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  1. Random thought thread

    I can't carry a knife it gets in my way.
  2. Random thought thread

    I still haven't seen one yet
  3. SNT Dyno Day 2020

    I can try and get 3 other cars to show up
  4. SNT Dyno Day 2020

    As long as I know a week in advance I'll be able to make it
  5. SNT Dyno Day 2020

    Count me in Let's see what my mustang does. I say 250 to the wheels
  6. Random thought thread

    This is the main reason I did it. I was going to use this as my excuse
  7. Random thought thread

    Has anyone renewed their tags online? I just did and it didn't ask me for the emission test. I hope I get my sticker, my mustang does meet the emissions requirements
  8. Random thought thread

    Looks like fun Did that guy have 2 ropes for his steering?
  9. 2010 Camaro SS

    Bigger injectors, bigger fuel pump, and smaller pulley on the procharger
  10. Random thought thread

    I found the problem
  11. Random thought thread

    I got the transmission out. Now to order parts. Longtube headers were in the way. Going back together is going to be fun
  12. Random thought thread

    I don't think I've posted a video or picture of the car. This is my 1999 mustang gt This day I broke it, it's been sitting on the trailer for over 2 months It has upgraded, heads, cams, intake, longtubes and full exhaust. That's how I bought it. Oh and it has a nitrous kit. I haven't sprayed it yet. I want someone to look over the tune before I spray it 20200330_180013.mp4 The upgrades make a big difference on it. You can see what a bolt on 2v gt (my old car) does against a 2010 srt8 challenger And what the current one does against the same challenger Bolt on 04 gt vs 2010 srt8 challenger.mp4
  13. The virus

    so that's what they were talking about on the news this morning. All I saw was Tupac Shakur on the headline but I didn't pay attention