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  1. I say do the cosmetic mods and leave the drivetrain stock. That way you'll have a reliable baby/car hauler.
  2. 2010 Camaro SS

  3. Making Old truck mo better.

    I'm with fixing old truck instead of buying a newer one. Mine has 250k. I'm going to level the front end and might buy some wheels for it
  4. 2010 Camaro SS

    That sucks
  5. Random thought thread

    What makes a clutch do that? This is the 2nd time it's done it. The 1st time the previous owner installed the clutch. I installed the clutch the 2nd time and it did exactly what the 1st clutch did. And I was beating the hell out of it when it let go both times
  6. Random thought thread

    Yo @Ashley P I have a question
  7. Random thought thread

    not at all
  8. What are your ET goals this year?

    @mstrpththey all go pew pew pew
  9. What are your ET goals this year?

    Still not back @JohnC ? What's taking them so long Do I need to get some homies and pull up with the AKs?
  10. Random thought thread

    Ashley votes public schools
  11. Random thought thread

    Say when I want to see it run
  12. Random thought thread

    I can't carry a knife it gets in my way.
  13. Random thought thread

    I still haven't seen one yet