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  1. 2010 Camaro SS

    Drained the catch can yesterday..... About the same amount as last time with 10-ish days of driving.... Amazing how much oil gets sucked through this pcv system.
  2. Let's see if I did this right.... Log 1 is the drive home after I failed the MAF. Log 2 is after I pasted in the error, multiplied by % 1/2 and calculated coefficients. The tune is after the corrections from log 1. Log 2 was a short drive, so I didn't use it for corrections; just did it to see if anything improved. I did stall at starbucks drive thru. I think that's because it was idling about .7xx to .8xx lambda. That's pig rich, so idle need work. 07_13_18.Layout.Layout.xml 07_13_18.Channels.Channels.xml VE_Log_1.hpl VE_Log_2.hpl MAF_Fail_Tune.hpt
  3. Ahh... Not sure how to do the specific stuff like < or > AND, etc. What I'm trying to say is... If there is a specific range or parameter, you'll probably have to tell me what it is. I'm running completely blind on what to do on a lot of this stuff. You tell me, then I google for specifics. That's how I've been doing it. It doesn't always produce the correct results as you can see, though. This video shows where and how, but not the specific parameter setup pertaining to the filters I need for my VVE. Make sense?
  4. No filters. I did your method to fail the MAF. Like the video, I pasted the corrections in all the VVE tables. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Tried the VVE thing..... Pasted in the VVE errors in the VVE table in the tune, multiplied % 1/2 and smoothed the graph. It wouldn't let me save anything until I did the calculate coefficients thing. Once I did that and saved the file, I uploaded it to the car. My luck, it ran worse. Barely would idle and drive at low speed / low rpm. Like 3 months of trying to iron out this tune.... This is getting exhausting....
  6. So set both: Mass Airflow Sensor > MAF Frequency Fail Hg and MAF Frequency Fail Low to 1? That's it other than DTC's p101, p102 and p103 to report on first error? Or do everything else in the video plus what you said? To do the "Parameter will be ltft+stft under maths-fuel trims" I just right click copy then multiply by % 1/2? Or is that set up in the graph?
  7. Think I found it... Changed to Manifold Absolute Pressure [Sensor] So was probably the wrong sensor....
  8. OK, so do this above plus what the video said do to fail the maf? Or.. Just do what you're saying here to fail the maf? Still need to figure out what's wrong with my VVE graph. I used the cop labels from the VVE graph in my tune, so I know that's right. Only thing that could be wrong is maybe I chose the wrong parameter. That's easy to do with it has so many of the same thing.... Bare with me. I'm a rookie here trying to learn.
  9. Can you see what input I missed?
  10. Where path to fail hertz?
  11. Not liking this method of tuning from that video.... Ran like **** and when I pulled out on the highway, it went in to reduced power mode and ran real shitty. Felt like it wasn't going to go when I pulled out in traffic and slowed down going up hills. Once I cleared the MAF MIL, it got back out of reduced power mode. I'm sure the VVE log is screwed since it went in limp mode, but here is the tune file with canceled MAF just like the video said do with log.... And, it never logged anything but 10.0 area of MAP kpa Short drive cancled MAF.hpl Speed_Density_Tune_07_10_2018.hpt VVE_MAF_Cancled.Channels.xml VVE_MAF_Cancled.Layout.xml Going to flash back to my last tune....
  12. Going through the setup and I see where he put it in speed density. He set: Engine > Fuel > Oxygen Sensors > Long Term Fuel Trims > Min ECT to 284F So I was never using the MAF, right? Probably a big reason I was getting 9 to 10 MPG's average.
  13. Looks like some stuff has changed since that video. I don't see: Mass Airflow Sensor > MAF Frequency Fail to do the first step....