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  1. Tennessee Real Street!

    i wasnt actually refering to what the 1/8 does... i was refering to what it does to assume...
  2. Tennessee Real Street!

    the wife does photography, i think she is on board.
  3. Tennessee Real Street!

    yes, 1/8 mile at knoxville. the event being held at London, KY has a 1/4 available, but havent heard if the event will be 1/4 ot 1/8... i would assume 1/8, but we all know what that does.
  4. Tennessee Real Street!

    thanks, i know most of the guys here are from middle/west TN and wont make it though...
  5. Tennessee Real Street!

    havent posted the changes yet, but turbo cars will be exempt from the behind the firewall rule and we will be counting the turbo as a muffler... before anyone else starts crying on the other end, i checked the TCA and with local LEO's and there is no muffler law, the law states a Db level and im not getting into buying a Db meter, ect... turbos DO muffel the exhaust sound too, so they actually qualify. for the record, my car is on juice and has full 2.5"exhaust all the way out the back! were also gonna eliminate the run off, meaning once the three passes are done, its over! will be paying the fastest 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 cars and runners up along with a plaque, there will also be plaques for fastest overall, fastest FWD, fastest n/a and fastest poweradder cars.
  6. Tennessee Real Street!

    stay tuned... rules for turbos may be adjusted...
  7. Tennessee Real Street!

    i understand, this is something we could address if it was gonna be an issue for him, but it sounds like its too far for him anyhow, the issue hasnt even come up in any other conversations. DEFINATELY! there is no end to that debate. crazy is really about perception, crazy for one person sounds perfectly normal to another...
  8. Tennessee Real Street!

    LOL... okay, thanks.
  9. Tennessee Real Street!

    okay, i just got back in town late last nite from Jacksonville and im having trouble figuring out whats sarcasim and whats actual questions... so what are the concerns here, can someone give me the cliff's notes? i will try to address them...
  10. NMCA is Back in Bowling Green in 2015

    glad to see Dwight Ausmus did good last year in NMCA N/A in his Firebird.
  11. Tennessee Real Street!

    the rules are basically from NMRA with some slight changes (not the exhaust though). i came up with the rules and made the changes. yes, you are exactly right, it is basically DD real street. my car (short version)... fox coupe, stock block'd 393, CNC'dTFS TW 205's, comp custom, 11.5:1, Victor 5.8, 80's, Stinger PiMP, NX 2 stage plate, XHD converter, C4, some tubular parts, ect...
  12. Tennessee Real Street!

    why are turbo cars out?
  13. TN Dragstrips

    me too, but I40 (crossville) has a LARGE pricetag (over 700K IIRC), and from what everyone was saying it needs alot of work.
  14. TN Dragstrips

    unfortunately, weve lost three... 411 has been closed "permenantly" (but ive heard this before), english mtn and I40 are closed and for sale with no prospects. I40 is actually being advertised as a dragstrip and as"commercial property" with acreage... mentioning it would make a great place for other ventures as well... i HATE to see them "biting the dust".
  15. Tennessee Real Street!

    im learing all the time.