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  1. Drag Racing Ringtones

    I've got one I found of a nitro car starting, it's one of my alarms.
  2. Trailer Loading Fail Videos!

    That's what you get for using U-Ship......
  3. Check out this Jeep!

    A cage would help.
  4. The Farm Truck

    It's a sleeper till it shows up on National TV.
  5. I always liked that body style and this car was done RIGHT!!!!!
  6. (Knocks) Anybody Home?

    2000 379 Pete, 475Hp 3406E CAT, former Richard Childress Racing test truck.
  7. Hi kids!!! Hope everyone is well, I'm still hauling cars, {C}{C} and also working with Doug Herbert's B.R.A.K.E.S. Teen Driving School. My current ride. Doug fired up this bad boy at his open house in May, a lucky winner got to sit in it during the warm up, oh and you'll see the camera jump, it was on a tripod.