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  3. Mayday Brewery Car Meet

    Yeah, first I've heard of it. They should have started a Facebook page and then shared it.
  4. Mayday Brewery Car Meet

    Same here Disney. In fact, Brodie is the only reason I knew about either one LOL Matt
  5. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    After unsuccessfully attempting to heat up the trunk panel in front of the tank in order to allow the bulkhead fittings and fuel lines to be straight, I cut out the section and did what Disney and I had been talking about doing all along. The charred peal and seal is from that attempt. Small cutoff wheel was giving me fits so out went my give a damn and in came the grinder. I put together a super simple 90* bend with some sides to box it in and surprisingly enough it fit up really nicely. You can laugh at the over-cuts. Its a goofy place to work and I was getting sparks in my glasses and hair so I wasnt on my game. I Lebron-ed it...sorry. ANYways, here it is welded up. The bottom row and right side was super nice to weld but the top and the right side gave me fits. Its solid now. Little seam sealer on the underside and some paint and itll be gooooooood. Im gonna put some peal and seal around the box and then I will likely use the shelf it created to help hold up the false floor I will build to protect the fuel lines. Matt
  6. Mayday Brewery Car Meet

    I also didn't know about the MHRC cruise in at Central. I guess i'm juts not plugged in to the local car community.
  7. Mayday Brewery Car Meet

    It was not really advertised at all. There were only 20 or so cars there at 3pm, so you didn’t really miss anything. Based on what I was told, this was the first time the have tried anything like it, so I can see why it was so poorly executed.
  8. Mayday Brewery Car Meet

    First i've heard about it. Did you go? Any turnout?
  9. power tour

    14:20 mark
  10. And to make everything easier, go back to 93 and tune your main spark table from there. Trying to tune it while running e85 is backwards unless you will never put regular gas back in it. And zero out all your spark adders.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Copy your current high octane to your low octane table. Every time you make a change do the same until your knock is gone. Then subtract 4 degrees from your low octane table.
  13. Check it now... Tune_06_17_2018.hpt
  14. I didn't even look at the low octane... Yup, you're right. Don't know how I screwed that up!
  15. Looked at your tune, are you removing timing from your low octane table as well? Your tuner has the low and high octane tables the same.
  16. Mayday Brewery Car Meet

    Anybody else headed over here tomorrow? I’m planning on getting there around 1:30 or so.
  17. Last week
  18. Random thought thread

    Truck, CEL popped on because of the gas cap popping off again, it finally cleared after leaving work today. Still need one for some OBD-II stuff and a couple OBD-I, GM, Ford and Honda at the moment, was looking at the Bosch 1300. Seen some positive reviews of a few Autel units but they have to be ordered.
  19. Random thought thread

    is this because of the Mustang or something else??? If its Ford Related get an ELM327 unit and ForScan but in general I got one of the Zurich units from Harbor Freight and its been good.
  20. 2013 SS L99 Tuning

    The trans tune and tq management really hold the 5th gens back. Once you get the trans tune good, it's night and day.
  21. 2013 SS L99 Tuning

    I made quite a few changes, but haven't fully dialed it in yet. I made changes to the following areas Shift Speed Shift Time Line Pressure Torque Management Torque Converter
  22. Random thought thread

    And speaking of crashes, it's been nearly 10 years since Scott Kalitta was killed. I just stumbled on the accident report. Wonder how much ESPN was to blame?
  23. Finally getting busy on Nathan's foxbody...

    Got to check it out in person today. Looks aaamaaaazing, sounds great and runs like a champ. Little bit of break in and it'll be even better! Thanks for letting me ride in the old Coupe again. It's time for it to truely start it's next life and it's in good hands!!! Matt
  24. Random thought thread

    Man! She's gonna need multiple Russian road cameras at this rate! lol And since she's gonna have to learn how to pick on folks much better than her, here's a primer for her...
  25. Random thought thread

    So ironically enough, today wife was almost hit by a semi on her drive home. He tried to use a merge lane to pass on the right in traffic, and cut back in and she luckily was able to move to the left lane. She rolled down her window and yelled at him, she's getting the info from the truck as in what company and what license plate number. I will call the company and file a complaint.
  26. Finally getting busy on Nathan's foxbody...

    Cant like it enough. Congrats to both of you, cant wait to see it with 100K more miles on it because neither of you can leave it alone!! Matt
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