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  2. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    To protect your cheap brain?
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  4. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Not much to report and I didnt take any pics but I crawled under the GT last night and installed the shifter bracket I got from Full Tilt Boogie and went ahead and changed the trans fluid to BG Syncro shift II. The bracket eliminates the body mount on the rear of the shifter and essentially directly mounts it to the transmission which helps eliminate shift issues (especially 2-3) when the motor is twisted at full throttle. I actually quite like the new shifter Ford put together for the MT82 in 2015+ and that was pretty much my only gripe so rather than spend $500-600 on a shifter I spent $70 and an hour under the car. Feels muuuuuuuuuuch better and I can say that the hype of the Syncro Shift II is pretty spot on as well. Trans shifts smoother, less gritty/chippy between gears and the shifts feel more confident with the bracket. I pounded on it last night trying to see if I could replicate the instances where I either got locked out of 3rd, went from 2nd to 5th or just plain missed 3rd in general and couldnt make it happen. Only time at the track will tell tho but hopefully this $70 part will save me from myself and from having to put down the cash for an aftermarket direct mount shifter. Now to pick up a cheap helmet and scratch together the funds for some sticky mickeys and Ill be back out. Matt
  5. I've done this before. I ran the GT catless 99% of the time over a 20 year period. I realize you can smell some fumes. But this mofo smells like pure gas at idle. The GT didn't smell that dirty. When I re-enabled LTFT and did not reset LTFT between the last 2 logs, it really showed in the LTFT + STFT at up to -18 at idle just after start-up. See the last log. I guess I'll have to go back to tuning via the MAF.... AFR's will go on ASAP. I got some AEM No Weld Sensor Mounts so I don't have to fool with welding the AFR bungs on. This is just a temp setup anyway until my Kooks exhaust comes. I just want to see what it'll run like this with a decent tune. Surely I can crack the 12's now.
  6. You just removed the primary cats. You are going to smell fuel now. You also haven't adjusted anything in the tune for the now more free flowing exhaust so expect the fuel trims to change.
  7. Some weirdness here.... LTFT reset and LTFT off in Drive LTFT_Rest_LTFT_Off.hpl Drive in Sport mode LTFT reset just to be sure Sport_Mode.hpl Now I had Shell 93 in it, but stopped and got Exxon 93 pump, did not reset LTFT nor disable it and went home in Drive. Thing went pig rich. I mean I could smell it. Drive.hpl
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  10. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    I didnt even think about that. I was running it off a cheap short cord so i have ordered a heavy duty one. May help even more
  11. Current tune Tune_06_26_17.hpt
  12. HO2S Heater Control Circuit sensor 2. Is that the heater in the O2? So shut off those on sensor 2?
  13. Random thought thread

    I think he is trying to install an exhaust, maybe a rear mount turbo.
  14. new ride

    my pockets aren't deep enough to make that thing fast
  15. Random thought thread

    He wants a lift kit.
  16. Random thought thread

    We were really close to starting the process of adoption before we found out that we were pregnant. That is a topic that has grown very dear to our hearts.
  17. new ride

    Congrats! Looks great! Turbo.
  18. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    I plug my welder into the same outlet as the dryer...and used a thicker guage extension rid of the splatter Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  19. new ride

    I've seen Ford paint get bubbly from oxidation of it's aluminum panel.
  20. Random thought thread

    I agree. I agree.
  21. Random thought thread

    Well the way I see it, it is better to make it difficult so that you weed out the crazy people. God works in wondrous ways, I am sure it was just to prep us for something.
  22. Music city raceway Street night

    That's his only weak link as I see it.
  23. Random thought thread

    Man, I'm sorry ya'll got jerked around like that. It's a shame there isn't a perfect system for adoption. In KY the governor has a few adopted children and is (claiming to be) working to make the adaption process smoother. I hope he can for the sake of the children and parents.
  24. Setting up ring and pinion..

    Moved ring .007" to right. Backlash .007" Pattern slightly higher than perfect. Ended up .009" to right. Backlash .0045". (Spec .003-.010, preferred .005-.007.) Pattern good, but not perfect.
  25. Random thought thread

    Honestly my frustration comes from the fact that when you ask the adoption agency for a breakdown of the statistics, they don't have them. They do say that this happens, but "It doesn't happen very often". They give the birth mother all of the control until the revocation period is over (it is the amount of time they have after giving birth to change their mind). After that they have no say and we have all the power. I am just sharing in case anyone of y'all here go through the process, just be warned that it is a very up and down journey.
  26. new ride

    it's the wifes ride so I'll see very little seat time. on a different note - I inherited the 07 Tahoe 4x4. what to do what to do.
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