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  1. I've done this before. I ran the GT catless 99% of the time over a 20 year period. I realize you can smell some fumes. But this mofo smells like pure gas at idle. The GT didn't smell that dirty. When I re-enabled LTFT and did not reset LTFT between the last 2 logs, it really showed in the LTFT + STFT at up to -18 at idle just after start-up. See the last log. I guess I'll have to go back to tuning via the MAF.... AFR's will go on ASAP. I got some AEM No Weld Sensor Mounts so I don't have to fool with welding the AFR bungs on. This is just a temp setup anyway until my Kooks exhaust comes. I just want to see what it'll run like this with a decent tune. Surely I can crack the 12's now.
  2. Some weirdness here.... LTFT reset and LTFT off in Drive LTFT_Rest_LTFT_Off.hpl Drive in Sport mode LTFT reset just to be sure Sport_Mode.hpl Now I had Shell 93 in it, but stopped and got Exxon 93 pump, did not reset LTFT nor disable it and went home in Drive. Thing went pig rich. I mean I could smell it. Drive.hpl
  3. Current tune Tune_06_26_17.hpt
  4. HO2S Heater Control Circuit sensor 2. Is that the heater in the O2? So shut off those on sensor 2?
  5. Random thought thread

    He wants a lift kit.
  6. new ride

    Congrats! Looks great! Turbo.
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  8. Should I just turn off all sensor #2's since they're the rear post cat? Or would that make it fail an OBDII emissions test? See in screen shot all sensor 2...
  9. Do I set catalyst test to disabled? On oxygen sensors, it already shows post O2 test disabled
  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    Still quiet (until you floor it). With windows down:
  11. 2010 Camaro SS

    Video makes it sound like crap. It's better in person, trust me. I really like it. quiet when you cruise, part throttle it starts to sound mean, and WOT, look the heck out! It's crazy loud! Way louder than the GT was and it had headers.
  12. Random thought thread

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