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  2. Red Baron

    If we talk THAT kinda hotrod I think we can compete. Ours has a caster that might be more correctly called a camber, but we'll run it anyway.
  3. Red Baron

    Nice! Man, if these newer cars were that light.... Makes me want a Vette for my next hotrod...
  4. LS3 advice.

    Did you go with Kooks? Looks super nice!
  5. Red Baron

    She normally parks it in the garage, but she wanted to show it off a little yesterday. I am hoping it will run mid-10's on pump gas. I've tried to make it as simple as I could for him so he doesn't ever have to mess with it. I'd like for him to be able to load up one of his many kids, drive to the track, click off some 10's and drive home without any drama or issues. Not sure on weight with the SBF. With the BBF it was 3010. Probably still close to that.
  6. Red Baron

    Pic 1, I see your daughter has claimed a spot to park her hotrod. Can't wait to see what that runs, though! How much does it weight?
  7. What are your ET goals this ear?

    Yeah ill be doing baselines on the Bias Plys for a little while and then Ill likely do a JLT, tune, throttle body and MIGHT skip the pulley route and go straight for a take off 13-14 blower. Full bolt-on/pulley/tune 2010-12's are in the upper 500whp-600whp range at best with the factory Eaton blower being the holdup. Swap to a 13-14 TVS blower and injectors and your looking at 100+whp gain and the throttle body, intake etc will work nicely with it. If I can swap pulleys for dirt cheap then I would likely do it just to see what it picks up at the track but if not Ill skip it. Matt
  8. Red Baron

    Factory Pimp!
  9. Red Baron

    Yeah, drove it around a little this weekend. Put maybe 20 miles on it.
  10. What are your ET goals this ear?

    Get a baseline run and then do the pulley, E85 and tune with DR's.
  11. Red Baron

    I am seriously digging the vinyl roof.
  12. What are your ET goals this ear?

    You should kill mid 10's without even trying!!! Im gonna shoot for dialing in the driver mod on the GT500 and initially see what it takes to break into the 7's and then see if the Shelby, bone stock power wise, has enough to break the 7.52 PB I had in the GT with full boltons, exhaust, 18 manifold and E85 tune. Honestly, if the track is there, the air is cool enough and my driving can catch up quick Id say it should run that or damned close as it sits on the Mickeys. After that...I will do like always and throw some parts and a tune at it and watch it get quicker and quicker. Would like to see 6's maybe this year but that might be a little too ambitious. Depends on how much $$$ I decide to throw at it. Matt
  13. LS3 advice.

    Got the headers/exhaust on. When I get it home I will do a sound clip. It is stupid loud. Also put the spacers and wheels on, msd plug wires and new plugs. Few other little things. I think I may get drag wheels and tires before the cam as well as get it tuned.
  14. Red Baron

    That is AWESOME!!!!!!! Ive always loved that car, glad to see it finally making noise AND moving! Matt
  15. Red Baron

    looks good have you had a chance to drive it yet
  16. Detailing

    I had a handful on those threads copied. I pasted them here when the site first started. not sure where they are now. *edit -
  17. Red Baron

    Had an old manual brake kit for the bbf days. It sucked. Strange front brakes and stock rear drums. Talked to MM and got some tech tips. Saw a vacuum booster in the shelf so got some MM parts and now it stops awesome. Got some oversize rear wheel cylinders from them too to help. Seems to.
  18. Red Baron

    Finally. FINALLY! I got a chance to work on the Red Baron. Its mu brothers 1979 Coupe project. Started life as a 2.8l 6cyl c4 auto car. It had dual glass packs when we got it and when doing donuts one night we noticed it sounded like an old bi-plane, hence the name. My brother and I built it in the 90s with a stock 460 out of a 73 Lincoln. Put some PAW dome pistons and a small solid in it. Ran it for years in the FFW and NMRA doing True Street. It ran very consistent 11.00. One day for no reason at all, it chucked a rod out coming off the trailer. That was 2008-2009. Been sitting since. I traded off all the bbf stuff for a sbf turbo setup. I sold the turbo off and it sat on the shelf ever since. Recently I noticed I had an engine, a turbo, and turbo kit. I bought some parts for it over the last year or two as they came available. So I finally dug it out and started tinkering on it. Took it out of the garage under it's own power today. Setup: 306 GT40P TFS 1 cam 80# inj. MS2 v3 C4 8.8 3.73 33spl spool All the chassis stuff Currently on gate pressure and messing around a little today saw 6psi so that's a good starting point. Got to tune it and then haul it down to AL where it can rot into the ground in his yard.
  19. Test images

    Cyber Acoustics CA-2988 USB Powered Portable Speaker System
  20. What are your ET goals this ear?

    Why you stalling, bruh? Get it!
  21. Random thought thread

    Replaced the hard drive, installed a ssd(why did I wait this long for one), and bought a battery back up.
  22. What are your ET goals this ear?

    I need a car 1st
  23. So what are your ET goals this year for the 1/8 and 1/4? Last year, my best 1/8 was 7.6 at 93 mph and 1/4 ET was 11.7 at 118 mph If we go by my last dyno n/a then it was with 442 rwhp. I'm going to shoot for mid 10's this season with DR's. If I do better than that, it'll be a bonus. Current dyno's are 723 rwhp pump and 760 rwhp E85. Weight with full tank is probably closer to 4200lbs with the blower and external trans cooler / larger trans I've added.
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