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  2. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Updates? What's going on with your heap now? I am almost done with my HP install. Got the plug wires made yesterday. Found some coolant leaks while doing all this so i'm working through those now. I went ahead and got the Pro-Dash setup too. Got my stock cluster out and measured up. A buddy of mine who is 10000x the CAD wizard than I am is tackling the 3D modeling of the new cluster bezel. Going to make it so the Holley dash sits in place of the old dash in a 3D printed housing that mimics the stock cluster. I haven't done the crank trigger yet. Went ahead with teh dual sync. Found out the low rise one I got for the Hi0Ram won't clear a non-hi-ram intake. Lucked up and found a guy in Cookeville that had a DS and was putting a hi-ram on so I swapped him out. So far I have cranking rpm on the dash and the TPS is set. Just finish these coolant leaks and I should be ready to fire.
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  4. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Try increasing your air pressure, had to do that with both sets of my Terra-Grapplers. I used 40psi but they both were load range E tires, most half tons are load range C. The truck felt squishy when they were lower.
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  6. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    We plan to do some mild off roading and these tires had good reviews. They're excellent on the road in all weather so far. Only noticeable thing I don't like, and this is expected with tall sidewall and deep tread off road oriented tires, at high speeds you can feel the wobble in the turns.
  7. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    What got you wanting a "hybrid" tire over a traditional All Terrain or even street tire for that thing? What are your thoughts so far? Matt
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  9. Random thought thread

    Random. I couldn't stop watching...
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  13. Random thought thread

    Welp.... Played with it more today, 1 hard pull and looking at some live data it threw another code and made it permanent, can't remember what it was but it didn't like it when I was switching around live data as it threw the VSA light on. Turned it off, cleared codes, the p04020 was still permanent along with the other one. drove around a bit and checked it back at the stored codes and the 2 permanent codes were cleared too. but the EVAP readiness was still pending. Ran it though Marta though and passed.... so Last time it went 10 miles and reset the p04020.
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  15. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Iliked what you did with the 68. Turned out nice. Also glad it's gone so you can focus on the 65!!!
  16. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Well. Since i have 2 Fastback now...I Put the 68 up for sale. It now belongs to a guy named Lucas in the BORO
  17. Random thought thread

    Yup. Bottom hose is the return to the engine after being cooled. If it's cold, the radiator is working.
  18. 2013 Audi S4 sedan, 76k miles, black

    With the passing of one of my good friends at only 47 years of age, his wife finds herself with too many vehicles. As such, she is looking to sell a 2013 Audi S4 with 76k in the odometer. Car has been garage kept and well maintained. I’ll be getting pictures this weekend. Car is black on black and she is looking to get $17,000 for it.
  19. Random thought thread

    Why does my bottom radiator hose stay cold? My top radiator hose is hot/warm but my lower radiator hose is cold to the touch. This is on my 99 silverado. I replaced the thermometer on it cause at 1st it wouldn't get to 210 degrees, so I replaced it and it now gets to 210. But the bottom hose stays cold. Does it mean my radiator is working very good?
  20. Home building 101, er, 404?

    Choices choices....I'll ponder on this for a few...months.
  21. Home building 101, er, 404?

    Mini-split condensers are small. Visual appearance wouldn’t be bad. For your basement, I would run two systems with 2-3 zones. That way you have redundancy.
  22. Home building 101, er, 404?

    There are several different indoor models. They don’t have to be wall-hung. There is not an air-water mini-split.
  23. Home building 101, er, 404?

    ^ Hidden ducts are hard, but invisible. Visible ducts are easy but almost ugly. Mini split would be ugly inside AND out. But, very, very easy by comparison. Is a water coupled mini split available?
  24. Home building 101, er, 404?

    HVAC ducting solution: Mini Split.
  25. Home building 101, er, 404?

    OK, bump to keep the house talk out of the Goat topic... lol Progress in early 2020 was to FINALLY find used board insulation (XPS, pink board). I'd been keeping an eye out for about a year. I found some in E TN and my uncle pulled his enclosed trailer there and for day's time, $250 in fuel/food, and $1200 cash I bought 120 sheets of 1.5" x 4' x 12'. I had to pressure wash the chicken poo off of it, so factor in another two Saturdays time. But that will wrap my entire house 3" thick, with lots left over for rim board and attic use. Plus some for the shop. Lately I dug out an old variable transformer my dad built and used for electronics repair. That powers up $8 of NiChrome wire for a hot wire cutter. I'm setting on go for that project. Also early 2020, bought about $2500 lumber for a back porch and the boards to install insulation and siding. Got posts set, most floor joists in, but have stopped to finish some plumbing in that area. I thought about selling that lumber in July when it would have taken about $6500+ to replace it. But I figured a $4000 profit would be offset my my death when my wife killed me for slowing a stationary project. I got all the windows installed. I replaced a picture window flanked by two double hung windows with one 8' wide picture window. That dude was HEAVY. Lowes had me come help the two delivery guys unload it. But just me and my carpenter put it in. I think I burned 500 calories in 2 minutes of holding it. They are all shimmed out 3" so that the insulation board will end up flush with the window flange. Then a little ZIP tape and it'll be air/water tight. (Got my ZIP tape, 6" wide to seal the insulation on either side of a 3.5" board. About $300 in tape.) (This winter the picture window is a disappointment. It's so energy efficient that it lets in almost no heat from the nearest star. I faces east and has lots of deciduous shade during the summer, so I went backward there.) Oh, also installed the french door in the rear of the house. I bought it and a pretty front door when I was first shopping for windows at the local lumber yard. They didn't have with windows I wanted, but had a sold and returned French door with a left hand inswing...perfect. $600 I think? We'd just come from Lowes and it was CHEAP in comparison. The basement toilets must be pumped up to the septic tank. That's to be accomplished via a septic basin. Most are about 18" diameter, 3' deep, and installed in a basement floor. Not wanting something that easy and stinky in my house, I bought an 18" plastic culvert 20' long, put it where it would end up under the porch. I cut the bell end off to use it to form a lid. This year I researched pumps (Liberty is the best) and found a USED one. Is that cheap? lol Used meant sold and returned with bumps and bruises, but it was $600 vs $1000+ new. Putting it down and gluing some pipe is the next mission so the porch floor can be finished. I've also scratched my head about HVAC ducting. Initially a drop ceiling would allow duct anywhere, easy peasy. But screw easy. I got greedy and want to keep my 9' ceiling in the large room farthest away from the HVAC unit, so I've gotta figure out the best way to get air routed. There, it looks like I did something.
  26. The old Goat

    I think Ashley is waiting for Emily and Magnolia (his youngest and my daughter, respectively) to be old enough to put the finishing touches on it.
  27. Funny of the day.

    So my hyper 7 yo boy is learnin' to read. I had him read a very simple page to me, basically a six frame story about a girl and her cat walking up a hill. Jill walked up the hill. The cat walked up the hill. The cat got hot. Ect.. I sensed that he might have memorized the last couple frames, so I pointed to random words and had him read them. After about the 6th word he asked me "what are you doing, dad, you're making me sound like Biden".
  28. The old Goat

    By the time you finish, you won't need the extra room..
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