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  1. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Did someone say 8" ? @disney
  2. Back in the game I guess..

    I really enjoy it. I miss ripping around in the Fox, but it's nice to be able to do whatever I want and have no worries. Driving to VA this weekend. Should be a nice trip. 90f. A/C seats. The Fox Will Rise Again - but It's so far back on the priority list and apparently has been for a while. Before this car I had a 2011 GT 6 speed which was fun enough it didn't make me care about the coupe. Yeah, I don't miss suspension work - but I have a buttload of MM stuff still for the coupe and will swap out the K-member with an MM unit before anything else happens, so I'll be in that boat soon.
  3. Back in the game I guess..

    So did I - then I had a stint as a professional musician and spent engine money on gear and was not home a lot. Stuff happens - It's still as nice as the day it was put on them there jackstands. If I had to decide what it'd get right now it would be a big inch Procharged Windsor and a T56 Magnum, but no matter what I look at, you're talking $20k+ to do it right. ZL1 is satisfying every need for the moment.
  4. Back in the game I guess..

    Yeah. Engineless since 2009
  5. Back in the game I guess..

    Thank you, Mike! Good to hear from you - hope everything is well with yall!
  6. Back in the game I guess..

    I would love to go, don't get me wrong! I already had a trip planned, though. I will go the next nice Saturday if there is a group going. I liked that Ecoboost car. They are cool. Just ordered some Pilot Sport 4S in the factory sizes for it - 305/30/20 285/30/20. I really do love these Goodyears, but as much as I want to drive the car around, I don't want to get caught out in the rain with the Goodyears. They just don't have the tread design for it. Also, as bad as I want the Forgelines, I just can't justify buying them right now. Maybe within the next year. Matt, thanks for all the kind words about the car! I try to keep it looking fantastic. I actually finally discovered and started using Zaino which absolutely lives up to its reputation. The stuff is more addictive with each layer that goes on. Anyway I hope yall have a good time that Saturday!
  7. Back in the game I guess..

    I would love to but I'm out of town that weekend! I do want to get it on a dyno.
  8. Back in the game I guess..

    PM me before you go next time! I'll try to go the next nice Tuesday after next week. haha, I noticed you with the baby now that you say where you were! Thanks for the comments on the car. I like it a shitload. 3 runs is good for a Tuesday!
  9. Back in the game I guess..

    It was me. Thank you! Black is my favorite for sure. I only ran once - 7.61 @ 97 - there was a breakage and that huge oildown that screwed up the night for everyone. Par for the course at the dragstrip I guess. The other guy's ZL1 1LE - some people like the wing and some don't. It's a track car and the aero pieces on that car do well for it at high speeds. I love the look of the ZL1 1LE. He didn't get a good launch, but it's hard to on cold R tires with a manual. I hope to get there earlier next time and get a few more passes in. I really wish Tuesday was TNT only. Brackets are
  10. Back in the game I guess..

    Got the Tony Mamo TB coming along with ZL1 1LE taillights and brakelights (OEM smoked - look really good) De-badging this weekend. Got tint for the reflectors. Probably will get that Rotofab on the way soon. Just got a quote in on Forgelines. GA1R in Graphite. About $5500 all in. I may just do it. They look SO good. I already have the tires (off a ZL1 1LE - 325/30/19 and 305/30/19 Goodyear Supercar 3R )Here are the wheels I would be getting in a transparent finish - I am looking at Graphite which is a medium shade of grey.
  11. 2010 Camaro SS

  12. 2010 Camaro SS

    Looking forward to seeing how this car does! Lots of time and money, and really nice parts!
  13. Back in the game I guess..

    I would love to have a Raptor!
  14. Back in the game I guess..

    This car continues to impress. I spent a few of the last nice days on some of the newly-discovered backroads near me, and wow is all I can say. This car is SO sorted. It seriously leaves nothing to be desired on the street. I'm sure I'd like it to be a 9 second monster on the dragstrip, but it's fine enough for now. Heading to Beech Bend this coming weekend March 3rd. Planning to, anyway. Not planning for any hero runs the first time out - gotta learn how to launch it without blowing away the tires, but I'll be happy with 11.2-11.3 @ 128ish. Any quicker will be a bonus. I did not take these photos. The un-watermarked ones, I do not know the photographer's name, but I will post it as soon as I find out. Credit to him.
  15. Back in the game I guess..

    You got it, Mike. Driving it on the street is actually frustrating if you're in the mood to do fast-car things because you can't use it much. Seriously, at any speed, you are about a second and a half of acceleration away from a reckless driving ticket. It's good for quick bursts, though. That's fun. It's also been too cold to really do much on curvy roads with the factory Supercar 3 tires. They are just ok when cool and require special care when cold. Anyone buying one of these should know they are just a track tire disguised as a street tire. A lot of people install MPSS or similar tires for more fun on the street. Still, no complaints here!