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  2. Random thought thread

    'Merica??? I dunno...
  3. Random thought thread

    Ok. I'll head your way. Mind texting me your address
  4. Random thought thread

    I’m still good for today.
  5. Random thought thread

    @gammey4 want to try another time? It doesn't look like the rain is going to quit. But if you want to try for today I'LL go
  6. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Saw the updates on Facebook, looks really good! Matt
  7. Yesterday
  8. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Buffing and cleaning
  9. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    still have to paint the bottom, hood, trunk, tail panels, and bumpers black but the main part is done. Nothing perfect but good from 10 foot. Its low gloss so we will see how it is in a day or so
  10. Last week
  11. Let's see if I did this right.... Log 1 is the drive home after I failed the MAF. Log 2 is after I pasted in the error, multiplied by % 1/2 and calculated coefficients. The tune is after the corrections from log 1. Log 2 was a short drive, so I didn't use it for corrections; just did it to see if anything improved. I did stall at starbucks drive thru. I think that's because it was idling about .7xx to .8xx lambda. That's pig rich, so idle need work. 07_13_18.Layout.Layout.xml 07_13_18.Channels.Channels.xml VE_Log_1.hpl VE_Log_2.hpl MAF_Fail_Tune.hpt
  12. Random thought thread

  13. Try this, open in your graphs. LTFT + STFT vve.Table.xml
  14. Read post below. My phone is retarded That should get you going. 6310 is your fuel trim cell which will filter the Deceleration fuel cut off from the logs. 50090.156 is throttle position, filtering by position greater than 25%, less than a 5% movement over 200 millisecond, 50010.242 is Engine coolant greater than 170 to filter warmup fuel adders, and 50118.238 is your commanded eq ratio, filtering pe data. You will notice that you won’t get any data, your commanded eq ratio never goes higher than .987 so you will need to fix that. Your car never goes into closed loop.
  15. Random thought thread

    Has anyone used Cosmoline (or the like) to protect metal in storage? I've got a couple blocks that need protection.
  16. 1990 Coyote Swapped Coupe

    1990 Coyote Swapped Coupe
  17. Random thought thread

    I love when big production companies do special projects like that. Makes them seem more human i guess.
  18. Ahh... Not sure how to do the specific stuff like < or > AND, etc. What I'm trying to say is... If there is a specific range or parameter, you'll probably have to tell me what it is. I'm running completely blind on what to do on a lot of this stuff. You tell me, then I google for specifics. That's how I've been doing it. It doesn't always produce the correct results as you can see, though. This video shows where and how, but not the specific parameter setup pertaining to the filters I need for my VVE. Make sense?
  19. Garbage in=garbage out. Use filters, you don’t need transient fueling, dfco, or pe giving you false data.
  20. No filters. I did your method to fail the MAF. Like the video, I pasted the corrections in all the VVE tables. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Yep! Like I said to Tino, I WANT to see your tailights at the track. 1) because it means you actually made it to the track 2)Most importantly, it means you are getting your money's worth and 3) It will give me something to shoot for/a goal to achieve with the GT. Get it sorted, get it quick and get it to the track and lets see what its made of finally!!! Matt
  22. I echo what Matt is saying. I admire your desire to tune your vehicle yourself and, in the long run, I’m sure that ability will both expand your knowledge and save you money. That being said, there is a lot involved in tuning a modern vehicle correctly, and it seems like the learning curve is quite steep at this point of your self-education. As Matt has already pointed out, you do have the luxury of local subject-matter experts to glean information from which should be immensely helpful. However, it looks like you’re also taking YouTube advice from folks you don’t even know and inter-mixing it with the local resources. I’m sure I’m pointing out the obvious, but no two people tune the same way. In my opinion, it might serve you better to pick one source for tuning advice and stick with it. Or bite the bullet and take it to someone who is already trained and proficient in tuning GM vehicles to work their magic. Otherwise, I see less enjoyment and more frustration in the future. I’d like to think I’m speaking for everyone when I say I WANT you to get your car sorted out asap so you can enjoy all the time/money/effort you’ve put into it. In any case, good luck and godspeed!
  23. Yes you have to calculate coefficients every time you make a change. Make sure you are making changes to the correct map, manifold switch closed.
  24. I admire you for trying your hand at sorting it out yourself...but I dont envy you either. Keep at it, you have SO many great resources available here locally to help you get it dialed in, but I would also completely understand if you FINALLY took it to someone to iron out quick so you can get to enjoying the car again. Either way, good luck! @goattdogg and I will be at the Hill next Tues if you wanna join us! His Ecoboost is getting some bolt-ons and a tune this weekend so were gonna see how it picks up and Im gonna see if my clutch and/or half shafts will allow me to bump up the launch RPM a tad and shoot for some 1.5x 60's. Get your stuff sorted out and come get some runs in! Matt
  25. Random thought thread

    ^ Not on my "lawn"! Can you say "basal skull fracture" above about 10 mph? lol
  26. Random thought thread
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