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  2. Project #whitetrash

    Trickflow stage 1 cam and trickflow twisted wedge 170 heads with about 11:1 compression. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  3. Project #whitetrash

    So what's all the specs on the motor again?
  4. 1965 Ford Fairlane

  5. Project #whitetrash

    Did a little work on the fuel system today. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  6. Yesterday
  7. 1.8 toyota "misfire"

    New belt and tensioner. Old CKP. Still missed when warm. I quickly installed the new CKP and the test drive was perfect. Time will tell.
  8. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    OH, yesterday my wife took the kids to a park for a re-enactment. Several school buses had MANY kids there. Guess who's kid used the motto "when in doubt, whip it out" and took a leak in the grass?
  9. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Can't teach Ford folks anything! It's like playin' cards with my brother's kids! lol
  10. Reloading supplies and case tumbler

    Mike, I was wondering just the other day how your shooting/reloading stuff was going. I take it that reloading is over?
  11. Reloading supplies and case tumbler

    Damn! Worked a 16hr shift and got beat to it!
  12. Catalina Wine Mixer Track Rental

    @Mike That's totally not your fault. The guy just wants to hook people in and then fleece them. No apologies needed. Beech Bend used to be my favorite track. Now I'm not feeling too fond of it for the bad business practices and lack of honest ethics.
  13. Reloading supplies and case tumbler

    Oh jeez, sorry to hear Mike. I will ping you Sunday and see whats up.
  14. Reloading supplies and case tumbler

    Sunday is probably good. Monday, not sure yet. I have another funeral to go to soon
  15. Reloading supplies and case tumbler

    How about Sunday or Monday?
  16. Reloading supplies and case tumbler

    Cool. Just let me know when you want to come over. I have a couple things to do tomorrow, but will be home some
  17. Reloading supplies and case tumbler

    In before John and sold.
  18. The last of my reloading junk. ~100 x 223 55gr bullets. ~50 x 223 75gr hornady match bullets. some .308 BTHP bullets and ~400 9mm 115gr coated bullets. Roughly 1000 223 cases, a bunch of 9mm and some 308. Also included is my tumbler and media. $50 for all Come and get it @JohnC
  19. I buttoned it all up tonight and drove it home. . IMG_4295.MOV
  20. Last week
  21. From me on Facebook: Ok, you all should have received a refund. Except for Joey and Gary, I'll give you guys cash. Here is what happened. We had more than enough cars, but Dallas at Beech Bend raised the price by $2k. A couple months ago before I started this event I talked with Dallas about a rental. I told him I wanted Nov 6th or 13th, we would have 25 cars and I wanted the basic weekday rental with two preps. We talked about extra prep etc.. I asked him how much and he gave me his insurance explanation and told me it was expensive. I said "Ok, how expensive?" He said $3000. I told him, "that's fine, do you need a deposit or anything". He said "No, just pay me the morning of the event". I told him I would get back to him about which day. I'm thinking cool this will be easy to arrange. I start the event, people sign up, I propose the two days and we decide on the 6th. I call him a couple weeks later and he's not there. I tell the secretary to tell Dallas I want Nov. 6th and to have him call me if there is any issue. No call. A month goes by a few people sign up. I'm starting to wonder if it will happen. I'm a no pressure kind of guy so I don't push it. The last thing I want is some last minute cancellations because cars are broke or peoples plans change. Monday of this week I'm at 12 cars and thinking it's a bust. Then Tuesday and Wednesday out of nowhere 12 more cars sign up. I'm ecstatic, holy **** this is going to happen. I call Dallas Thursday morning to confirm and when he calls me back he acts like we never talked. He says Nov. 6th is open. Then he asks me how many cars I say 25-30. He says he'll have to write up a contract and figure a price. I reminded him of the $3000 and he says he can't remember but over 25 cars is extra because of insurance. I say fine, give me the total price. 3 hours later I call him back and tell him, just stick to 25 cars so we don't have to worry about extra insurance. He hems and haws and gives me a story about how anything more than 3 cars is extra insurance, then anything more than 8. He can't give me a straight answer. I said, fine what will it cost? Is it $3000 or more? He says $5000. I told him I can't do that. I charged everyone based on the $3000 number and with only two weeks left I can't ask everyone for more money or invite more people. I can't pay the extra out of pocket either. Then he starts asking me weird personal questions like he's fishing to see what he can get out of me. I told him I can't do $5000 and to let me know if that number changes. I gave him all day today and nothing. I find it hard to believe that after owning that track 30+ years he has to sit down a figure up what a week day rental will cost. BS I've been in contact with other people that tell me this is one of his tricks. He likes to mark things up after he's got you in to make more money. There was an identical track event for next Monday 10/23, and he wasn't charging them $5000. $5000 is what he charges for a Saturday with unlimited cars. That's complete BS. I wasn't making a dime off this and I'm certainly not going in the hole. I originally needed a minimum of 20 to pay the minimum of the rental. With 24 people (plus me), I had collected $3600. I planned $3000 to go to the track. $150 to have pizza delivered for everyone and their guests for lunch. Since we went way over, I was planning to spend an extra $300 on track prep. I kind figured he might throw some extra bs fees in there so I planned extra on that. I was at the point, that after the day was over and settled, I could split the remainder and refund it. Especially if I got any more cars up to the 30 limit. I'm sorry I let everyone down. I went from being bummed out Monday with not enough cars. To super exited Tuesday when we crossed 20. Then to mad yesterday when he changed his mind. My lesson learned was never deal with Dallas Jones at Beech Bend Raceway without a solid contract no matter what he says. Google him for more interesting information if you want.
  22. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Might be the ticket! If I remember correct, motor oil works fine as does white lithium but I cant get the cable free from the sheath so thats a no go. So long as its slick and can get in the sheath itll be good! Matt
  23. 2010 Camaro SS

    With all that Joey has layin around and the ridiculous deals he is known to stumble into...I bet hes not far off from being right! Matt
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