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  2. Random thought thread

    You didn't just ask for that ticket, you DEMANDED one! lol
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    When do guys break the rears? Is it launch, on gear shifts, with what kinda power/ETs?
  4. 2010 Camaro SS

    There are plenty plenty plenty plenty plenty of SS guys running sticky tires without having paid $4500 on a rear end upgrade. Get some tires, gradually get more aggressive with the launch until you feel like your walking the line between great 60's and rear end death and then go have fun. If you had a manual Ide say you might want to think a little harder about it but your in an auto. No clutch dump to worry about and nowhere near as much shock between shifts. I didnt upgrade half shafts before going with tires because they were too pricey, I grabbed some Bias Ply tires because they were more forgiving and then let it rip and rip it did. SO much fun. Quit riding the fence and making excuses, your only holding yourself back here. The ET Street R's were HAND DOWN the best mod I did to the GT as far as fun at the track was concerned. You got a nasty street machine for sure but if you wanna see what all that money you spent on it is worth, 2 tires are all thats holding you back. Matt
  5. 2010 Camaro SS

    The old adage applies.
  6. Random thought thread

    If you go let me know. I'll see if I can make it. Be nice to see some racing before the year is over
  7. Random thought thread

    I've been pulled over for speeding in the SS 3 times already. I got out of 2 out of 3 because of my job. Yeah, the uniform helps. Last one was passing Metro Park Police on I440 going 90 mph in a 55 mph. Passed right by him because IDGAF thinking he was out of his jurisdiction. When he puled me over, I was a dick to him because I didn't think Metro Park Police could give tickets outside of parks and he was being a wanabe popo, But turns out they are commissioned by the city and can police all over Davidson County. So that one made me have to take the drives safety course to keep it off my driving history. Yes, I am stupid. I've had too many close calls lately, so I'm not rolling the dice anymore. I picked up a Uniden R3 from Amazon which will be here today. Hope this mofo works as good as all the claims on the net. It is the #1 rated on almost every site i visited.
  8. 2010 Camaro SS

    Was looking in to ZL1 rear diff and axles. GM kit is over $4500.00! Ouch! I want to run a sticky tire.... This doesn't make it easy at all!
  9. Random thought thread

    I'm going to try to make it.
  10. Random thought thread

    @JohnCand @gammey4 are y'all going to the track this weekend?
  11. Last week
  12. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Great people.
  13. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Damn Those already are my people... Matt
  14. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback
  15. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Can you introduce me to said people so I can have some people to talk to my people when I wanna buy higher dollar toys?????? Matt
  16. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    I'll have my people talk to my people.
  17. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    The Coppers are here to stay, for a while at least! They were cheap, look good and work great. If I ever get to really liking the car and get the dings sorted MAYBE Ill do something different to make it stand out a bit more again and if that day comes its either gloss black or anthacite Bullits OR maybe the Torque Thrusts off the 66. I need to get the ugly bastard to ride a little better then go from there. She runs like a top tho and is super peppy around town which makes for a fun DD. Get it riding right and itll be alright!!! Matt
  18. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    FWIW That car doesn't look right with those style wheels, I'd be sourcing some 5 lug gun metal cobra r wheels post haste just my
  19. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    Got the front fenders 90% clearing the tires with very little work. There is a screw dead center of the arch holding the inner fenders in that barely rubs the driver's side tire when backing out of a driveway. The ride kinda sucks. When I had these springs under the Coupe I also had some Tokiko Blues and the ride was wonderful (at least I remember it being so). With the Monroe OE replacement struts and very likely the extra weight of the 4r70W this thing just doesnt take to cracks in the road very well. Bumps and such are no biggie but hard edges cracks and surface variations are loud and annoying as hell. I checked tire pressure and knocked it down to 32psi from 33-34 so I doubt thats it. I purposefully got the 16's in hopes that the extra sidewall height would comfy it up a bit. I already ditched the rusty V8 springs or else Ide slap them in to see if it is being caused by the car being too low for the struts to handle OR if the struts are just junk. I was going to buy good struts but figured the cheapo OE replacements would be good enough for this pile. Its getting to be annoying to drive. In every othe aspect its 100x better than before, much more stable, handles muuuuch better, steering is perfect and the ride anywhere else is really nice. Im either going to try to dig my V8 springs outta the scrap pile at my neighbors, try a coilover kit with light spring or bite the bullet and get some good struts and a good coilover setup. Matt
  20. 2010 Camaro SS

    He doesnt know how to launch or was being a pansy. I was well on my way to getting my stock suspension IRS manual car into the 1.5's without any issues on the Bias Plys on the Hill's "prep". You Auto helps a ton. I never got even close to 1.7 60's on the Continentals with the 6 speed! Matt
  21. 2010 Camaro SS

    What trips me out is that Mustang 5.0 60ft isn't much better than mine and he was on slicks. Guess traction control works pretty good.
  22. 2010 Camaro SS

    Drop that 60 to the 1.5x range and you will be running about where Disney says, 11.4's-11.5's. IF you are spinning down the track as well then you may pick up even more by getting it to hook there as well. Matt
  23. 2010 Camaro SS

    The timeslip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    ME TOO!!!! And late night cruises to get random parts or advice will take a bit longer than before :o/ Matt
  25. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Cashiers check and you can drive it home. Heck, I’ll even deliver it to your house with a big bow on it!
  26. 2010 Camaro SS

    I'm your Huckleberry. I think, cool down, ice down, sticky mickeys, good air, right time...manual trans, driver mod, I think 10.9, MAYBE.... Maybe 10.8. MPH definitely 145. Edit: forget all those changes..just turning the AC off and not dripping condensate in front of the rear tires, 11.4, no MPH change.
  27. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Yeah, why not?
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