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  1. Is it easy to do valve covers on that car?
  2. 2004 rcsb lq9 build

    It's getting there. Just need to hook up the headers to rest or the exhaust system and put the plastics over the radiator. @gammey4 what would you do for a fuel pump upgrade? He is going to go na route with some nitrous. He is thinking of doing the 243 heads, cam, and a 100 shot of nitrous.
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    I missed the deleted part. I don't know my scooter might put a hurting on your DD
  4. 2010 Camaro SS

    I'm ready I got my Nike's on.
  5. 2010 Camaro SS

    Hell yeah
  6. 2004 rcsb lq9 build

    It lives VID_167990207_173654_170.mp4
  7. 2004 rcsb lq9 build

    @gammey4 what gap do we set the spark plugs
  8. 2004 rcsb lq9 build

    In there. 6.0 found a new home
  9. Random thought thread

    @JohnC, @Disney, @66sprint6stay 2v or go 4v? Boost will be applied. Coworker wants to build his 2004 gt. He was talking about buying A 4v engine and swapping it. I was thinking just keep the 2v and put better internals in it and boost the hell out of it. What would yall do?
  10. 2004 rcsb lq9 build

    Pressured washed the engine bay today, so no dirty hands tomorrow when the engine goes in
  11. 2004 rcsb lq9 build

    Today we pulled out the old 5.3 We couldn't have done it without our energy drinks If everything goes as planned we should have the 6.0 in this weekend.
  12. 2004 rcsb lq9 build

    I've been doing some reading and the swap should be very easy. He is going from a 5.3 to a 6.0. The internet says it should be a drop in swap. Should he look for some 243 heads or just keep the stock 317s?
  13. My buddy has a 2004 regular cab short bed Silverado that he wants to make a little bit faster, He just wants to beat a couple of mustangs. So far we did cold air intake and long tube headers on his truck and it made a nice difference. He planned on putting a cam in his 5.3 but he came across this lq9 and picked it up. We went all the way to Knoxville to go get it. Right now we are just going to drop it in and leave it stock for a few months till he saves up some money for a nice cam. I have a question. The engine came with a computer and all the wiring harness. Will that computer work with his truck to run the engine or does it need to be unlocked so it can work with his truck? And we're coming for @gammey4 . Also how much for a tune .
  14. Beech Bend is paving their track!

    I need to save more money for one of those