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  2. Honda CBR1000RR

    Gauges are pretty cool. TFT screen darkens at night and brightens up in the daylight. I’ll get a picture of it in the daytime later.
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  4. Random thought thread

    Customer's 2005 Tahoe = 213k miles and 1900 engine hours. ???
  5. LS3 advice.

    Well congrats, hate seeing the old girl sell BUT if you got what you wanted for it and can now spread the automotive wealth amongst your other rides GREAT!!! Matt
  6. LS3 advice.

    Only drove it a couple times a year and just kinda lost interest. Sold it to a 78yo guy from the other side of the state. Actually just put it out there to see what the market was like not really thinking it would sell, turns out its pretty good
  7. Renewing my 08' Silverado

    Got see what the cam and headers do for it but yeah, have been looking at the turbo kits. think I will do gears first. Plan on new wheels and slightly bigger tires next spring and need it to still pull a trailer. 4:10s would make it much better.
  8. LS3 advice.

    Boost it and get it on E85!
  9. Renewing my 08' Silverado

    Very nice on the paint and body work! Time for a turbo LSx build to go with it?
  10. Renewing my 08' Silverado

    That is awesome, love that your sticking with it and renewing it like that. Hope it does last you another 200k! Matt
  11. LS3 advice.

    Sweet! Give her hell and keep enjoying it. Sold the classic huh? What brought that on? Matt
  12. LS3 advice.

    Going in hopefully by end of month for custom ground cam package at Hutter performance which is in Charden OH. At 102k miles I obviously drive the car as my daily in summer so didnt want to go to big on the cam and place unneeded stress on the valve train. Maintain fair drivability while making gains under the curve was priority over peak numbers. Doing oil pump, timing set, etc and trunnions.I also just sold the 62' so possibly, just maybe some boost to come. Specs on cam are 232/238 .574/586 with 112LSA they use a mustang dyno so hoping somewhere around 460whp but avg gain is where I hope we see some nice improvement.
  13. Thought about a new truck even though I really love mine. After looking at what new trucks cost and what used are bringing I decided to do some much needed tlc. So because Ohio she got some rust in the fenders and rockers. Had a friend replace the rockers,remove the dents, paint what was needed. Just sealed the rear fender rust and if it gets worse I'll just get a new bed. For now not to worried as inner box and fenders are mint. Then he wet sanded and buffed it out. De-badged it too. Hasn't looked this good since I got it back in 2012. Have a complete Texas Speed stage 2 truck cam kit for it with DOD delete sitting on the shelf and new headers and exhaust as well. Once I get the Vette back from its cam swap Ill take this one in. 235k miles and looks like it's going to stick around for another 200k.
  14. Honda CBR1000RR

    It think I got it broke in on the trip home from Chattanooga to Old Hickory to Nashville and then back to Old Hickory all in one day. It was just over 200 miles total. Most of it was cruising at 70 mph which is 5,000rpm's on that bike.
  15. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    I looked into flex sensors and gauges and decided, like 99% of the F150 guys that $200+ and the labor to install all that crap is not worth it. I have a glass tester and thatll work for this thing. I tested E85 and found ONE station in the Boro that was consistently 85% (actually higher) and stuck with it when I ran straight E85 in the GT but for an E30 blend tune its not as big a deal, especially when your mixing with 93. If the tuner comes back saying I need to dial in the mixture a bit more I will test the next station and make whatever adjustment to the 7 gallon E85/ rest 93 fill-up Im doing now. I agree on the colder months being a crap shoot so I will actually be switching back to straight pump gas when the track closes and save the E30 tune for Spring when things get cracking again. I can see the merit in a project like your SS where it could be the difference between VROOM and BOOM but on this thing its not gonna be that hairy of a tune. I mean Im on stock intake, intercooler, charge pipes, turbos, exhaust etc so I can throw that couple hundred bucks at more meaningful mods...or at fuel LOL Thats the conclusion I came to after really looking into it all here recently! You on the other hand apparently can run straight E85 without anything being done on your 2.7 with the right tune. 3.5 guys have to upgrade the HPFP and in tank pump to go higher than E50. Precisely what I did and will continue to do until told otherwise .
  16. Honda CBR1000RR

    Weather was NICE yesterday when I went to work. But when I left work... OMG.... Thick fog everywhere and so much moisture in the air it was hard to see through the visor. Scary on a black bike to be riding in fog in the dark at 5am. Pucker factor eleventy billion!
  17. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Or just do 7gal on enpty tank topped with 93. Might not always be exactly E30, but it'll be close enough.
  18. The old Goat

    Hardest thing a car can go through is sitting unused.
  19. The old Goat

    It is...deteriorating faster, fassssssstttttterrrrrrr...ect. Driving hard wears a car out, but sitting around is probably harder on them.
  20. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    You need a flex sensor if they make one for that truck or a test kit to get the right mix to always have E30 as you know. I've seen my local Speedway E85 vary by a wide margin going in and out of the cold months.
  21. The old Goat

    Faster, faaasssttteeerrr, fffffaaaaaaassssttttteeeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!
  22. Funny of the day.

    So my customer that totaled his hotrod Z06, he was ejected from the car, lying on his back. His brother told the story of the neighbor couple that rushed to his side, the woman aghast at the sight of him. He looks at her and says "Hello Suzy. I haven't seen you in a loonnngggg time. How are you doin?"
  23. The old Goat

    Just a couple little projects ahead of it (still). lol
  24. The old Goat

    Ha it all downhill from here right??? Matt
  25. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Got some passes on the Gearhead OAR 93 octane tune last night. The tune is so sedate on the street that it honestly doesnt feel like much of anything but it boogies at the track proving that it woke up quite a bit. I think this also proves that this tune is safer than most others as I believe there are a couple tenths left in it but I sent datalogs to Gearhead to look over. Pass 1: 8.40 at 82.40 mph with 1.82 60ft. Launched at 2500 rpm (No Datalog) Pass 2: 8.42 at 81.68 mph with 1.81 60ft. 2500rpm launch. Switch to 2hi after launch. Hot Lap Pass 3: 8.49 at 81.22 mph with 1.85 60ft. Tried more rpm on launch but it pushed through brakes. Spun out of the hole as well despite being in 4hi. Switch to 2hi after launch Pass 4: 8.40 at 82.26 mph with 1.81 60ft. 2500rpm launch. 4hi entire race this race Pass 5: 8.47 at 81.67 mph with 1.83 60ft. 2500rpm launch. 4hi entire race Pass 6: 8.41 at 82.39 mph with 1.84 60ft. 2500rpm launch. Pass 7: 8.45 at 81.83 mph with 1.84 60ft. 2500rpm launch. 4hi entire race Left the track and filled up with 7 gallons E85 and the rest 93. Gonna get some logs today to try and dial in an E30 tune. THIS is the tune Im most excited about. The 93 is for the street, this tune will be for track season shenanigans. Im a little reserved at the moment tho because its gonna have to pick up a BUNCH to get it where I want it to be tune only but we will see. On a side note, noticed an almost intermittent vibration last night on the interstate at 80-90mph. Ive read that some folks get this when removing the rear lift blocks but Im not sure. Im going to likely put them back in and then see if it goes away. If not then its back to Discount for another balance as thats the only other thing I changed and it didnt do it before. I say intermittent because once in a blue moon it would go away and be smooth at 85 and then pop up again. Matt
  26. The old Goat

    Boy, this project is roaring right along....I put some jumper cables on it and started it last week. That's the first time it's run in a couple years I guess.
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