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  1. Random thought thread

    NO THANKS. I just read the hugueley guys page and he was a very sick person. I don't want to be around any of them
  2. Random thought thread

    Place can't be that bad. Cause I'm not in there But seriously @JohnC be safe man.
  3. Eclipse

    It was amazing. I was not expecting to be so amazed by it. Like MIKE said it was peaceful and quiet. Well for like 20 seconds and then I heard gunshots go off around me.
  4. Tino's 1500HD

    The springs came with the cam kit I got from BTR
  5. Tino's 1500HD

    Will those springs be alright with the cam I have? https://www.briantooleyracing.com/truck-stage-ii-cam.html
  6. Tino's 1500HD

    I have these https://www.briantooleyracing.com/chevrolet-performance-ls6-springs-12499224.html
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  8. Tino's 1500HD

    I didn't either. I thought it was electrical related. I did get a new throttle body for it and the wiring harness. I found a broken wire at the throttle body. And I did WHAT @Ashley P told me to do. And no air is coming out of the exhaust. So it looks like I got lucky.
  9. Tino's 1500HD

    Broken valve spring on #1 exhaust . What are the chances the valve hit the piston? I didn't hear a loud noise or nothing when it happened.
  10. I can come and cheer y'all on
  11. Random thought thread

    Can I view the solar eclipse with a welding mask and not damage my eyes?
  12. Bring it to the hill
  13. Tino's 1500HD

    Saturday will be a very good day to check the truck out.
  14. Tino's 1500HD

    I got some paste from work that checks to see if there is water in the fuel. And by the looks of it, it's showing water in the fuel. 1 of my coworker is coming over today to see what he thinks. I'm still going to check all the wires and grounds and replace the throttle body while at it.