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  2. 2001 Ford Ranger

    I just remember my sister's single cab step side was lethal around wet corners and it was a 2.3 auto lol Matt
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  4. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Now make several revolutions look like this: O
  5. 2001 Ford Ranger

    new trans dipstick, weld up floor --- no rain needed __________
  6. Pulled some more timing based on Knock Retard.... This was done by a log from my drive to work.
  7. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Whats left till your out doing donuts in the rain on every corner Matt
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  9. Random thought thread

    Don't let these guys anywhere near a dragstrip...
  10. Demon carb tuners?

    In my experience, think Holley, had a Road Demon 600 running on a 305 I had eight years ago
  11. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Half a Drag Pack? Alignment is off due to the lowering and rear IRS cradle alignment inserts which compounds the "sway" these Bias Ply's have when mixed with wide radials up front. I got used to it quick and it ran staight as an arrow for 2 WOT blasts through the gears. The IMRC's closed after that and I drove home. Im gonna pull the intake some time this week and lock those stupid things out. Ive done all I can and its not worth it anymore. Anyways. Im hoping to get out and break these things in but not till after a 4 wheel alignment. Then we will see if I can find some tenths. Matt
  12. Last week
  13. Demon carb tuners?

    Anyone know someone who could do a good job fine tuning a Demon carburetor? I have pretty close, but I’m no pro when it comes to tuning this particular unit.
  14. Ah, the days of a WOT pass, killing the engine, coasting into my bay at work, reading the plugs, and changing the float height in the carb.
  15. For anyone wanting to know, this is a good one explaining AFR v Lambda
  16. I had some knock last time out at the strip, so I used this video to pull tiing where it needed to be. Very helpful video!
  17. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Still feelin a tad under the weather this weekend but I got some BMR lowering springs on the GT and took it to have the rear tires replaced. These are a handling spring made to compliment the Performance Pack struts and they ride sooooooooo nice. Not a massive drop but just enough to look right, ride right and it handles as well as it always did so Im BEYOND happy. Excuse the crappy half-assed wash, I didnt have enough in the tank to give it a good detail. Gonna put some miles on em to settle them and then take it in for a 4 wheel alignment (I also added some rear cradle alignment pieces from Steeda while I had the IRS cradle dropped. Disney got the ET Street R's mounted up for me so tomorrow I might bolt them up and go scuff em up a bit before Tues night. See if I can walk the fine line between decent 60's and a long walk home! Matt
  18. Random thought thread

    Supposedly the next Corvette... DOHC V8, etc...
  19. These gray cars don't show dirt as bad as other colors I've noticed.
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  22. Drove the '65 today....

    Nice!!! I do love your 65!
  23. All diiiiiiirty... Was waiting for the instructor to open the range so we could re-qualify with our weapons today.
  24. Drove the '65 today....

    I had forgotten about this thread, LOL. Here is an update on what took place over the past few months: 1. New McLeod RST twin disk clutch installed along with new flywheel. (Much easier on the left leg but plenty strong.) 2. TCP front adjustable coilover suspension installed along with GlobalWest tubular upper, tubular lower control arms and adjustable stabilizer bars. 3. CompCams HighEnergy 270 retrofit roller cam installed (replaced the 294 RF roller that was in the car. (I’m sure it lost some overall power as a result, but it is a much more street-friendly grind.) 4. After several years of being installed in the dash, I finally got around to wiring up the radio. Doubt it will get used much but at least you can have tunes if you want them. 5. New Michelin tires on all four corners replacing the 10+ year old BFG’s that have been on the car since we first got it running. Still great tread on them (only 4000 miles on the car since 2005, but I’m sure the integrity of the rubber was suspect.) Car is much more fun to drive now and handles/rides much better. I still need to track down some rattles in the car and retorque the headers once we’ve put a few miles on it, but these are things you always have to deal with in a 50+ year old car!
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  26. drove mine to work and I now have a nice smattering of bug guts and a layer of pollen enhancing the finish.
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