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  1. Union Hill 2018 thread

    When are you planning on going? My buddy is going to drop the engine in his Camaro this weekend. After that all he will need is a tune and he'll be ready to race
  2. What kind of phone do car guys use?

    @Ashley Pwhat's a landline?
  3. 2004 Mustang GT

    Nice looking mustang. Also congrats on the kids
  4. Q50 HSA

    It might be the same person. His car was moving down the track. He was telling us it was bone stock but I don't think a bone stock Camaro would trap 130.
  5. Q50 HSA

    I know of one and it's that color. He also has some writing on the window. He was trapping 130 at beach bend. Could you tell if it was A white guy or black guy driving?
  6. Random thought thread

    I got the truck in the background. It gets around 8mpg and makes vroom vroom noises
  7. Random thought thread

    You guys and y'alls hybrid talk . I bought one today. It's for sale
  8. LS3 advice.

    Tires will bring your time down big time. My buddy was trapping around 98 in the 1/4 running 13.3
  9. Random thought thread

    It probably was
  10. Random thought thread

    @Ashley P USA
  11. Random thought thread

    5 minutes to kickoff
  12. Random thought thread

    The USA vs MEXICO game? Not often. especially here Drinking? At least 2 weekends out the month Calling in? In the 8 years I've been working here I have never called in. I rarely take my vacation days. I cash them all in at the end of the year
  13. Random thought thread

    Bad thing is 1) no beer and 2)I have to go to work right after the game
  14. Random thought thread

    Oh yes.