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  1. Happy Bday to...

    Raceall (39 years old) Happy Birthday, mang!
  2. Music City Raceway Street Night

    I'm scheduled to work that night, but if the weather looks really cool and clear, I might ask for that night off and come out to play.
  3. Random thought thread

    It's a balancing act of (1) enforcing the policies of the institution and (2) not pissing of the inmates too much. They have NOTHING to lose if they get pissed and try to beat your ass or kill you. They're already on death row. Worst that can happen is they go to back to C level for 3 years and then B before going right back to A level. Seriously.
  4. Random thought thread

    Ahh, c'mon. You get law enforcement discounts and access to buy LEO only stuff not sold to non-LEO citizens. Once vested, you get a law enforcement carry permit TCA 39-17-1350 and possibly covered by LEOSA (according to how the law is amended year to year). Then, there is that cute little badge you get to wear. Makes you feel 10ft tall and bullet proof, if your crazy. There are a few perks. A few....
  5. Random thought thread

    A lot of people quit within the first day to first week. The rest go before they even get a year in. We've been so short that I've run death row by myself on 2nd shift. Just me and an officer locked in the unit control room. If something happens, he cannot come help. He has to run the control room. Without him, no doors would open for help to get in. Well, they could still get in without him, but it would take longer because they'd have to get the security keys from central control and manually unlock the doors, taking more time. But the UC officer can't leave until another officer relives them. He doesn't have keys to the UC doors and if he did, an inmate could beat his ass and take them and then take over the unit. If he left without relief, he'd have to leave the doors open and that is also a breach of security because an inmate could get in the UC.
  6. Random thought thread

    Hugueley is a C level. Want to feel a little more sick? TN Death Row is the only death row in the USA with a levels system, A, B and C. Majority are A level. Inmates on death row classified as A level are treated like minimum security within a max unit. This means, I'm surrounded by killers moving around freely with no cuffs, leg irons, nothing. B levels get more restrictions than A level; less rec time and cannot move around freely without restraints. C level are the most restricted. C levels are treated as max inmates and are locked down 23 hours a day with only 1 hour a day recreation outside their cell. C levels do not come in contact with any other inmates. They are fully restrained when they move (cuffs, leg irons, waist chain, black box, pad lock) by no less than 2 officers. All I have is a shank/spike vest and a Motorola radio with a red button on top (body alarm that alters central control I'm already fucked, to send help) which on 2nd shift, by the time they get there, your ass is already beat,or worse, dead. I have no mace, no baton, no taser inside the prison. Only Sargents and above rank can sign out and carry pepper spray. Only lieutenants and captains can sign out pepper spray and tasers. CERT team has all the toys, but they're not there at night and are on call 24/7. Only my unit, 2 Death Row and unit 4 CLOSE have inmates out on the max side. Units 1 and 3 are locked down 23 hours a day. Fwiw, we run so short on 2nd shift, we barely have a corporal and 1 to 2 officers on the floor. A max unit at max capacity holds 96 inmates.
  7. Random thought thread

    Need a job? We're always hiring. I get a bonus if you get hired, too.
  8. Random thought thread

    LEO's catch'um. CO's have to live with them. CO's also keep you safe at night because if these mofo's get out, they will rape, murder, etc., again. It's a very stressful and dangerous line of work. We are way underpaid for what we do.
  9. Random thought thread

    I work in a maximum security prison. We house some bad mofo's. The worst of the worst in most cases. Inmates here have killed outside on the street and inside the prison. They have even stabbed fellow inmates, officers, killed councilors, etc. There are lots of top ranking gang members, etc. An example here: It's no joke. It's mandatory that I wear a shank/spike vest. When I work unit 3 max or unit 1 supermax, I also wear a face shield. When I work outside on patrol, transportation to court or hospital, etc., we wear a ballistic vest and carry weapons of course; 12ga Shotgun and a pistol. I wake up every day wondering how the crap I ended up in this line of work. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I just wanted to test the waters to see how I like it and take a new direction because I was tired of the past jobs I'd had. I'm looking to use this to move in to a different direction in law enforcement, though.
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  13. Random thought thread

    I'd say less because there are only so many supervisor posts to work and most of them are filled. But vacations, sick leave, and people quit often in this line of work.
  14. Tino's 1500HD

    Who makes a good set of dual springs? I only know the Mustang stuff....
  15. Random thought thread

    I work on unit 2, Death Row.
  16. Random thought thread

    Chain of command... Officer > Corporal > Sargent > Lieutenant > Captain. Make sense?
  17. Tino's 1500HD

    That's the kind of info I need when i go to do the cam on my junk. Steer me right guys. I'm new to Chevy.
  18. Random thought thread

    The top brass has been asking me to put in for supervisor (Corporal) for a good while. I'm finally going to do it. I hope I don't regret this.
  19. Tino's 1500HD

    WTF? I'd never thought it was mechanical damage the way you described it. That sucks!
  20. Random thought thread

    Dude I just seen my old GT in Madison. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Random thought thread

    Old Firechicken commercial
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  23. So who's down for a Beech Bend Track Meet? How about Tues Aug 29th? @Chris I want some grilled coyote.... @gammey4 Let's see whatcha got.... @Mike Grill-master BBQ's all... And tag everyone else I missed that you'd think would want to go!
  24. Random thought thread

    Seems like a cool truck. I just have to wonder how long that stock longblock will last under boost though.