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  2. 2010 Camaro SS

    O2's can be a pain depending on where the bung is and how much room you have. Everything from spinning them counter-clockwise till they "drop-in" to the thread to winding up the wiring so that it would unwind as I thread it making for less resistance has helped me in the past. I love being able to put them on the pipe or header collector before install but that isn't always an option and you often have to be persistent and have patience. Keep at it. Matt
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  4. 2010 Camaro SS

    Pretty much all O2 are M18x1.5 and 7/8" Hex
  5. 2010 Camaro SS

    Thread of the old one look "rolled" so to speak, It was TIGHT, hard to turn to remove, right? That's what those threads tell me. What wrenches? A 7/8" for one and 22 mm for the other?
  6. 2010 Camaro SS

    Hmm, it wouldn’t even turn. Threads look different too(see pic?). It even took a different size wrench. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. LS3 advice.

    x2. Would sound nasty with a cam.
  8. 2010 Camaro SS

    Part number is correct according to our catalog. I think that O2 threads are "all the same". You probably have very dry and slightly damaged bung threads, lube them with something. Hold your mouth differently too, might help. Patience, grasshopper.
  9. 2010 Camaro SS

    All O2 sensors are the same thread. If it won't go in, you might not be holding your tongue right.
  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    Finally got my O2 sensors and they’re wrong. Every site lists the NTK 21549 as the OEM replacement for B1S1 and B2S1 O2 sensor, but it has the wrong threads and will not screw in. OEM Denso NTK WTF? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. wheels and turbo

    one set Shelby GT 500 wheels with tires 3 tires , 4 rims - 600.00 15' Weld Drag lites , finish is horrible 2 15x4 and 2 15x8 with tires , make offer new, not a rebuild Hx 35 turbo 350.00 get a hold of me if interested
  12. LS3 advice.

    Sounds good! Now time for that cam!
  13. LS3 advice.

    Ok had my production manager help.
  14. LS3 advice.

    I will try and get a sound clip this weekend. Very happy with how it turned out. Chrome be damned!!!! 20mm spacers really helps too. Still havnt decided on cam.
  15. Last week
  16. Random thought thread

    You know, if you had just a pair of passenger pigeons they'd be worth 10 times that... " Billions of passenger pigeons once flew over North America, flocking together in huge clouds of birds. "There are crazy historic records about this thing blocking out the daytime sky for hours at a time," Shapiro says.
  17. LS3 advice.

    We need sound clips now! Picked out a cam yet?
  18. LS3 advice.

    Good stuff man, bet it sounds amazing! Matt
  19. Random thought thread

    clearly, I'm in the wrong line of work
  20. LS3 advice.

    Nope. Went with speed engineering. Fit like a glove and went on super easy. Honestly these look almost identical to kooks and would not be surprised if they are exact copies.
  21. Red Baron

    If we talk THAT kinda hotrod I think we can compete. Ours has a caster that might be more correctly called a camber, but we'll run it anyway.
  22. Red Baron

    Nice! Man, if these newer cars were that light.... Makes me want a Vette for my next hotrod...
  23. LS3 advice.

    Did you go with Kooks? Looks super nice!
  24. Red Baron

    She normally parks it in the garage, but she wanted to show it off a little yesterday. I am hoping it will run mid-10's on pump gas. I've tried to make it as simple as I could for him so he doesn't ever have to mess with it. I'd like for him to be able to load up one of his many kids, drive to the track, click off some 10's and drive home without any drama or issues. Not sure on weight with the SBF. With the BBF it was 3010. Probably still close to that.
  25. Red Baron

    Pic 1, I see your daughter has claimed a spot to park her hotrod. Can't wait to see what that runs, though! How much does it weight?
  26. What are your ET goals this ear?

    Yeah ill be doing baselines on the Bias Plys for a little while and then Ill likely do a JLT, tune, throttle body and MIGHT skip the pulley route and go straight for a take off 13-14 blower. Full bolt-on/pulley/tune 2010-12's are in the upper 500whp-600whp range at best with the factory Eaton blower being the holdup. Swap to a 13-14 TVS blower and injectors and your looking at 100+whp gain and the throttle body, intake etc will work nicely with it. If I can swap pulleys for dirt cheap then I would likely do it just to see what it picks up at the track but if not Ill skip it. Matt
  27. Red Baron

    Factory Pimp!
  28. Red Baron

    Yeah, drove it around a little this weekend. Put maybe 20 miles on it.
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