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  1. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    All good stuff man I really like the car and what your doing with it!!! A little tip with the eugo since thats what I run on the buick...power the thing up and let it do its cycle till it reads full lean and the sensor will last you a helluva long time...mine has been in two different cars on 3 different motors and seen pump gas/ethanol/leaded race fuel without any trouble...I attribute this to letting the heater do what its supposed to before putting any exhaust to it. I have wanted to do a boosted slant six dodge dart with a 4 speed for years and seeing this just makes me wish I had the funds to start!
  2. Museum of the US Air Force

    I have been there more than a few times in my lifetime being from cincinnati and my dad always taking me when we felt like seeing all of it again....amazing museum. One of those things you grow up with taking for granted having access too. Makes me want to visit it again. Its been about 7-8 years since I have gone.
  3. First 2014 Z28 Camaro Dyno

    Which they then killed because of because they were starting methanol injection on them (there is a unused light spot on the dashes which say "power injection" on our cars)....the vette would have never caught up had they continued the path with the buicks.
  4. dyno results

  5. dyno results

    326 if manual 298 auto
  6. 2014 Updates - 86 Buick Turbo

    Right on with a stock setup I would elect to keep it and just clean as needed...i learned with my turbo mitz that a single 1/4 inch line running to the inlet of the turbo from a single port on the valve cover is enough to keep the rings happy even at 30 psi as opposed to venting the case......makes a world of difference and would love to seal the buick motor up and run what you are from both valve covers to an exhaust venturi or the turbo inlet
  7. 2014 Updates - 86 Buick Turbo

    Ive never been a fan of our inadequate traditional crankcase evac....that piece looks killer...I myself have been toying around with the idea to fab my own setup for something a little more effective.
  8. Buick T Type Found and Bought For $500!

    HELLUVA FIND! Wish I could strike a deal like that to get my ole lady something we can build.
  9. MIGHT go to the Hill Fri

    Well dam I aint around nothing good lol
  10. MIGHT go to the Hill Fri

    Is the hill close to me here in memphis? where is it in relation to MIR? I would like to go if its not too far...Im pretty sure thats where my co worker has been trying to get me to go.
  11. Have yet to go...only lived in this area since January
  12. I'm sure it would...better catch me before I get a converter....or I get it drinking her spoolade again
  13. Yeah it was worth the drive and all the mods just to be able to say my made my month for sure cause it was such a awesome fair hit (we left at the same time) and we got to stretch it out a good ways. Whats even funnier is its the same stretch of road where I beat up on that SS i made that other post about....good chit The underdog reason is why I love my talon....600 horse cracker jack box that cost less than 10k to buy and build.
  14. Yes that is my favorite kill yet for sure....i was a proud pop driving home especially knowing how much more is in the setup once I get a couple items....I literally started cracking up after the stuff