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  1. Well, got the front Weather Tech mud flaps on. They're easy to do and look OEM. Ford should contract with them and install them on all F150’s.
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  4. My dream job would be some type of performance automotive reliability engineer. I could see myself in new Shelby's, Raptors, Corvettes, Camaro's, Challenger's, Dodge TRX, etc., running them on the edge in every way!
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  6. I'm the complete opposite. You'd think i'm nuts if you seen me drive on my daily grind. At 5am, 25 minutes for me to go from nearly the end of Cockril Bend out by John C Tune to Old Hickory.... in the Tundra (it's speed limited to / shuts off at 109 mph). Camaro SS has seen quicker times.
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    I'll look in to it. Is there a block off plate for the MAF in the intercooler? I forget where the MAF was on the factory setup, but how far from the TB should it be?
  8. Measured the step height on both trucks. The Tundra is 10 inches from the ground to the top of the step. The F150 is 15 inches from the ground to the top of the step. So it makes sense why my mother-in-law is having trouble getting in/out of the F150 and not the Tundra. I doubt I'd find a spacer to get that step down that low and plus it probably would look odd. So the electric running board looks like the best choice since it drops lower and then tucks under the truck.
  9. As much as i love the factory running boards, they are not low enough for my mother-in-law. She has nearly slipped a handful of times getting in and out of the F150. For a 75 year old, a broken hip or something would be like a death blow. So I need to add to the list, some running board spacers or drop brackets. if I can't find them, maybe I can have some custom spacers made. If I can't do that, I'll probably have to drop some coin on the electric / auto running boards because since they tuck back under the truck cab, they seem to make them a bit lower and further out from the cab in extended position. This one is made for lifted trucks, so it drops down like 3 extra inches. Features and Benefits AMP Research's Powerstep XL Running Boards automatically extend a step when your Ford F150 doors open, and retract when closed AMP Powerstep XL extends to 15" inches (3" more than standard Powerstep) in one second instantly offering a convenient and safer entry or exit Running Board integrated into a custom rocker rail Created with durable and extra strong aluminum with a stylish black finish LED lights come standard to illuminate your steps in the dark 600 lbs load capacity Uses a heavy duty motor with pinch-proof safety technology Entirely weatherproof, maintenance-free Includes all required mounting hardware AMP Research Products are proudly made in the USA with a 5 year/60,000 mile warranty
  10. They do have the dry filters.... Do they still mess up the MAF?
  11. So I plan to do a few things to this truck. So far, the list will be: (1) Tint the front two windows and windshield. (2) Weather tech Mud Flaps (3) Catch can (4) Katzkin leather seats (5) LED headlights and taillights. (6) AMP tailgate extender (7) Console Vault A part of me wants to do performance mods, but the primary use for this truck is to be a baby hauler and not void the warranty. If I do anything, it might be a drop in high flow air filter and tune at the most. Just for future reference.... 2019 F-150 XLT Super Crew FX4 with 2.7L Twin Turbo Eco Boost 325hp / 400tq
  12. Your Favorite Restaurants

    Well, that sucks! You'd think with the way they farm it would be fresh and good.
  13. What are your ET goals this year?

    I've been looking at mods, but really don't want to void my warranty. So I might just leave this one alone. Being TT and able to make good power tune only, it i temping though! Check this out: