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  1. Random thought thread

  2. Random thought thread

    He fixed the fuse problem. It was the fuel pump. He is very happy with the car. 0728181318.mp4
  3. Random thought thread

    @JohnC what do you think? https://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/d/2003-svt-cobra-terminator/6628403567.html I've seen cobras go for more than this.
  4. Random thought thread

    I sold the mustang yesterday.
  5. Random thought thread

    It has a cold air intake and a slp loudmouth exhaust system. I checked underneath the car and saw brand new exhaust clamps. When I get home i'll jack it up and check underneath the car.
  6. Random thought thread

    These are the codes that the car has P0141- oxygen sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 2 P0161- oxygen sensor heater circuit bank 2 sensor 2 P1233- fuel pump driver module off-line
  7. Random thought thread

    Thanks Mike AND Disney. I'll look at them Saturday. I'm going to try and sleep at least an hour before I go into work
  8. Random thought thread

    @Disney and @66sprint6 the car has one problem. It keeps blowing fuel pump fuses. Any idea what could it be? I'll look at it Saturday to see what it could be, but other than that the car runs very good.
  9. Random thought thread

    It's a 2004 GT 5 speed and it has 160k miles.
  10. Random thought thread

    TINO just bought this
  11. Random thought thread

    I thought about it. I want to see what it does, but I have to work. One of these weeks if you go let me know. That way I can let the guys at work know i'll show up a little late.
  12. Random thought thread

    Ok. I'll head your way. Mind texting me your address
  13. Random thought thread

    @gammey4 want to try another time? It doesn't look like the rain is going to quit. But if you want to try for today I'LL go
  14. Random thought thread

    Me neither. I'm calling out @JohnC and @66sprint6 once it gets tuned
  15. Random thought thread

    ok. I'll be there