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  2. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Glad I've pretty much always had competent bosses in my professional career.
  3. Random thought thread

    Deep thoughts: Why will Youtube show me hundreds of videos of people being killed, but put a restriction on the vid showing how to shoot a cow in the forehead with a 22lr and the butchering that follows?? Edit: Why is the vid not restricted when linked here??
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  5. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Are you looking at house first, job second?
  6. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    If he is anything like mine he will not take it well.
  7. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    I can't wait to tell my boss how incompetent he is. I hope to do that this year.
  8. LSx Nova Build

    Leaned cylinders caused cracks between cylinder and block? But no piston damage? I've not heard of that yet....
  9. LSx Nova Build

    These are my cracks. On another note i have a gt5588 for sale if anyone wants one. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. Drill press

    Mine's 7" Seems i'm always coming up a couple inches short....
  11. LSx Nova Build

    Injectors being clogged and leaning a couple of cylinders out. So now i have to start from scratch. Was ready to see what this set up would do but oh well. Im about to rock the sbe life. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. Drill press

    Anybody have a drill press with a 9-10” swing (reach). Mine is too short to accomplish a project I am working on.
  13. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    After some more discussion I think we are going to focus around Knoxville. I have a brother, nieces and nephew in Marysville and love the areas around Knoxville. My daughter is going to be a senior at UT and then go to grad school, so she will be there too. Son is in Murfreesboro which will have me only a few hours from my granddaughter. Did I mention I am a grandpa? I will be making some trips down over the summer and check different locations out. I will look at Tullahoma, forgot about that lake, but honestly I have no interest in Nashville, to many people, congestion etc. Going to look at Ft Loudoun, Melton, Norris and Tellico lakes so if anyone has any knowledge of those please share. Putting our houses on the market soon. Mine will likely sell fast, dads may take longer as custom 5200sqft villas take the right kind of buyer, but then again **** sells stupid fast. I am constantly amazed at how fast and how much houses are bringing in this area. Ill just throw my stuff in storage and put one of the vettes at a friends if mine sells. Going to be a busy summer.
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  15. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    This might help: Zoom in and out on it and get an idea of prices in the area. And this: Look at crime map too...
  16. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Anything in a good area near Nashville and on the lake will be pricey. What's your budget for house and land?
  17. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Welcome to Tullahoma! With your money, you'll be the King of the Lake! Lots of lake in the area. Tim's Ford is a great lake with amazingly affordable houses. Like.. "Middle class can afford a vacation house there" kinda of cheap.
  18. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Its no where near to what you said but the paris landing area is beautiful, semi cheap, an hour from clarksville and 1.5 from Nashville. Its on the west side of Tennessee but they have a huge lake. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  19. Well, after informing my boss that he is incompetent, I am currently suspended and pretty much decided that regardless if they fire me or not I am outa here. I have stayed in OH because of my dad who is 80 and he has finally decided he is ready to leave and head south to be closer to his grandkids. I have decided that I can afford to work for far less if I needed and honestly the corp. **** has me wore out. All I need is health ins and enough money to play with my toys. This guy is jumping off the ladder. I also seriously hate winter, like hate it, a lot. It was fun the first two years and then, nah. So we are looking to head south. Dad wants to really be on a lake but we do not want to be in the thick of it, IE Nashville. Unless we can be on the outskirts of PP or Old Hickory and I can work away from town. Looking for potential areas in TN, north Georgia that have lake property and be with in a few hours of Murfreesboro and Knoxville, which is where my kids, brothers and all the grandkids are. I know there are some nice lakes down there but do not know enough about them or the areas. I really like the idea of being closer to Knoxville and east TN too. access to good docs for Dad is a priority too. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  20. Any gardeners?

    You won't be disappointed
  21. Any gardeners?

    We've had rain so often that only yesterday did I get some planting done. The wife went to the store for seeds/transplants...I mentioned that some "purple" variety was supposed to be good. She got one Cherokee to try.
  22. Beech Bend to Reopen June 2nd

    Excellent news!
  23. Beech Bend to Reopen June 2nd

    Racers and crew only No spectators Good news
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  25. Random thought thread

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Random thought thread

    I iInstalled it yesterday after work. It was super easy to do. It rained a lot and zero leaks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Random thought thread

    I like that bed cover. Should be uber useful.
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