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  1. LSx Nova Build

    It's not much lol it needs a little work but it will be nice out there. Can work on my car anytime, shoot my guns whenever, blow stuff up or whatever lol
  2. LSx Nova Build

    Slower than I wanted but I am selling my house this Friday and hopefully less than a month be in the new place. Ready for that 24x30 garage lol car parts are about to slow down a bunch when we get this place but I need to slow down anyway.
  3. LSx Nova Build

    It is fun but man it's expesive lol
  4. LSx Nova Build

    I got a lot done last weekend. Pretty much finished everything besides get it running. I got my turbo back and some new 210 injectors. Now my harness doesn't fit these injectors so I have been waiting for adapters for them. Should be here Monday. Also changed the rear shocks to some double adjustable Vikings and have new coil overs for the front on the way. Hopefully I can get it hooking again while also keeping it on the ground. I got everything else back on the car and ready to go. May put some stock ls1 injectors in it to start it up to see if anything is wrong. Ready to get it back going again.
  5. That's freaking cool mike. Who cuts your stuff?
  6. LSx Nova Build

    It's not that spacious lol it's not long at all. Having the inner fenders out helps though lol
  7. LSx Nova Build

    I got a lot done yesterday. Work from 8 to 3, then had to rush home to get my taxes done. My buddy David came and helped me get everything in the car. I changed the a arm bushings, bearings, new pads, got the motor and trans in, the front accessories on, radiator in, the hot side on, and most of the wiring. Waiting for my turbo to get back and to buy some new injectors. New Viking crusader rear shocks should be here this week. Hopefully I can get it on the dyno is about 2 weeks.
  8. LSx Nova Build

    I'm thinking of doing a 417 lower intake and a 6 inch cowl. It will fit then lol
  9. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Joey always has the hook ups for Ford's
  10. LSx Nova Build

    It was on 10 lbs lol and we are completely done with the hood yet. Going to take a da to it and trim it a little more. But I am suppose to go get my motor either tomorrow night or Saturday.
  11. LSx Nova Build

    I have done a lot and not a lot at the same time with the car. I put some new leaf springs on the car, which lowered it 3 inches. Thank goodness, it was sitting way to high. But now my shocks bottom out so I am getting new ones. Needed something more adjustable anyway. More than likely will get some vikings. Also cut the hood to fit the intake/intercooler. Looks so much better with the hood on. Also yanked the motor out. Didn't make enough power so we went with a custom cam and some better lifters. On top of that last week I sent the turbo off to get bored and for a billet wheel. I should make a decent amount more with the new set up.