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  1. 2010 Camaro SS

    You have slicks and a rear diff that can take it, I don't. Look at the difference in the CTSV / ZL1 diff and axles compared to the SS. Slicks are on the list, but I can't do it right now because I don't have the cash saved up to fix the rear of it breaks. It's mega bucks to upgrade. $6k just to go stock ZL1: And the real expensive setup: Diff with driveshaft and axles:
  2. Random thought thread

    Only 2 late model vettes I really like are the C6 and C7. Love the C7 GS and ZO6 with all the CF extras!
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    Getting close! Trans and converter are in and full of fluid. He is welding on the V bands next. Should be a DSX harness update in there, too. Then finally, some catch can rerouting. Can't wait!
  4. Random thought thread

    Corvette C8 reveal here: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Random thought thread

    I wouldn't want the issues that come at that HP level. I've got enough problems now! If I recall, I was only shooting for 620 to 650 wheel max. Ended up 723 pump 760 E85! I'm good for now. But that LSx was kicking butt HP wise and did not have a real mechanical failure; just a TTY head bolt caused head to lift. Pretty amazing really! The yote had to spin to the moon and that valvetrain failure is major mechanical failure! I really thought the yote would do better and actually figured it was going to win. Crazy!
  6. Good hardwood floor repair

    Don't know anyone myself. But do you think that's from water getting there?
  7. New Tow Pig/ Project/ Daily Driver

    Very nice! Looks really well kept for near 300k miles!
  8. Random thought thread

    How much a qt? What brand? Full synthetic or not? The thing I notice is the $5 stuff is not full synthetic. The $15+ a qt is full synthetic.
  9. Random thought thread

    So Amazon has this full synthetic trans fluid for almost $16 a qt and it won't get here in time since no shipping method can get it here when Michael needs it (he's going out of town). Anyone know where I can get it cheaper and faster? I need it asap. Like 2 day shipping so I can have it here by Tues or local buy and pickup in person. Takes about 13 qts for my junk with the trans cooler.
  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    A lot of that ^ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 2010 Camaro SS

    Michael has the trans and new converter, so she's back under the knife. Extra work being done: Getting V-Bands welded in on both on and off road connection pipes for ease of swapping and to fix 1 pipe I screwed up. Removing and sending the Aux pump harness to DSX for update and modded to kick on at 4PSI instead 8PSI Catch can re-routing Hope she's good after this....
  12. Any Audio peeps in here?

    The only sound I like is a 3in exhaust with cam chopping and blower whistling....
  13. Random thought thread

  14. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Nice work, man. I always like how you dive in and do it yourself. Can't wait to see what it runs now!
  15. Random thought thread

    Pretty amazing what all that guy can do with NO arms!