left was better.
  5. Post your best slips and video!

    My wife hardly ever video's my runs. I was gonna tell her, but didnt,
  6. Post your best slips and video!

    update 6.307 , had a 28 pass but had to pedal to avoid break out. I will try and post a slip tom.
  7. Prayers for a fellow hot rodder.

    Holy crap. first I heard of this......That is awful. prayers for the family.
  8. Post your best slips and video!

    not my best overall, but close as it gets till next outing hopefully.
  9. SCORE!!!

    got too many variables there Raceall. Got to be the right 6.0, and tehre is not any cheap 6.2s. LOL. I got my 6.0 for 400. The heads were the good L92s. You can find the generic 6.0s with 317 heads for around 5-600 tho. Ditch the 317 heads and put some 243s or l92s on it and a cam, and be done.
  10. SCORE!!!

    600 be pretty easy with a 6.0 or 6.2. Mine shows on the calculators about 580 or so, with just a cam and a carb. No expensive parts inside.
  11. 2011-UP V6 Mustangs Drag Racing

    you know that was a 400, just tell the truth. lol Nice car tho.
  12. Like the Garage and Timeslips?

    I posted mine, dont have the 34 timeslip on computer, or the 35 60ft. But i will be lowering all those times anyway. lol I wont be at the top anyhow. qwk has went 4.96, no danger of me running near
  13. I have Hoosiers, and the new pro's to mount, but I have been 1.35 60ft on the Hoosiers. Hoosiers are lighter, I swapped from the old MTs to Hoosier and picked up .1 and 2 mph. BUT, they dont drive as good as MTs on street.
  14. How much does your car weigh?

    I dont have any of the unit I pulled out. It was pulled a couple years ago. JohnC, I am still trimming a little weight from the car, cut a little out last night. Stuff that is just there, in the way and not used. I plan on losing about 60 or so pounds in it for this year, and put the 4.30 gear in over the 4.10. It isnt much change, but the motor loves rpm's and It will still run the 1/4 mile with the 4.30s. i think it should trap about 72-7300 with them and i have had it to 7500 or so with no issues. The blocks are roughly 100 lbs difference. I had a 6.2 later last year, aluminum block, but parts dept screwed me out of it. Thats the next plan, to get a 6.2 and try and get it in the 5s. Still wanting to get my super vic intake, they are rumored to help alot. Hopefully by years end, it will weigh in about 2880-2900 and really looking for a 6.11-6.19. Its been 6.34 heavier and the carb is still pig rich just off theline, I think if I clean it up a tad, it will leave better and hopefully run a little better. btw i also intend to get myself more "ideal" weight wise too. Me and the wife are both going on a diet in about 10 days. I plan to lose about 20 lbs at least myself.