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  2. Random thought thread

    They aren’t cheap by any means. If we get one it will be a dual motor with autopilot which is 59k plus 5k for the autopilot. The performance model 3 starts at 64k. A new Model S starts around 75k. I spend probably 300-400 in gas a month and my wife does too commuting to Nashville. It makes sense to put that money towards insurance or the car payment rather than OPEC countries to me. You can get a 2015 model s with dual motors and autopilot for 45-50k so that’s where I’ve been looking or should I say watching.
  3. Union Hill 2018 thread

    Always seems to be. Man Mike, I need to get out there next week if you go! I miss being out there! Matt
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  5. Random thought thread

    I am curious what the payments on that is. Be almost worth it not to have to fill up.
  6. Random thought thread

    Oh and if anyone is truly interested in a Model 3 let me know and I can get you some contact info. I think he said he had 7 preorders. He made an offer to his employees that he would cover the reservation fee and everyone pretty much backed out on him.
  7. Random thought thread

    If you want to let me borrow 130k plus an extra 5k for insurance then absolutely. This a Model 3 that we are testing out from the doctor she works for. He has a P100D, Model X, old roadster and now a Model 3. If you're familiar with Music City Dream Cars then you may have seen his Tesla fleet. He lets them rent them out. I've been looking at used Model S's and have found a few P85Ds for 50-55k but I'm pretty sure insurance will be insane. I'd prefer to keep it under 50 if we do get one. My wife drives to nashville everyday so we are seriously considering a dual motor with autopilot to take some of the stress off. One of the other doctors also has a P100D and he took us out with the launch control and it was crazy. I've never felt that kind of acceleration and it was on the street with stock tires.
  8. Union Hill 2018 thread

    problem solved we do have about 10 ice makers across the road...just a thought
  9. Random thought thread

    Scored a free hottub on CL. people sold their house and the new owners didn't want it. Scored ALL the electrical from tub to house too. Turns out, these things are HEAVY...especially when you're two weeks out from back surgery.
  10. Union Hill 2018 thread

    Nice run, Mike! Any slow 5th Gen's out there? Soon as i get tooned, we'll meet up and go race. I prefer Beech Bend if it is possible for you.
  11. Random thought thread

    Get the Ludicrous Plus package:
  12. Union Hill 2018 thread

    The CTSV is back in fighting form. The trunk tank was a big help. I can run eliminations with no worries about cooling the car off. I can actually hot lap it. It felt fun again. The downside is I'm going to spend as much on ice as some spend on nitrous. My best was a 6.92@102. DA was 2900' on that run.
  13. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Thanks!!! Im super super excited for whats next. Im also super excited because its sitting in the garage, and despite the weekend trip and despite the plans I have...its still RUNNING and I can take it anywhere, anytime and its only gonna get better from here. Fix the starting issue and itll be a reliable little car! Matt
  14. Random thought thread

    So if any of y'all have a Dr and they tell you to go do a UDS (Urodynamics Study), just be prepared for a bad day. They stick two catheters up your pee hole, one big one and a little one. They pump saline solution into your bladder and ask you when you first feel like you need to pee, then the next part is when should go pee, then when you would go pee, then lastly when you need to stop what you're doing to go pee. Catheters were not meant for men, and now I need surgery. Thankfully it's a quick 3 day recovery. Here I made fun of other guys for being old, yet i got the old man bladder lol.
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  16. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    I was thinking about this today. I installed my X hundredth Chevy 6.5 diesel injection pump. "Book" and "teachers" taught me to bleed the system by cracking lines at injectors and cranking over and over until fuel leaks, then tighten and it might start/run. Today before bolting the pump down, I connected the fuel supply and all wiring, then spun the pump with a drill. The ECM thought the engine was turning so the pump started pumping fuel after several revolutions. I installed the pump and the engine fired up almost as easily as it would on a cool day. Moral: Ruts are easy to get stuck in, try to keep your mind flexible.
  17. LS3 advice.

    Also looking at an OMP suede wheel too. Kinda silly to have two but figure if the car keeps moving in a direction I did not originally intend might as well have a good race wheel. OMP is not as fun to say.
  18. Random thought thread

    I learned two things at Ross' birthday get together tonight: 1) that I'm a pretty good baseball player IF I play against mostly children, on a small field. First swing knocked the tennis ball over the 125 foot fence and started jogging around the bases not paying any attention that... 2) my son is a tad competitive, 'cause he climbed over the 4' fence, got the ball, and had it back into the infield as I lolly gagged around 2nd. DOH! It's sure good to have a 12 yo that's about 18 months off chemo and doin' great.
  19. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Sort of runs, sort of drives.... Sort of makes a little boost Still need to figure out the long start and warm up problem, need to feather the throttle 2 or 3 times before it will idle
  20. Last week
  21. A/C leak detectives give me advice

    lol My wife notices things, but the poor thing is married to a procrastinating slacker.
  22. Yes, she is almost too good at noticing small things like that.
  23. A/C leak detectives give me advice

    You know what's better than fixing the truck? It's having a wife that noticed the hissing and didn't ignore it. Many drivers run stuff into the ground before having it towed.
  24. So far so good. I charged it Saturday afternoon. It blows 48* out the vents and was fine yesterday also. The hiss is gone in the rear, so that must have been the expansion valve.
  25. Random thought thread

    Forging tools.
  26. LS3 advice.

    Tasty! I prefer an OMP, but Momo is dope too!
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