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  2. A starter that spins but doesn't turn the engine over is not engaging the flywheel. If you've rotated the flywheel to eliminate a few missing teeth, then it's the "bendix" either not pushing out or not holding. Most mopar starters of that era are the "nippendenso" type mini-starter. They were used on almost all Chryslers, Toyotas, LUV trucks, ect. and I've seen hundreds of failures: ONE failure of the starter motor windings and the rest were failures of the contacts in the starter solenoid which causes a "click" but NO starter motion. So, your repeat failure of "starter turns but engine doesn't" is MOST uncommon (IMO). Because that's so uncommon, I wonder if I'm wrong about it having a nippendenso mini starter or if you might be wrong about the starter turning. So, does your starter look like this: and...,how do you know it's turning?
  3. History.... 1991 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 5.2L V8 starter stops working. Don't recall symptoms. Bought a new one from Car Quest and had it installed. It works for a little while then it stops working. Spins but won't engage flywheel from what I can tell. Take it back to the shop, they go get a new starter, and then install it. Drove around a little over a few months. Go to start it today and same thing. this starter spins but won't engage. I rotated the engine by hand to see if it might be some broken teeth on the flywheel and no dice. Replaced the starter relay in the fuse box, no dice. I have a new battery, new alternator, new PCM, new starter relay, and this is the 2nd new starter. WTF could be causing this?
  4. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Note: Needed without a CD box.
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  6. Random thought thread

    You need to snag this one before its gone. Garaged $17k and he says make offer so might be willing to go a little lower on price:
  7. FS: 2014 Corvette Stingray

    Dang! $23k was a good price for that car! Wish I'd had the cash!
  8. FS: 2014 Corvette Stingray

    Snooze you lose I guess. SOLD
  9. FS: 2014 Corvette Stingray

    This is my uncles car. Your moms station wagon has seen more abuse than this car has. They used it 99% for interstate driving. Red with black interior. Has the removable glass/blue top. Auto with 70k miles. 1 non smoking owner and according to the dealership, the first one in TN. A titans player ordered it and his financing fell through. It's not perfect - has a few rock chips and a cracked windshield...from said rock. Always maintained and garage kept. Priced FIRM at $23,000
  10. Happy Birthday To...

    He is so old he goes to sleep around 6pm now
  11. Happy Birthday To...

    Happy Birthday Cody, you old fart. You old MIA fart. What's your 20?
  12. Random thought thread

    I thought I was a blue collar person? I do my own work on the house, my cars, and just about anything I do. I ain't rich, I just make good choices with what little money I do have lol.
  13. Random thought thread

    $14k tops out the door.
  14. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    I thought the BBK kit was neat, buttloads of torque and wasn't tied to a few lower intakes like the KBs were. They were expensive though.
  15. Happy Birthday To...

    Happy birthday
  16. Happy Birthday To...

    Happy birthday Cody
  17. Blue 1966 mustang--withdrawn

  18. Blue 1966 mustang--withdrawn

    and it's gone .......................
  19. Snow reports

    ^ I think they will with chains. But that's low on the priority list for a low on the list truck. And replacing the winch cable = who cares if the tires pull? (Winch is PTO powered and controlled by pedals at the front of the driver seat. Very boot friendly.
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  21. Snow reports

    That's nuts. I'd thought the duece would billy goat over anything snow covered or not.
  22. Happy Birthday To...

    BOOM. Happy birthday, broseffy.
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