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  1. Random thought thread

    Awesome! I have a little girl on the way!
  2. A few updates :)

    Awesome! Who you got doing the wrenching for you?
  3. your favorite restaurants

    How does it compare to, say, Mellow Mushroom?
  4. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Awesome! Maybe someday soon we'll line up. My junk still has issues right now though, so the track is out of the question until it's fixed.
  5. Random thought thread

    Added the win list^
  6. Random thought thread

    ZL1 1LE is faster in the twisties.. Twisties track times... ZL1 1LE 1:27.20 Shelby GT500 1:28.15 Hellcat Redeye Widebody 1:32.59 From a dig ZL1 1LE Shelby GT500 Hellcat Redeye Widebody Roll Race Hellcat Redeye Widebody Shelby GT500 ZL1 1LE
  7. 2010 Camaro SS ProCharger D1X Tune

    Looks like it is the 2010 and later... In touch with Tim King. He said he might be able to swap me the 6L90 Valve Body / TEHCM by getting it flashed and then uploading my tune. Figure it would work much better with the correct 6L90 stuff....
  8. Current tune file downloaded from car: 2010_Camaro_SS_CTSV6L90_ProCharger_D1X_01_06_2020.hpt
  9. Random thought thread

    This^ It's fugly...
  10. What Cars Are You Thinking About?

    Well, I want to finish this 2010 SS up first. I need a ZL1 or one of the aftermarket rear diffs with axles. Solid cradle bushings. DR's or Slicks for the back at least and not sure if I'll do skinnies. If I can't get the V-bands welded on, I will go to 2in primary to 3in collector Kooks Jet Hot Lt's and see if that solves the cylinder imbalance. When the near new brakes I have on now wear out, I will put the 6 piston Brembo's on the front I got from @Mike and that will give me the same brake setup as a ZL1 / CTSV. Of course they'll be sent off for new powder coating as well. Then, if I get bored with the 760 rwhp, I'll start looking at forged shortblocks + head studs so I can turn the boost up and start using the ProCharger D1X to it's full potential at over 1,000 rwhp. For the next hotrod, I'd like either a super low mile 5th Gen ZL1 or 6th Gen ZL1. If it is a 6th Gen, I want the 1LE with auto trans.
  11. 2010 Camaro SS ProCharger D1X Tune

    Yes. Tim King told me to just use the 6L80 TEHCM. That's why the shift issue carried over to the 6L90. I just wasn't sure if it was tune related or an issue in the TEHCM. It's pretty obvious it's the TEHCM though. So they have an early version and late... I can see which by the build date, right?,2010,camaro,6.2l+v8,1444223,transmission-automatic,automatic+transmission+control+unit+(tcu),8480,2010,camaro,6.2l+v8,1444223,transmission-automatic,valve+body,8548
  12. Random thought thread

    I need these! 20x10 front 20x11 rear...
  13. 2010 Camaro SS ProCharger D1X Tune

    @gammey4 I'm told the TQ Converter clutch solenoid is in the TECHM. If that is true, that is why the car shifts like ass (with the 6L80 and 6L90) and no tuning has corrected it. I think it's time to buy a whole new TECHM assembly. Do you know the correct PN#? I see they have different ones and looks like they go by build date. I did see 2009 build decals on my car, but it is a 2010. Anyway to know for sure by looking up the VIN# or something? ACDelco 24275872? ACDelco 24275874?
  14. Random thought thread
  15. 2010 Camaro SS ProCharger D1X Tune

    @gammey4 The tuning school book claims the goal is to keep TCC slip down to 0-20 rpm. Looking at my tune and I seem to have TCC Apply / Release Speed vs TPS vs Gear maxed out to stay unlocked for the most part at 318 / 317. I seen one of my logs where it spiked over 1,300 rpm at maybe 52% throttle commanded. What do you think? Too much slip? I know we need more slip at idle, though, because it pulls too much. Also, TCC apply pressure ramp also looks nearly stock.
  16. Weather is looking good. Who's going? I need a set of 275-40 DR's on my stock rear 20's but looks like Discount tire is closed on Sunday. Anywhere else I can get a set mounted to see what this pig will do?
  17. Random thought thread

    Going to be short because I don't feel like typing anything right now.... My Dad has lost his battle with Dementia this afternoon. I just got the call from my Mom that he passed away.
  18. Random thought thread

    Im just going to order some from discounted tire Monday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Random thought thread

    Nope. Couldn’t find sticky tires. I step on it on the interstate and these all season tires spin even with TC on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Random thought thread

    The company that did the testing for TN I believe was called MARTA. So a lot of folks just would say “got to pass MARTA.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. 2010 Camaro SS ProCharger D1X Tune

    Couple more logs 2_1_20.hpl 2_2_20.hpl
  22. I need some 275-40-20 DR's for tomorrow. Where can I get a set put on my stock SS rear wheels?
  23. Random thought thread

    Pretty far from you actually. It is VERY nice!
  24. Random thought thread

    Got my junk registered in the sticks today. No more MARTA. No more lines to wait in. No more cat swaps! No more Davidson County foolishness! I literally walked in the little court house, told the clerk I needed to renew my license plate and change my address, and then like 3 minutes later I was walking out the door. I've never had it so easy!